Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Month For May 2024

Mark your calendars!

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Each zodiac sign has one day in May 2024 that is so filled with luck and abundance that you should mark your calendars for your luckiest day of the month! You have arrived within this moment because you are ready for all that is to come. You have now surfaced on the other side of Eclipse Season and with Mercury Direct, you are ready to take all you’ve learned and achieve the abundance that you are destined for. 


May serves as a transition month, with the leading energy representing Jupiter’s shift from Taurus into Gemini. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, and lucky opportunities, helping you to move from one phase of life into another. Learning to work with Jupiter’s energy means that you can practice trust in your path, so even if there are delays or risks involved, you can believe that everything is always working out for your greater good.

The luckiest day of the month of May 2024 for each zodiac sign:


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Luckiest day of the month for Aries in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

The Sagittarius Moon brings enormous rewards for previous work as it rises in your house of luck. This will be a project, idea, or life path that you’ve been investing your energy into, hoping to achieve greater financial freedom and abundance. Create space to see where your dreams are in the process of coming true — even if they may look a bit different than expected.

Just a few days after the Sagittarius Full Moon, Jupiter shifts into Gemini for the next year, highlighting the importance of communication. Use this time to reflect on what you want to continue to manifest so you can fully work with the power of your words.

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Luckiest day of the month for Taurus in May 2024: Tuesday, May 7

Jupiter first entered your zodiac sign in 2023. Since that time, you’ve been working to expand your perspective and vision of life so that you can feel safer and take on new opportunities. As Jupiter begins to move through the final degrees of Taurus, there is a new way of approaching success that is beginning to reach fruition. During this time, allow yourself to find pride in how you’ve stretched yourself along with the new risks you’ve been able to take.


While embracing the energy and lessons of Jupiter in Taurus, the New Moon in Taurus will occur on Tuesday, May 7, allowing you to take all you’ve gained and launch your life in an exciting new direction. Pay attention to the ideas and dreams you’ve been allowing yourself to entertain recently, as there is gold in the talents you possess. As the New Moon occurs, it’s time to begin something new, whether it’s a side business, a new training program, or a career. Trust in your ideas and watch them grow into the abundant life of your dreams.

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Luckiest day of the month for Gemini in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

Jupiter, the planet known for bestowing luck and abundance while expanding your life in the best possible ways, will shift into Gemini on Saturday, May 25. Jupiter is the largest planet of the zodiac. Because of this, whatever area of your life it touches will experience infinite growth during this phase. Your zodiac sign, Gemini, will help you live larger and bigger, representing a huge upgrade in how you spend your days and how you view the opportunities that surround you.

Take time to reflect on the significance of Saturn in Pisces, bringing up career potential just as Jupiter shifts into Gemini. You are being led to see that what you want to manifest in your career will become possible because of the personal growth you surrender to. There will be changes ahead on your path, along with risks that are tied to more deeply embracing your authenticity. Remember, you wouldn’t encounter anything you do if it also weren’t leadiing you where you are meant to be.

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Luckiest day of the month for Cancer in May 2024: Tuesday, May 7

Jupiter, the luckiest planet in the zodiac, has been in Taurus since 2023, helping to expand the community that surrounds you and granting a few wishes along the way. During this time, you went through an immense period of transformation as Pluto moved through its final stages in Capricorn, but as 2024 began, you’ve been trying to figure out what you want for yourself and your life. As Jupiter’s time in Taurus comes to a close, it’s time to reintroduce yourself to the world and truly leave the past behind.


On Tuesday, May 7, just a few weeks before Jupiter shifts into Gemini, there will be a fortunate New Moon in Taurus that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Instead of feeling like you are always the support or idea person for others, there will be a chance to tap into the resources that surround you, helping you to achieve greater abundance — and a clearer plan for the future. Never underestimate those around you or that you deserve others to show up for you in the ways you have for them.

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Luckiest day of the month for Leo in May 2024: Tuesday, May 7

The energy in May is all about your career. While there is a certain amount of preparation that goes into seeking a new position or starting a company, you also must realize that you already have everything you need to achieve success. During May, you are going to be finding a significant point in your professional life that won’t only enhance your finances, but also your reputation.

The New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 7 shines like a beacon of hope in your career sector. While this energy can represent hearing about a fascinatiing position or applying to a new one — it may also bring about the wrapping up of your college career and beginning to enter the workplace. Trust that the universe is on your side here, and remember that to get the life you want, you’re going to have to expand your mind to include possibilities you previously hadn’t considered.

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Luckiest day of the month for Virgo in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

On Saturday, May 25, Jupiter will shift into Gemini, beginning an extremely lucrative time in your professional life. Jupiter blesses your life with financial abundance, greater fulfillment, new opportunities, and lucky breaks. As much as you may have other areas in your life you are focusing on at this time, try to create space to reflect on your professional goals, as the clearer you are on what you want — the easier it will be to manifest them.


