3 Zodiac Signs Who Just Want To Be Happy On May 1

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Want To Be Happy On May 1, 2024

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Who's happy? We are! Wouldn't it be nice to simply state that aloud? The irony is that not many people can readily say, with joy in their hearts and glee in their voices, that they are truly happy. But one thing we can say is that, on Wednesday, three zodiac signs will get a chance at happiness, thanks to the Mercury/Moon alignment coming on the first of May.

We are happy because we are healthy and wish to remain healthy. To do so, we will soak in all that May's energy brings us, translating that energy into our lives as love, health, security and contentment. We often mistake happiness for temporary joy or laughter, and while we're certainly not turning that stuff away, Wednesday, May 1, shows us that true happiness is a lasting experience; it's contentment.


We are happy on this day because the powers that come along with Mercury transits are the ones that help us fend off false beliefs so that we can face the truth. Much of what constitutes our unhappiness lies in the idea that we believe something negative when we see nothing but the truth; in this case, truth is beauty. These three zodiac signs will taste what happiness is —— and how it affects us.

3 zodiac signs who just want to be happy on May 1:

1. Aries

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Happiness is something you define as that which lets you know that not only is all well in your world but also in the world of those you love. You are a family person, a good friend and someone who tries their hardest to create positive energy wherever they go. Sometimes, you miss the mark, but most of the time, you're spot on. During this Mercury/Moon transit, you'll take others on the road to happiness.

It's May 1, and you want to have fun. You aren't looking for a temporary thrill, though. You want to show your family that everything you share is safe and sound. You know that if you can see them smile, you've done a good job. While you aren't trying to get credit for doing good deeds, you'll be loved and adored for your kind efforts this Wednesday.

However, knowing that you are true to yourself and your beliefs brings you the greatest joy. You want only the best for others, and since it's the beginning of May, you can only foresee the entire month going beautifully. You feel like you've worked so hard to get to this place, and the satisfaction you feel around this time is sincere and gratifying.

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2. Taurus

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Mercury's energy helps speed things up in your life, and now that the first day of May is upon us, you can't help but feel as though all of May is going to go right. You're in the heart of Taurus season right now, and this Wednesday will show you that whatever you've been doing ... keep it up because it makes you happiest. You're doing something right, Taurus. That is for sure.

Wednesday, you needn't look too far for the happiness you seek, and it's a lot closer to you than you thought. Your entire life has led you to this place; what you'll feel during this Mercury/Moon event is nothing short of contentment. Yes, you've finally arrived. Yet, there's still so far to go. You're all there for it, as it feels positive and promising.


If asked, you'd tell anyone that you are quite happy being yourself, living your life your way, and with the people you've chosen to be in your life. You see May 1 as the first day of the rest of your life, and all of it feels fantastic to you. You aren't hungering for more; you are quite content with how things are going. You live in the 'now' moment, and the now moment is special and sacred.

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3. Leo

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You tend to do well during Mercury transits as you like to see things move along, and stagnation is not a part of your life. On May 1, there's a definite feeling of transformation in the air, giving you the impression that you, yourself, are about to take on new lessons—and all of them are worth your while.

You love to learn and are glad you've chosen a life that allows you to continue learning. With Mercury's energy lending you a hand, you'll see that this day is similar to all the other days of your life, and that's why it will be on Wednesday that you realize you are, indeed, a happy person. When you know, you know, and while you still go through what everyone else must, you do it all with a smile.

Not everyone gets to laugh as much as you, and you've come to realize that this is very much a gift; you are grateful for being a happy person, as the alternative is something you have zero interest in. This Wednesday, you will consider yourself healthy in mind, body and spirit, and you will be grateful for the idea that this can continue on as long as you like.


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