3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Meet Their Soulmate On April 24, 2024

We are finally ready to meet the person we know is right for us.

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When the Moon trines Saturn, as it will be doing on April 24, 2024, we know one thing: we'll get over something that has blocked our love lives. It may be an obstacle that has stood in our way or some newly discovered courage within ourselves. Whatever it is, it's going to work in our favor and be the driving force behind why, on Wednesday, we can meet our match in love.

To meet one's soulmate isn't as hard as one would think it would be; however, it's up to us to know who that person is and what they would be like in real life. We have to be so clear on this definition — and accept no imitations. We've settled for less in the past, and now, Moon trine Saturn will show three zodiac signs that we are no longer here to settle. We are finally ready to meet the person we know is right for us.


Moon trine Saturn shows us that we do not have to settle for less than we are worth. And so many of us have had relationships where we know something is going on — and that 'something' isn't right. There's an imbalance here, a wrongness and we know that the person we're with is not the one we're supposed to be with, at least not for love. While everyone in our lives is here to teach us personal lessons, the one lesson we will learn on this day is that, yes, we can and will meet our soulmate — our true match in love.


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Three zodiac signs who finally meet their soulmate on April 24, 2024:

1. Aries

Each time you meet a new person, someone whom you believe you'll learn to love and grow with, you wonder to yourself if this is 'the right one' as in...your perfect match. You aren't deterred by the idea that 'nobody's perfect,' in fact, you reject that idea because you're an idealist and this kind of thinking helps you to hone in on what you really want, as opposed to settling for something...mediocre.

During this day's transit of Moon trine Saturn, you're going to find that there is no need to step off of your idealistic platform, because there is someone in your life who really fits the bill, and if you're honest with yourself they are the one you want and they are the one you're going to go for. You may have felt this way about this person before, but it's isn't until this day that you want to take it seriously.

With Mercury retrograde out of the way, you probably feel a lot more confident about all moves that you make in love and romance, and so, why not extend yourself on this day, Aries? The time is right and you're feeling capable and confident, so, if this person registers in the big brain of yours as your perfect match, then go for it. Make them yours!


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2. Taurus

With the Moon trine Saturn amplifying your positivity, you're encouraged to harness your intentions and bring forth the best outcomes. So why wait? You know the kind of person you want, and you know you have the power to manifest them, so go for it, Taurus. Make those dreams come true, because this is the day you have the power of the universe on your side.

Meeting your match is something that only you can validate, and the way the universe seems to be conspiring to help you out, you might want to consider the person who is right in your line of vision on this day. You know that crush you've had on this person? Well, it seems that they've not only noticed, but that they feel the same...and your compatibility levels are through the roof.

This day could bring on much 'wow.' You're going to notice that you and this person are very well-matched, indeed. In fact, you may also feel as though you have no time to waste. If such a good thing can happen to you, as it will on this day, then why look a gift horse in the mouth, as the old cliche used to say. This is the day you meet your match in love, so ... go get what is yours, Taurus.


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3. Aquarius 

Your emotional longing reaches its peak on this day, prompting you to finally embrace the love you've held back for so long. April 24 confronts you with the truth: there's someone in your life whom you deeply care for, yet you've kept your true feelings veiled. Though you're aware of their affection for you, you've hesitated to let them into your heart. However, under the influence of the Moon trine Saturn, you'll find the courage to break down your barriers.

Love has always been a delicate matter for you, Aquarius, as you guard your heart fiercely to avoid potential hurt. Like many others, you've shielded yourself from love as a defense mechanism. But on this day, you'll discover that love cannot be contained any longer. With the Moon trine Saturn guiding your emotions, it feels like a revelation of joy and awe. You are about to meet your match.

You take the leap, and to your delight, the person you share this profound connection with reciprocates. Perhaps, after this momentous occasion, you can officially consider yourselves a couple. This day marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Moon trine Saturn emerges victorious. And it's not a bad victory at all.


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