5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve Between June 3-9, 2024

Open yourself to receive the full experience of true love.

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The week of June 3 brings Mercury and the new moon in Gemini creating a stellium with the sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter already making their way through this powerful air sign. While this stellium peaks on Thursday, June 6, with the new moon in Gemini, it’s important to see this as a leading energy that you can work with for the next few weeks. 

Gemini brings a lot of possibilities to your romantic life as you may meet someone new, be able to finally have that important conversation or reconnect by simply having fun together and enjoying one another’s company more playfully. 


Although this energy can help infuse new life into an existing relationship, it may prove to be more flirtatious if you are single. During Gemini transits, there is usually a tendency to enjoy your romantic life versus find someone to settle down with. Even that might prove to be exactly what you need because whether it’s reconnecting with your partner through playfulness or enjoying new romantic opportunities that arise, you will be able to experience the best parts of love.


5 zodiac signs whose relationships drastically improve the week of June 3-9, 2024

1. Sagittarius

On Tuesday, June 4, the Venus Star Point will shine brightly in your house of relationships, helping you to have a new romantic beginning and infuse your love life with fresh new energy. The Venus Star Point is also a cazimi as it describes the joining together of the sun and Venus, the planet of love. Not only does this merge the energy of these two planetary bodies, bringing action into matters of the heart, but it also serves as a new beginning in your romantic life. 

The Venus Star Point is a fantastic time to make amends with yourself or your partner, consciously create time for playfulness and joy or begin a new relationship. By aligning your heart with the Venus Star, you can embrace the kind of love you have always needed.

Let yourself honor your personal desires and dreams when it comes to love because that is the only way that you will be able to achieve them. While you have been more serious about matters of the heart this year, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fun. Your romantic relationship shouldn’t only provide you with consistency and comfort but should also be with someone you can take incredible adventures with — one of your favorite pastimes. 

Try to reflect on what you need most at this time, whether it’s a new love, a healing conversation or just time together to enjoy what the day may bring. You can still be serious about love even if you create time for spontaneity and joy, and that may be just what you need to help you feel reconnected to your partner.


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2. Pisces

The new moon in Gemini on Thursday, June 6, brings a beautiful new beginning into your romantic life as it highlights matters of domestic intimacy and family. 

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You'll work with Gemini's energy all year as Jupiter, the planet of luck, recently shifted into this sign. Now, it seems as the new moon arrives, you are already ready for a new beginning in your life. The new moon in Gemini will bring about a new offer or focus in your life that will affect who you live with or the commitment in your relationship, as this energy is also about expansion and deepening your connection. You may be talking about the next steps in your connection, whether that involves meeting family or moving in together — just be sure that you aren’t keeping it all work and that you are actually creating time to enjoy this connection in your life.


As much as you’ve been focused on how to honor your boundaries and embody all of the romantic lessons that you’ve been through, it would be best if you also embraced your inner romantic. For you, love has always been magical. You need to feel that romantic, spontaneous energy in your relationship — especially if you’re on the brink of deepening your commitment to one another. Just because you let yourself get carried away in the moment or take a day off to spend with the one you love doesn’t mean you haven’t learned all that was necessary. It just means you are finally achieving a balance of knowing what you need — but also still giving yourself what it is you want. 

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3. Aquarius

As Jupiter in Gemini aligns with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on Wednesday, June 5, you will get the insight necessary to follow your heart into romantic bliss. Pluto in Aquarius helps you understand more about what you want, need, or dream about for your life. You are becoming more unapologetic about your inner truth, and because of that, you are embracing the process of transformation in your life as you are able to take greater risks and trust in the process. 

As Pluto in Aquarius aligns with Jupiter in Gemini in your house of marriage, a powerful opportunity for greater commitment arises that will help strengthen your commitment to one another — and create more space to enjoy life together. You must remember that it’s safe to follow your heart and that, more than anything, you deserve to say yes to what you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t mean that life will be perfect, but only that the love you commit to will bring immense value and joy to your life, helping you to live happily and more fulfilled. The more you can honor your inner needs and the changes you’ve felt called to make, the more you will let yourself take action as Jupiter and Pluto align. 


What may come to the surface, though, may be unexpected as Pluto tends to excavate your truth. With Jupiter in Gemini, it’s safe to believe in love again and simply say yes to what your heart already knows is meant for you.

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4. Scorpio

You are being given all you need to make the romantic changes you seek, especially as Mars shifts into Taurus on Sunday, June 9, in your house of relationships. Utilizing the energy of both Gemini and Taurus, you are guided to focus on what you want to transform within your life to either make more room for love or continue progressing a significant connection. 


Mars in Taurus intensifies your desire for connection, helping you focus more on what you actually want from romance than simply accepting what is being offered. As Mars in Taurus mingles with Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, you are being given the green light to seize the moment of change and invest in knowing you are meant for all the love in the world.

While you may still be figuring out what to do about certain areas of your life, it doesn’t mean you need to put romance on the back burner until everything else seems to align perfectly. The most important aspect of love is that it always arrives in divine timing, whether or not it was planned for or not. When you can declare the type of relationship you want or the changes you feel called to make, then you can also begin to work more closely with the universe. 

As much as you are a very emotionally feeling water sign, you can sometimes seem unavailable to others if you are in your head too much. Focus on approaching love with a mindset of being open, whether that's to changes in an existing connection or a new connection. The only way you will manifest what you want is by putting yourself in the place to finally receive it.

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5. Libra

On Monday, June 3, Neptune in Pisces unites with Mercury in Gemini, helping you to take advantage of new opportunities, advocate for what you want and say yes to love. Neptune in Pisces is currently in your house of determination, daily routines and well-being, making you reflect more on what allows you to feel like your best self. Whether it’s relationship shifts or creating more space for love, this energy can help you let go of any illusions and instead learn to make reality better than your dreams. 

As Neptune in Pisces aligns with Mercury in Gemini, you may receive an offer for a new opportunity, date or travel as you are being urged to embrace this new energy. Let yourself actually choose what you want for your life and relationship to be. Remember, this chapter in your life is all about you, so if your heart says yes, then there is no reason to say no. 

Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of others as you try to decide which offer to take or whether to actually follow your heart. As much as you can be flirtatious at times or prioritize relationships in your life, you also need to ensure you are honoring your own heart first. Give yourself exactly what you’ve always wanted. Don’t be afraid to choose a new direction or let go of something that simply takes up space. You deserve not just a healthy, consistent love, but also one that actually brings joy to your life, which means it’s time to say yes and see where this journey takes you. 


The more you allow yourself to experience, the more likely you will meet your fate, especially as it may not be what you previously thought it was.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.