5 Zodiac Signs With Really Good Horoscopes On April 20

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Which three zodiac signs will have very good horoscopes on April 20? Some days are better suited for extroverted activities and fun times with friends. Other days, like Saturday, are best spent in introspective pursuits with extra focus on your inner well-being. Will you listen to the voice within your heart?

Of course, five zodiac signs will have really good horoscopes under this influence — namely Taurus, Pisces, Aries, Aquarius, and Gemini. But the rest are urged to be meditative, too, at least once on this day.


First of all, with the start of Taurus Season, the cosmic benefactor now is Sun in Taurus. This will naturally bless earth signs more than the rest. But the key to making this energy work well for you is to know what your unique survival needs are and then double down on acquiring all the pieces that bring it all together.


This goes beyond the basics. So think deep and hard. For some, healthy love is an absolute necessity. For others, it may be money or the ability to travel, or the freedom to wear certain types of clothes that are not “allowed” because of cultural biases.

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Mars in Pisces and Moon in Virgo urges us to find a way to satisfy these needs through extreme practicality, thinking like a scientist and a creative, and being open to learning more. Now, let's focus on the five zodiac signs with awesome horoscopes.

Five zodiac signs with really good horoscopes on April 20:

1. Taurus

Best zodiac sign to work with: Pisces


Best area to focus on: Art & creativity

Best time of the day: 5 am

Taurus, no matter how old or young you are, remember what you have learned and don't allow anyone to make you feel small. After all, a 100-year-old monk may know nothing about coding or the culture of the indigenous New Zealanders if they are from Japan. It's all relative at the end of the day.


You are also encouraged to lean into your creative side and find clever solutions from that pool of inner wisdom. Your cosmic blessings will channel out of you through this.

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2. Pisces

Best zodiac sign to work with: Other Pisces

Best area to focus on: Water divination

Best time of the day: 3 pm


Pisces, you have a difficult decision ahead of you. To stay or go? For some of you, this is related to a long-term relationship that has expired emotionally. For others, it's about where you want to set down your roots. Be mindful of your inner reactions whenever you think about either option. The cosmic forces will show you signs if you want, but ultimately they will support you in whatever you choose.

If you have psychic abilities or budding intuitive gifts, you are encouraged to work with water on Saturday and try to discover messages from the collective. Scrying is a direct technique for this. But you can go swimming as well and allow your mind to be receptive as you float in peace.

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3. Aries

Best zodiac sign to work with: Taurus


Best area to focus on: Third-eye

Best time of the day: 2 pm

Aries, the energy on Saturday has a hectic and impulsive feel to it for you. But that's your challenge to conquer because your blessings lie on the path of quieting that inner storm and not allowing your environment to unground you. If you succeed, you will be surprised by how easily things flow to you.


Your third-eye is also primed right now for exploration and sensitization. Spend time meditating as it will help you open your third-eye even more. What happens afterward can only be described as pure magic!

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4. Aquarius

Best zodiac sign to work with: Aries

Best area to focus on: Grounding

Best time of the day: 7 pm


Aquarius, the energy on Saturday has a slow and steady quality to it for you. Don't do anything significant on this day. Instead, focus on self-care or fun. The happier you keep yourself, the easier it will be for you to receive your cosmic blessings. It's the path of the receiver for you!

You are also encouraged to add a grounding practice to your daily life at this time. Whether that's meditation, yoga, sound bathing, or something else depends on you. Do what resonates with your soul.

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5. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Best zodiac sign to work with: Leo

Best area to focus on: Culture & entertainment

Best time of the day: 11 pm

Gemini, trust your intuition on Saturday. Your path to luck and good fortune will open up when you do. This also means you shouldn't ignore red flags or get talked into giving someone a second chance that they shouldn't receive. Your peace depends on this.


You are also urged to lean into arts, culture, and entertainment and not focus on work. Pure happiness awaits you if you choose this. Bonus points if you invite your loved ones to share these experiences with you!

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