3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready To Set Specific Boundaries On April 17

We suffer the consequences of not standing up for ourselves.

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Declaring boundaries sounds like the perfect thing to do on April 17. Yet, it's one of the hardest things many of us will ever do. What creates the need for the declaration of boundaries is that we've allowed ourselves to be walked on or taken advantage of. We've created an image of ourselves as someone with no boundaries, and therefore, we suffer the consequences of not standing up for ourselves.


While this realization is harsh, it's the eye-opener of a lifetime. Three zodiac signs will come to know that if they don't start laying down personal boundaries, then nothing will change. Change is what we crave during Moon square Jupiter. We are no longer comfortable with being seen 'that certain way,' and we want to step into a space where our boundaries are respected and adhered to.

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Moon square Jupiter is such a powerful transit, and for three zodiac signs, it could be the point of no return. We will learn that if we make it known to all those around us that we've not only changed but that we are not open to being taken for granted, we'll see how the world around us changes to suit our needs. Being brave takes guts, but this is what Moon square Jupiter is here to instill in us. Once we show others that we are very serious about crossing the line, they will respect our wishes.

3 zodiac signs decide to set specific boundaries on April 17

1. Cancer 

You might not have realized you've been so bothered because you never really expressed yourself. If a person bothers you, perhaps it's time to tell them how you feel. You may feel extraordinarily inspired to speak your truth as you realize that nothing will change unless you step up and change it.

If you don't state what you want or need, then it's just a guessing game for the person dealing with you, and so far, the results of your connection seem to be dismal. You'll recognize that this is the time to make very clear what your real feelings are. If you don't want this to go on as is, ad infinitum, then you can be the agent of change here, Cancer.

You need to declare boundaries. If you don't, your space will continuously be invaded. If the answer is simply about you speaking up, then do so and make it snappy. You don't have to continue like this, feeling as though you are oppressed; remember who you are and stand up for yourself. Set the boundaries and watch what happens: people will listen and respect you for it.


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2. Sagittarius 

These days, you can hardly keep up with the amazing changes that are happening in your life. You'll all but shock yourself as you realize that the one missing piece in the big puzzle is the idea that you need to set boundaries. It's that simple, and yet, it took a jolt to make you recognize this as the truth.

You've been experiencing an inordinate amount of pressure lately, and you've said nothing about it to anyone. You accept the pressure, and what's happened is that it's gotten to you. You feel as though the lines have been blurred between what you can do and what you want to do. Now, there's only one thing you can do to clear it all up, and that is to speak up and set things straight.

This also means that you have to figure out what your boundaries look like. You want to do this so that you end up feeling happy and successful, not pushy or inconsiderate. So, you will find that you'll be spending some quality time in that amazing mind of yours, thinking up ways to politely tell others that you are here for this but not for that. Easy, peasy.


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3. Aquarius 

You'll find that today, you are coming to a decision. It's one that you have always found too hard to make, which leads to you putting it off for way too long. You need to draw the line in your relationship with someone close to you. You feel as though this person no longer respects you as an individual and that they've made your space their home. This cannot go on, and thanks to the power in Moon Square Jupiter, you'll finally be able to do what you came here for: to set boundaries.

Yes, it's hard to speak up, but with the right amount of nerve, you'll be able to accomplish the job, Aquarius. You have also been a fiercely independent person, and you want to keep it like that. You're also friendly and accommodating, but somewhere along the lines, you forgot what it's like to claim your own space. You never want to offend or put people off, and in doing so, you forget that your space has value as well.

So, while this may, at first, feel like a rough day, it slowly but surely proves to you to be one of the better days so far. You are finally able to approach the people in your life whom you believe take a few too many liberties with you. If you form your sentences well and you bring the topic of boundaries up in a respectful way, you'll see that everything is coming up Aquarius. It's a good day, and you'll do a good job with it.


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