Jupiter in Gemini not only brings a stroke of good luck but also a multitude of positive changes. You can’t find the success you want by doing the same old things, so it’s time to embrace that change. Wherever Jupiter directs you during this time will be for your benefit, but you will also likely be quite busy. Get situations in your life in order now so that you can fully invest in your career and financial success in the year to come.

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Luckiest day of the month for Libra in May 2024: Saturday, May 25

You already knew this year was going to be one of the luckiest and most transformative in recent times thanks to the Nodes of Fate returning to Libra and Aries — but it’s also because of Jupiter. Jupiter will move into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, kickstarting an entire new era of your life. This part of your chart governs travel, education, spirituality, abundance, and luck. With Jupiter here for an entire year, these will also be the major themes that arise.

The South Node in Libra has been working its magic to be a catalyst for personal growth, and that is what is laying the foundation for the abundance that Jupiter will bring into your life. As Jupiter shifts into Gemin, taking chances won’t seem as scary. Instead, you will develop a thirst for an expansive and adventurous life. This is all about taking you into new territory where you can realize you’ve held the power all along to create the life of your dreams.

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Luckiest day of the month for Scorpio in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

The Sagittarius Full Moon on Thursday, May 23 will happen in your house of finances, bringing in great rewards for all of the arduous work that you’ve been doing. Sagittarius's energy governs finances and self-worth, encouraging you to believe that what you dream of can become the reality you live. Full Moon’s bring situations to fruition, though, so whether it’s a raise or an unexpected monetary gift, you will finally feel like you are headed in the right direction.


Just after the Sagittarius Full Moon, Jupiter will shift into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, bringing your focus to the positive transformations you are trying to manifest in your life. Gemini rules over rebirth in your life, and because of this, you will be urged to focus more on what you want rather than any obligation you feel for how you should be living your life. Change is always precisely what you need to manifest everything you’re hoping to achieve.

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Luckiest day of the month for Sagittarius in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

The Full Sagittarius Moon will brighten the evening sky on Thursday, May 23, giving you a chance to reflect on your personal development and exactly how far you’ve come. The idea that you’ve been in a state of preparation for the last six months is an important reminder that to attract the life you want, you first must become the person who can live it.

Jupiter will shift into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, just a few days after the Sagittarius Full Moon. It will turn your focus on expanding your romantic relationships — and help you learn more about the kind of love you want and deserve. Feeling like your best self will be imperative in working with Jupiter’s energy because you need to know what you are worth before the universe can finally deliver on its promises to you.

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Luckiest day of the month for Capricorn in May 2024: Thursday, May 2

Pluto in Aquarius will station retrograde on Thursday, May 2, helping you to tap into your dreams for how to generate greater financial wealth. Aquarius energy rules not only matters of finances but also self-worth, which is always the foundation for greater abundance. Pluto, though, is known as the lord of the underworld, whose mission is to bring to light whatever was previously hidden. Whether this helps you finally deal with your feelings of worthiness or gives you the confidence to tap into a new business idea, embrace what surfaces because it is for your greater good.


Toward the end of May, on Saturday, May 25, Jupiter moves into Gemini and brings in an incredible sense of determination. While you will be focusing your success on how you feel in your life, Jupiter will help you take all that arises with Pluto retrograde and dig deep to embody the determination required to achieve success. You are truly a wealth of ideas, but until you actually get started on them, you’ll never know how much luck really is guiding your every step.

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Luckiest day of the month for Aquarius in May 2024: Thursday, May 2

An abundant life isn’t only found in your bank statements but also in how you feel. To fully know what will bring you that sense of abundance, you also must understand your truth. On Thursday, May 2, Pluto in Aquarius will station retrograde, helping you explore what living your truth means and how it has shifted in recent times.

By embracing what arises with Pluto in Aquarius on its retrograde journey, you will have a better understanding of what changes will help you cultivate the life you are seeking. While you are destined for professional success, it’s also time to start focusing on how happiness and relationships play into that. You might find that you need to make some changes in your life so that you can truly live the abundant life that is representative of your truth.

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Luckiest day of the month for Pisces in May 2024: Thursday, May 23

On Thursday, May 23, the Full Moon in Sagittarius peaks, bringing about a moment of recognition and success to your professional dreams. In this space, you will finally reach a certain pinnacle of your career, but by no means does that mean there isn’t more in store. Sagittarius helps you find professional abundance by asking you to explore new horizons and the deeper meaning of what you feel called to pursue as you lean into where it guides you to know precisely how to manifest more abundance in your life.


Just after the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter will shift into Gemini on Saturday, May 25, bringing in possibilities of relocating or traveling for your career. There is a deep connection here between the financial success you will achieve in 2024 and the expansion and abundance you will experience in your home. Jupiter will bring growth to this area of your life; all you must do is remember that the life you want is waiting for you to arrive finally.

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