2 Zodiac Signs Experience Powerful Abundance On April 17

Be so inspired that nothing can stop you from achieving success.

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On Wednesday, two zodiac signs will experience abundance. The process of manifesting abundance is knowing that the key to creating it rests within your ability to take action. While you can promote an energy of abundance through your mindset or rituals, it also exists within your ability to take action, invest in your dreams, and be so confident in your success that nothing can stand in the way.


Abundance is a mindset, but it’s also a lifestyle created by the sheer force of your motivation — and you will not accept anything less. On April 17, Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus create an incredible opportunity for increased motivation. Mars is the planet that rules your internal drive and desire to take action. In Pisces, it also inspires you to take your dreams more seriously.

As Mars aligns with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, you will feel a divine push to do whatever it takes to achieve success. By believing in yourself and not allowing anything to serve as a distraction or obstacle, you can manifest your abundance through success in your career, college path, or in your personal life. Inspiration is the soul’s way of letting you know you are on the right track, and in this case, it is also the path of your abundance.


2 zodiac signs who experience abundance on April 17

1. Leo abundance affirmation: I am motivated to transform my life into greater abundance.

Allow yourself to make the most of the opportunities surrounding you right now as you prepare to bring an important project to fruition. Since 2023, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, has been helping you to expand and create increased wealth and recognition in your career or college path. As Jupiter begins to move through the final degrees of Taurus, this energy is increased, helping you move through any remaining changes to transform your life.

On Wednesday, Mars in Pisces aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, creating a powerful opportunity to transform your professional life into a more abundant one. Mars in Pisces is helping you embrace changes with wisdom and inspiration to know which direction or opportunity to take. Rather than only focusing on the monetary goals, you are truly ready to invest in what resonates the most deeply with your soul. As Mars aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, it will bring up some positive developments in your career that are all part of the process of expansion that has been occurring in this area of your life.


Whether returning to a previous project or realizing that your heart may lead you in a new direction, embracing what surfaces is important. This may often come as a plot twist, especially with Mars in Pisces having aligned with Uranus, bringing about a sudden change. Trust that everything that is happening truly is for your highest good, and rather than fighting against anything, instead embrace it, knowing you are manifesting a life of greater abundance.

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2. Gemini abundance affirmation: I am inspired to honor my abundant purpose in life.


Saturn, the planet of commitment and hard work, first entered Pisces in 2023, creating a new dynamic in your professional life. While this may have made you feel incredibly busy as you explore new ways to make an income while also honoring your soul purpose — you are reaching a point of fruition soon. There is a greater sense of ambition and focus in taking everything that has surfaced and putting it into place for your success. This is all about you recognizing that you don’t have to choose between a job that pays the bills or one that you readily enjoy — because when you believe you can have it all, you do.

On Wednesday, highlighting that your intuition is right on point when heading in a particular direction. You may have been considering a job change or starting a new business. If you’re in college, listen to that part of you wanting to change your major or do that summer internship. What you are genuinely interested in right now is precisely what you are meant to do, as it does connect heavily with your life purpose. You want to be in a space where you aren’t only financially abundant — and truly feel connected to what you do each day. The only way that will happen is to start listening to your intuition more.

Take this energy and reflect on what your intuition is guiding you to take action on without letting fears or imagined scenarios interrupt your process. Once you have reflected, lean into what arose and validate that you know yourself better than anyone else, so you are the only one who gets to decide your purpose. You may have to juggle to make changes, but as long as you follow your soul's path, there is also confirmation that the universe fully supports you. This may also help you understand more what you already know within yourself and how to create the abundant life you dream of.


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