2 Zodiac Signs Experience A New Level Of Abundance On April 20

When the universe offers you an upgrade – take it.

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"If you're lucky enough to get a chance at something, don't waste it." — Unknown Three zodiac signs will receive a new level of abundance on April 20. The magic of the universe is that while you are encouraged to take steps to create an abundant life — it will also provide divine opportunities to help you upgrade and move to a completely new level.

When you are demonstrating to the universe that you are willing to work for what you want and that you are doing your best because you believe within your heart that you are worthy of it, then these divine chances for abundance and help radically change events in your life overnight as you suddenly see the reward your intuition has been guiding you toward.


This Saturday, one of the most divinely lucky events for all of 2024 will occur. The  Jupiter and Uranus alignment will peak together in Taurus. This connection between Jupiter and Uranus will be in effect from April 15 – 26, but on April 20, it peaks, merging the unlikely with a possibility in a case of divine intervention. Jupiter has been in Taurus since 2023, and as it aligns with Uranus in the final degrees of this earth sign, it helps to bring sudden and even shocking lucky opportunities to bring greater abundance into your life.


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Jupiter and Uranus work together in unexpected ways, so surprising offers or opportunities will arise. That is why you are being guided to take the upgrade in your life when it arrives. You are ready for everything you’ve ever wanted and worked for; now, you just need to be ready for your life to change once you finally receive it.

2 zodiac signs will experience a new level of abundance on April 20:

1. Leo abundance affirmation: I am experiencing profound success and recognition in my career.


Taurus energy governs your house of career, and with Jupiter having been present there since 2023, it’s also an area you’ve brought a sense of expansion to as you readily step into opportunities for growth and success. Uranus has occupied this earth sign since 2018 and will remain here until 2026; however, the second phase brings the manifestation of everything that you’ve been working towards creating in your life.

On Saturday, Jupiter and Uranus align with each other in Taurus, bringing a powerful moment to your career. Uranus works in unexpected ways, so although you’ve steadily been working toward your goal, the offer or opportunity that arrives will likely surprise you. But Jupiter only seeks to bring greater luck and abundance into your life by encouraging you to dream and think even bigger. As these two planets align, it’s time for an upgrade in your career. This will be about a sudden point of recognition arriving or even in an offer for a new position. If you’ve been finishing your college education, then this may very well represent the first job you’ve been hoping to land upon graduation.

Uranus is going to continue to bring positive changes and a new level of success into your career through 2026, but this moment is one that holds the power to fully transform your professional life. Ensure that you are open to what happens and that you know, even if it seems like a stretch, that you can handle it because this is the moment of success that you have been working to achieve. And even if it arrives unexpectedly, trust that it’s also occurring right on time with the plans of the universe.

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2. Pisces

Abundance Affirmation: I am embracing the opportunities for growth and abundance in my life.

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Uranus first entered Taurus in 2018, activating your sense of purpose through an unexpected change in your career path. But this isn’t just about what you do to make a living, but the guidance you’ve received to start embracing your inner talents and branching out into the world as you share your gifts with others. Once Jupiter joined Uranus in Taurus in 2023, you have felt a growing sense of expansion, knowing that your life is going to be changing, but just unsure when that moment would arrive – but the truth is, it’s going to happen a lot sooner than you think.


On Saturday, April 20, Uranus and Jupiter align in Taurus, helping you find greater success, achievements, and even wealth. Taurus energy rules matters of communication, and it’s often thought of as the house of publishing, which can also include any sort of communication, even podcasts that you produce and then send out into the world. Although Uranus will still be working its magic here until 2026, this energy will help bring you to a new level of your life through a series of opportunities that are meant to help you grow beyond your previous limits.

With the North Node in Aries through 2025, greater wealth is being generated in your life, but now you will also have clarity about where that will be coming from. If you’ve had any inclination to start putting your words more out into the world or have been working diligently on a project recently, then this is your sign to take your work to the next level. You are worthy of all you dream of, but you first must realize that to have everything you want, your life will also have to change in unimaginable ways. Keep working on your dreams, but when that divine opportunity arrives from the universe, you also need to take the chance to achieve even more.

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