3 Zodiac Signs Experience Great Luck In Love From Now Through May 31, 2024

This month promises delight and adventure.

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May 2024 brings us such good luck in love that we may laugh through most of the month. We are in love, and we are getting married. If we're not getting married, then we're planning to, or we're doing something equally as committed and exciting. We know what we want and have finally found the right person to do it all with.

Three zodiac signs will also experience a new kind of love, as this month promises delight in adventure and trying out new things. This could imply a new love or introducing new ideas into an already-established relationship. If the two of you haven't tried something you've always wanted to try because both of you were scared or inhibited, then May 2024 will bring you courage.


Moon trine Venus helps us reach our love goals during this time. We will also be helped by loving transits, Moon conjunct Venus, a New Moon in Taurus, the beginning of Gemini season, and an alignment between Venus and Moon. We will also be joined by Moon square Venus, Venus conjunct Jupiter, a Sagittarius Moon, and a Pisces Moon. All of these handy helpers will see us through to great luck in love and romance during May 2024.


3 Zodiac Signs experience great love horoscopes from now through May 31

1. Taurus

There is no way in this world that anything will get the better of you. What you'll see taking place during May of 2024 in your life is that you and your romantic partner may not see eye to eye, but you certainly have a good thing going. If there's one thing you know, nobody will take it away from you. You know that certain people do not care for your partner, but this person is YOUR partner, not theirs.

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You stick to your guns when it comes to love, and since it's also Taurus season, you are not someone who can be moved off your hill, so to speak. Your love for your partner is heartmelting, as you are dedicated and devoted. You know this life isn't easy, yet if hardships come up this month, you will not be deterred. You are 'strong as bull,' as they say.

You see love as your goal in life, and much of that love is self-love. During May of '24, you'll care about how you eat, move, and love. Expect to create excitement for yourself and your partner through health, exercise, and open-mindedness. Self-love fuels your engine and helps you keep believing in the person you are with.


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2. Virgo

You and your romantic partner have been through it all. What you'll find happening during May 2024 is that the experience you've shared has given new life to the relationship. What's great about this is that you never thought this was possible, and neither did your partner. The curious thing about this is that you agree that something great is happening.

Of course, you are backed up by a slew of positive energy transits, and it does feel like the universe is conspiring to make you happy. While you are quite used to doubting mostly everything, you'll happily relinquish that feeling for the replacement of trusting and accepting. You didn't think you'd ever feel this good about your romance, especially at this late stage in the game, and yet here you are ... and it's May.


The May flowers are here, and April's showers did their work. You aren't saying 'no' either, Virgo. You've come to understand that life is all about ebb and flow. So, when it's 'flow' time, you stand back and let it happen. During May of 2024, you will be saying a lot of 'yes' to the goodness around you. You and your partner will reach new heights in your romance, and neither of you will be looking for the reasons 'why.'

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3. Sagittarius

May comes on like a rush of love for you, 

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, and the interesting thing about it is that you expected it to. While you don't always see yourself as the apple of anyone's eye, you'll find that the person you are with, romantically, has taken a turn towards seeing you as the greatest person they've ever met. Wow, that's a happy change, and the best part about it is that you love this person, too.


It might please you to know that May brings you great luck in love and that most of the greatness lies in that you aren't used to being this adored. While you have had your share of romances, your experience has left you a little cold. When someone loves you, as they do right now, you can't help but feel shocked and happily surprised. The kicker here is that you've done the inner work. You are here because you found the key to opening your heart.

So, your open heart allows you to experience what is right in front of your eyes. You are no longer shying away from love and are now happy to receive it. May shows you that it's OK to believe in love and to have hope for the future. All of this works very well for you this month, and the best part is that June makes it all even better. You are on your way to a happy, loving life, Sagittarius.

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