5 Zodiac Signs Whose Horoscopes Improve On April 19 When The Sun Enters Taurus

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The energy mid-week at the start of Taurus season on April 19 is all about introspection and discovering nuggets of wisdom from your past that you were unaware of until now. After all, who you were when you experienced all that is no longer who you are. This greater wisdom makes you capable of gleaning far more from your past experiences than you could have back then. It's part of the Mercury Retrograde effect until April 25.


Of course, five zodiac signs — Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Taurus, and Gemini — stand to have the best horoscopes under this influence. The rest of the zodiac signs can benefit, too, from leaning into this. Firstly, we have the Transiting Moon influencing us as it moves from Virgo to Libra. So, the focus is now on our relationship with others but from a more personalized lens. We aren't trying to fit in here as much as making space for ourselves and finding our tribe in the process. Trust your instincts as you move forward.

On April 19 when the Sun moves to Taurus and Taurus Season begins. There will be a definitive energy shift during this time, which will be compounded when we have the second major transit of the week happen on April 21 as Juno Retrograde ends and Juno goes direct in Virgo. Fire and Earth energy will clash.


Focus on what's truly important to you as you make your way in the world. After all, molten sand symbolizes fire and earth coming together. We all know how many beautiful creations can emerge from that amorphosity. Now, let's focus on the five zodiac signs who benefit the most from the Sun entering Taurus season.

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5 zodiac signs whose horoscopes improve when the Sun enters Taurus on April 19, 2024:

1. Cancer

Best zodiac sign to work with: Scorpio

Best area to focus on: Divination or Tapping into your intuition

Cancer, the energy for you is all about the middle ground between doing what's right for you and what will make your loved ones happy. Leaning too much in one direction or the other will lead to complications, whereas balancing the two will bring you the blessings that are here for you.


Just remember: if someone does not treat you lovingly, don't give too much of yourself in hopes that they will one day learn to care about you and treat you properly. Trust your intuition and uphold your self-respect. The cosmic forces have got your back!

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2. Leo

Best zodiac sign to work with: Aries

Best area to focus on: Meditative reflection

Leo, who you were many years ago and who you are now is not the same. Show your younger some sympathy for not knowing what you know now, and don't beat yourself up for what happened in the past. The energy has a strong and steady feel to it for you and will support your inner growth if you embrace it.


If you feel called to, adopt a daily meditative practice — even if it's just for ten minutes. It will bring you more peace and healing than you realize. Deep insights also await you on this path.

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3. Pisces

Best zodiac sign to work with: Cancer

Best area to focus on: Swimming underwater

Pisces, don't stress about anything this week. The cosmic forces have got your back and are conspiring in your favor behind the scenes to bring everything together exactly as you need them to. Just stay calm and relax. You must have faith in the process and wait until the end.

Some of you will find clarity and strength if you go swimming this week. More so when you hold your breath and just float underwater. It will activate your intuition and soul, bringing you more insights than you can imagine.


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4. Taurus

Best zodiac sign to work with: Leo

Best area to focus on: Working with animals

Taurus, the universe has got your back. Remember that as you go about your days and face the challenges ahead of you. You will emerge victorious even if it feels stressful, in whichever area of life this message is relevant. All you need is faith in yourself, and you'll be golden.

If you feel called, volunteer at a pet shelter this week. It will help you stay grounded in the present and connect with your inner child and soul. Some of you may have a telepathic connection with an animal, too. Trust that experience and send some gratitude into the ether for such moments of beauty and extraordinariness.


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5. Gemini

Best zodiac sign to work with: Other Geminis

Best area to focus on: Finances


Gemini, you are going somewhere even if you don't know your journey has already begun. Stay strong and know your heart. It will help you move forward on this changing path with courage and conviction. You will reach the destination once you level up on the way.

Your personal finances are also being highlighted as an area to focus on. Don't overspend on anything. You will need extra for something beautiful in the future.

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