What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest Using The Power Of The Moon From Now To May 19

Pay attention to the Moon this week.

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Your weekly manifestation is here for each zodiac sign in astrology. Here's what you can attract into your life starting May 13. The Moon in Cancer can make us feel much more emotional as the week begins. However, the Moon in Leo during the middle of the week will get us reacquainted with our optimism and passion. 

We can feel more jovial and willing to share and communicate with those we care for. The Moon enters the sign of Virgo towards the end of the week, making a trine with Saturn. This is the perfect time to contemplate our future and write down our goals.


Finally, on the 19th, we settle into more Venusian energy, making an oath to ourselves and a promise of love.

What each zodiac sign can manifest with the power of the Moon the week of May 13

Aries — Maps

Cruising through this week will allow you to reflect and get back into socializing. If you want more motivation or to set some intentions to improve your routine, this week will work wonders for you. With the Moon in Leo, you can connect with your heart's desires and make valuable plans to help you in the long run. Even though you have all this potent fire energy, be mindful of your limit and don't overwork yourself.


Journal Prompt: How are you ready to get ahead now that we are officially in Taurus season? Discuss what change you want to make to your routine to help you stay more committed to them. Are you making sure to slow down?

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Taurus — Planting

As your season progresses, you may find that this week will make you feel more connected to your ambitions or vocation. There is a lot of inspiration happening this season for you, and with the creative energy bubbling this week, you will feel more inspired by the people around you. It is also a time when protecting your energy matters.

Journal Prompt: Think about how you have moved on from toxic people. What types of people do you want to meet in the next six months? How have you evolved this season?


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Gemini — Elevating

Things begin to settle with the Moon entering the sign of Cancer early this week, making you more conscious of the focus you want to take to excel. You have the capacity and self-assurance to accomplish anything you set your mind to, as long as you have a dedicated and trusty plan to catapult you into success.

Journal Prompt: Are you taking care of your responsibilities? What have you learned this year regarding time management?

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Cancer— Optimism

We kick the week off with the Moon in your sign. Mars in Aries can make you doubt yourself. Nevertheless, as the week progresses, you can feel more optimistic and will find many things to fall in love with. When the Moon enters Virgo later this week, you will see the value of your friendships. Those who love you can be your biggest cheerleaders during this time if they need encouragement and positivity.


Journal Prompt: Discuss the moments you have put yourself first. How will you continue to treat yourself this Taurus season?

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Leo — The Sun

This fast-paced week can make you feel optimistic, confident, and ready to claim success. You are on a roll, and the energy now pushes you to ground yourself and be more patient. Mars in Aries has you pushing ahead confidently, but you must also be mindful of not rushing too fast. You are already on the path to success, so take it easy and be more methodical.


Journal Prompt: How have you helped others shine? How has the past shaped who you have become in the present? What have you learned from them?

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Virgo — Mend

This is a fabulous week to reconnect with who you are and show yourself some love and care. These transits are teaching you to mend your relationship dynamics. This week gives you insight on bringing in new or strengthening existing relationships with tools to get you there. Venus in Taurus will open your heart and make you more receptive to experiencing new things that can bring you joy. If you want to try a new class, do it. Get connected with your artistic side.

Journal Prompt:  Discuss the times you have put yourself first. Has Saturn's ingress in Pisces felt like a new beginning for your goals and relationship?


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Libra — Sweetness

Your diplomatic skills may be tested for most of this month, but you know how to calm people down and reach an agreement. Expect to shine, especially with the Moon in Cancer, putting your work and accomplishments in the spotlight. When the Moon enters your sign, it will be easier for you to express your thoughts and speak your mind, with Mars in Aries opposing your sign. A reminder to win people over with words filled with sweetness.

Journal Prompt:  How have you protected your boundaries? Discuss the moments you have had to let others out of your life. How did it feel putting yourself first?

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Scorpio — Chess

The week begins with the Moon in Cancer, making you feel more in your element. It is a period of reflection as you consider your direction for the next week. Tensions ease with the Moon in Virgo later this week, bringing you more grounding energy to nourish yourself. You are the tactician, prepping for your subsequent victory.

Journal Prompt: Are you finding balance? Discuss how you are learning to focus more on yourself during this month.

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Sagittarius — Intuitive

Mars in Aries can feel like an ally this time since you feel much more inspired and connected with your craft. With the Moon in Leo, anything seems possible, especially with the muses you have surrounding you. As the week progresses, the Moon in Virgo reminds you of your ambitions and how you can find your path to success.


Journal Prompt: Are you feeling more confident in your work this year? What are your goals for creative expansion?

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Capricorn — Mirror

With the Moon in Cancer, which brings a lot of honesty to your relationship house, this week can be a time when you may come to an agreement with a coworker, friend, or fellow classmate. All of this Cardinal energy is making you more solution—and goal-oriented. Any issues that arise, you will have a plan to get things settled and ready to go. You will see the impact of your leadership skills now and may be praised for them.

Journal Prompt: Discuss the times you were extremely patient when things felt beyond your control. What makes you a great leader? What do you want to improve?


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Aquarius — Devoted Love

This week, transits could be synonymous with becoming stronger and more confident. You will see yourself reflected in your friendships or relationships. Learning how to let others know how you feel can help build stronger communication and allow others to feel more connected to you.

Journal Prompt: Are you hiding from your emotions? When was the last time you had a good cry? Discuss the times people witnessed your strength.

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Pisces — Protected

Growth and healing are part of this week's planetary transits. You are ready to make your next journey more memorable as you rekindle a love story from the past that will help you put the puzzle pieces together for the present. But this time, Saturn in your sign will have you break free of those rose-colored glasses.


Journal Prompt:  What type of romance are you seeking? Is your current relationship giving you what you want? If you are single, what do you want in your future relationships?

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