3 Zodiac Signs Make A Big Relationship Change On April 17, 2024

On this day, we recognize the power and preciousness of time.

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If we feel as though there's an urgent matter that we must attend to on April 17, 2024, we might look at the stars to see what could press us to make a move in our romantic lives. What we will see is the force of the Moon square Jupiter occurring at the same time as Venus conjunct Node.

We're looking at how we are no longer attached to the past and how, suddenly, the present and future seem to capture our attention and our imagination, but there's more to it here. We see our time here as limited, and we want to get things done NOW. In love, as it is in life, we must know where we're at, and when it comes to our romantic relationships, these three zodiac signs will help us understand that if we are in love, then we have better move on it.


Our most precious gift here on earth is time, and if we know how to bide it, then we've got ourselves a better situation. On Wednesday, we recognize the power of time and how time waits for no one. This alone is the impetus for our change. We want to grow and show love. We are unstoppable because we have recognized that if we don't let our love be known now, then when will we have another chance?


Three unstoppable zodiac signs make a big relationship change on April 17, 2024: 

1. Gemini

From the moment you wake up, you will feel as though time really is of the essence and that whatever it is you say to your romantic partner, it has better happen now. You've had something on your mind and ended up hemming and hawing over it. Plainly, you've held back from expressing yourself simply because you have been in fear of a bad response, but you'll never know if a bad response exists if you don't open your mouth and spit it out.

This is all romance-related, and during Moon Square Jupiter, you won't be able to find an excuse to keep your thoughts inside. How long will you wait before asking your partner that special question, and how many excuses will you make to hold you back? You know what you have to do, Gemini and you also know that once the cat is out of the bag, there's no going back. So, onwards you go.

Once those words of love are released, there is no stopping you. You can be surprisingly romantic when you want to be, and what happens is that you allow yourself the space to get romantic with your words. There is no time left; it's now or never, and what you 'propose' will not be rejected or turned down. You have a very good day ahead of you, Gemini, so go on and make it happen.

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2. Virgo 

While 'being totally happy' is something you don't necessarily think of as a condition in your life, you'll probably shock yourself, as Moon square Jupiter shows you that, yes, indeed, you too can be extremely happy in your love life, Virgo. What might have been missing is the energetic push to change things, as both you and your partner fell into the 'lazy zone,' as so many couples tend to do when they feel very comfortable around each other.

While 'the lazy zone' is actually a good sign, it's also the very thing that could easily turn into boredom. You see that coming, and you'll do your best to step in and steer that kind of apathy away. You are aware that couples sometimes sink into a mundane existence that inspires neither party, but you're not at that place right now. You want more out of this relationship, and you are prepared to make a creative change.

You'll see that there is something to look forward to as Jupiter's energy grabs attention. What you may find taking place is a renewed sense of power. You both want more, and you are both willing to do the work that it entails. While you may become unstoppable in your efforts to do the right thing by your partner, you'll be happy to know that their efforts are equally as unstoppable. 

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3. Aquarius

All you needed was to catch that buzz, and that buzz, in this case, is the creative inspiration that has you wanting to stand up for the love you have in your life so that you can tend to it as if it were the most beautiful garden you've ever seen. That 'buzz' comes to you in the form of Moon square Jupiter, and what you may see happen is that you feel unstoppable. You've come to realize just how important this love affair is, and you want it to go on and on.

It's a thrill to feel as strong and powerful as you do, Aquarius and one of the things that you'll experience is fearlessness. You do not see obstacles in your way, and if what's on your agenda is saying something of great importance to the person you are with, then the sky's the limit. You do wish to tell your partner something you've never said before, and there's nothing to stop you—not even yourself.

This is a day of love and accomplishment for you, Aquarius. You'll see that it's good to take chances and to risk blushing, even though those cornball words that are about to come out of your mouth are the kind that will melt the heart of the person you are with. Go for it. Say all the corny, sweet nothings that can muster up. Your partner loves being showered in affection and being that you're unstoppable. Don't stand in the way!


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