3 Zodiac Signs Are Confronted By Change On April 20, 2024

We are quite comfortable being who we are, right now.

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Three zodiac signs refuse to change for love on April 20. It takes us a long time not only to figure out who we are in a relationship but also to stand tall and own that person, as there's a very good chance we've worked very hard to get where we are. We will find ourselves having a moment where the person we are with seems less than pleased with the person we've become, and if there's one thing that's for sure: we're not going back to being the person we once were.


During this day's transit, Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars, we will see that we are being asked to change something about ourselves, and this will not seem fair to us, as we've put in much time and effort to change ourselves...for what we believe is 'the better.' And the truth is, we have changed for the better, and three zodiac signs will feel that there's no reason to 'go back' as we are quite comfortable being who we are, right now. 

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Being human is about making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and then changing ourselves to accommodate that new knowledge. Sometimes, we change ourselves and become better human beings for our efforts, and sometimes the people who love us don't understand that change and want 'the old version' back. That's where Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars comes in to show us that there is no going back; we're happy with who've we become.

3 zodiac signs refuse to change for love on April 20, 2024:

1. Gemini

If someone suggests to you that you change your ways...for their sake, you'll consider it carefully. Why would someone want you to change, especially as you feel that you've gone out of your way to accommodate this person already? During this day's transit of Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars, you'll see that it's not that you refuse to change, it's that you feel very content 'as you are,' and see no good reason to change that positive feeling.

If your romantic partner is still not satisfied with your behavior after all you've done for them, then perhaps it's time they take a look in the mirror for answers. You aren't stubborn, Gemini; you took in their feelings and needs and you did what you could, without changing who you are, completely. During the transit of Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars, you'll feel as though perhaps they are now asking too much, and this might be their problem rather than yours.

Have they done their best to change their own ways, as well? Here's where the two of you need to meld minds and come to a compromise. If you love each other as much as you claim to, then it's OK to have moments like this, and Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars supports good communication even when there's tension. You can work this out and continue on, happily, knowing that compromise may just be the key here.


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2. Leo

At first, the idea of changing to suit your romantic partner's needs may be offensive to you, but you'll release that pride soon enough, as Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars encourages us to see things clearly and with a fair vantage point. Maybe your partner sees something in you that you cannot see, and maybe giving them a fair shake isn't such a bad idea after all...although, on second thought, you don't really want to veer too far away from being your authentic self.

April 20 presents a quandary for you: Will you change for your partner or protest and stay the same? Or will you consider their words and perhaps think about compromise? This seems to be the way Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars nudges you, Leo. You love the person you are with, and you want them to be happy, but you also love yourself, so something has to give.

During Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars, you may find that your mind opens to the idea your partner is asking for, which is not all that intense, and that maybe you'll give it a go...for their sake. It's not so much that you outright 'refuse' to change, but you are very much into doing things your way, and while you are now open to the idea of compromise, it may still take a while before you grow accustomed to it.


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3. Scorpio

While you want to keep going with the person you are with, you may find that by the time Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars rolls around; you are tired of hearing them continuously ask you to change something about yourself that you are actually quite fond of keeping. You don't want to change, and you feel that their request is both annoying and redundant.

The thing is, you love this person, and you know they love you, too, but they keep on harping on this one topic that has started to become a sore point for you. Perhaps it's time to tell your partner that this may be something they have to accept and that you're not all that interested in changing this aspect of yourself, not for them or anyone. You are happy 'as is', and this may be something they need to cope with.

You may find that the energy that comes with Moon trine Uranus opposite Mars makes you angry with your partner for not accepting you 'as you are.' This is something you both need to talk to each other about and if you can approach the topic with grace and kindness, you might be able to convince them that everything is just fine and you are much happier when you do things that make you feel comfortable, as the change they are asking for does not accomplish that feeling.


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