5 Zodiac Signs Experience More Joy Over The Weekend From Now To May 26

Sweet success and delightful days are here now that Jupiter enters a new sign.

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Sweet success and delightful days are here, now that a few planets have entered Gemini. That's the energy over the weekend despite all the major astrological transits we experienced this week. And while five zodiac signs will have the best horoscopes under its influence – namely, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, and Virgo – the rest will find joy, too, if they lean into what speaks to their soul.


First, we ended the Taurus Season on May 20 and started the Gemini Season. The collective energy for the next month is curiosity, conversations, and community. Lean into this to make new friends and grow your communication skills.

Venus entered Gemini on May 23, and we had a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the same day — a powerful force for positivity and drive. So don't be surprised if you feel more impulsive than usual. Only, it won't be just impulsivity you experience; your intuition is being activated. On Saturday, the Moon enters Capricorn to help us be more practical and less impulsive.

On Saturday, Jupiter transits from Taurus into Gemini on May 25. Since this transit will last a year, look forward to exceptional growth and good fortune in this area of your birth chart. Now's a good time to consult with an astrologer so you can tap into this blessing and make the most of it. Now, let's focus on the five zodiac signs with the best horoscopes this weekend.


5 zodiac signs experience joy over the weekend from now to May 26

1. Aries

Best zodiac sign to work with: Other Aries

Best area to focus on: Studies

Find peace, love, and joy within, Aries. That's the message for you. Everything else will fall into place if you choose this. If you feel called to, be more introverted than usual. It will bring deep insights to the forefront of your mind and allow you to map the path forward for yourself.

This weekend may create some impatience and anxiety within you. Try to stay grounded and calm. Everything is unfolding at the right pace. As long as you do your part, the cosmic forces will take care of the rest.

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2. Cancer

Best zodiac sign to work with: Leo

Best area to focus on: Self-care

Cancer, the energy this week for you has a quiet and introverted feel to it. As long as you trust your inner guidance and do what's necessary to take care of your soul and spirit, you will be fine. You may not have very significant or memorable moments, but making tiny changes and decisions will have a bigger impact on you in the future.

This weekend will challenge you to choose yourself over fake friendships and toxic people-pleasing. Don't be afraid to set healthy boundaries. You have karma on your side!

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3. Capricorn

Best zodiac sign to work with: Cancer

Best area to focus on: Self-care

Capricorn, big changes are ahead of you this week and the ones coming next. You are encouraged to trust yourself and your intuition, especially when interacting with new people. Some red flags can be difficult to identify, but as long as you stay grounded, you will know where to go and what to steer clear of.

This weekend will bring you bigger and more beautiful blessings, especially in your love life. Look forward to good times. If you let your creative side take control, you will be amazed by the results even more!

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4. Leo

Best zodiac sign to work with: Aries & Virgo

Best area to focus on: Existentialism

Leo, this weekend's energy is action-packed, given the number of astrological transits. You will do well by incorporating a grounding ritual into your everyday life. Whether it's meditation, yoga, or simple breathing, it will help you go where you need to go and know what's for you and what's not.

Saturday and Sunday may be a bit boring for you. If anyone cancels any plans with you, don't let that sour your mood. Why should it? Think of something spontaneous that will bring joy to your life, and enjoy yourself!

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5. Virgo

Best zodiac sign to work with: Leo

Best area to focus on: Introspection

Virgo,  there is a strong undercurrent that will help you lay down your plans with better precision and ease. As long as you remember the details and the bigger picture, you will do just fine, especially once Jupiter transits to Gemini.

The long weekend may bring out your introverted side. Let that guide your decisions, and don't feel guilty about your personal needs. It's time to strengthen your core self and know who you are and what you stand for can make the right decisions for your future and life.

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