The Full Moon Brings Relationship Improvements For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 23, 2024

While this Full Moon is available to all, we will see that the 'get up and go' energy is reserved for three zodiac signs.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Romantic Relationships Improves During The Full Moon On May 23 Elena Nazarova, Tetiana Nekrasova, Activedia from Pixabay | Canva Pro

If there were ever a day that was practically built to get us up and out there, it would be this Thursday, May 23. We've got a Full Moon in Sagittarius and several Venus transits during this lunation. As we get closer to June, we feel that we want more out of our lives, and where our romances are concerned, we want to make things 'happen.' We are no longer content to just 'let it flow.'

We are determined to do our best at this time, and for three zodiac signs, that means coming through for our romantic partners in ways we didn't think were possible. We trust in ourselves during this Full Moon, and we want to make that trust count. We want to show that we are really the kind of person who can be taken at our word; we are 'proof of the pudding,' as they used to say.


We create luck because we want nothing less than good vibes and positive energy on May 23. While this Sagittarius Full Moon is available to all, we will see that the 'get up and go' energy is reserved for three zodiac signs. We can all make magic at this time, but for the ones most determined to show proof of their efforts, we will find that everything we do results in great love and trust.

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3 zodiac signs whose luck in love improves on May 23 with the Full Moon:

1. Taurus

It's Full Moon time, and you feel it in your bones. What this does for you is that it ups your sense of determination, and when you put your mind to healing your romantic relationship, you know nothing but success. You aren't even invited to the concept of failure; you know only success. That's your plan — and you're sticking with it.


You and your partner have seen some really shaky times recently, and while you could probably just let it all go, you aren't that dedicated to the idea of losing this battle. That's why it's the Sagittarius Full Moon that gets you pumped. Sagittarius energy helps direct you to your goal; in your case, your goal is to reunite with your partner in a way that will last and last.

If they want something of you, and you find their request admirable and doable, then you will do all you can to accommodate you. And the same goes for them or your expectations of them. You want them to do well, do better, be all they can be, and not hold back. You are counting on it, Taurus, and with your fire and determination, you will find success, love and great good fortune.

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2. Gemini

There are times when you are too overwhelmed to think about your love life, and if things aren't going perfectly well, you retreat into your own little world. This works for you, but it doesn't always work for the person you are in a relationship with, as they need you to talk with them and tell them what's going on so they can work with you. You'll find that it's easier to share than to hold back, and you'll do just that during the Full Moon.


Life isn't a bowl of cherries, but it certainly can be if you put in the effort and with a strong and powerful lunar transit supporting your efforts, you will decide that this is the time to make the big changes, where your love life is concerned. You were, admittedly, afraid to get too involved, but in all sincerity, that's what you are, Gemini — and so, this is when you decide to own it and take responsibility for it.

The truth is, you are in love, and so is your partner. You've just let so many other things stand in the way of that love, and as of this Thursday, you'll want to let your borders down so that you can experience the love you've always known was there yet didn't let into your heart. This could be the start of something wonderful, Gemini, so get out of your own way and let it all happen.

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3. Virgo

When you put your mind to something, it gets done, and since you don't always commit to actually doing it, much goes undone. Still, you are picky, and you choose where you will place your positive energy, as whatever that may be will endure a serious overhaul. It's time, and the Moon is Full, and on Thursday, you and your romantic partner will start a new life together.


Oh yes, this is definitely where you want to place your energy, and with Sagittarius fueling the transit, you are heading towards great success. You and your partner are both on the same page, and while that page may not contain much else other than the focus you place on each other, you are surely heading toward something positive.

You want this and they want it, and what more could any two people need? You have the energy and focus; you and your romantic partner will soar to new heights together as a team. This is a very lucky day for you, Virgo, as you don't see yourself backing down. This is an adventure, and you plan on standing behind it, fully committed to the success you see as yours.

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