2 Zodiac Signs Experience Significant Abundance On April 14

A risk is always worth an abundant reward.

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Two zodiac signs will experience significant abundance on April 14, during the Moon and Mars alignment.

While your dreams are divinely given and always meant for you to manifest — it doesn’t mean no risk will be involved. Risk is often seen as a chance, the ability to hope that you are on the right path and that where you end up will be far greater than where you are at this moment. In truth, risk is really often correlated with having to leave your comfort zone to create something new. It might be having to leave one job for another, ending a relationship to create space for what you really want, or hoping that side business will eventually take off. Whatever area it might occur for you, the message from the universe is clear: it’s not so much about a true risk but knowing in your heart that you are meant for more.


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So on Sunday, April 14, when the Moon in Cancer aligns with Mars in Pisces, each helps you feel greater support in breaking out of your comfort zone so that you can be one step closer to manifesting the life of your dreams. The Moon represents your emotional body, and in Cancer, this can represent the home you live within or the one within yourself. In this case, it also signifies a comfort zone that brings security and stability — even if it’s not all you desire.

As the Cancer Moon aligns with Mars in Pisces, helping to motivate you on a soul level and drive you to a higher purpose, you will feel more supported by others and the universe in taking a chance on your dreams. Use this energy to recognize that this opportunity poses no actual threat but is the very movement necessary to elevate your life, help you attract more abundance, and make your dreams come true.


2 zodiac signs experience significant abundance on April 14:

1. Scorpio abundance affirmation: I am manifesting the life of my dreams.

To align yourself positively with the energy of the universe, you must first see that nothing is standing between you and what you dream of. As a deep-water sign, you can often get sidetracked by how things appear, even seeing restrictions where none exist. In this phase of your life, you must start not only prioritizing yourself but your dreams as well. You may be in the process of contemplating a major life change, and although the pieces are still coming together, you also need to remember that what you’re doing this time isn’t about anyone else but yourself.

On Sunday, April 14, the Cancer Moon aligns with Mars in Pisces, helping you truly take advantage of lucky new beginnings and create a happier life based on what you dream possible. The Moon in Cancer will reveal your true feelings and emotions, helping you open yourself to lucky opportunities for abundance and travel. At the same time, Mars in Pisces reminds you that your happiness matters most. It doesn’t serve you at all if everyone around you is happy but yourself. This isn’t selfish, but instead, self-full as you embrace what you inherently deserve from life.


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You will absolutely be asked to take what you might perceive as a risk, but try to remind yourself that the only thing you’re actually risking is for things to remain as they are at this moment. You already know you want to change and, in fact, are craving it at a cellular level. Now, you need to make sure you remember that anything that takes you closer to your dreams is better than simply remaining where you are. The universe fully supports you in this new chapter, and you are truly only one decision away from manifesting the life of your dreams.

2. Taurus abundance affirmation: I am fully supported in creating an abundant and rich life.


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Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, has been in your zodiac sign of Taurus since 2023. This has helped you adopt a more abundant perspective of life as you have opened yourself to a more expansive reality than you had previously imagined. As Jupiter’s time in Taurus begins to wind down before shifting into Gemini in May, you will feel especially strongly about it as it moves in ways that will help you bring to fruition what you’ve been working on the past year.

On Sunday, April 14, with Jupiter still in Taurus, the Cancer Moon will align with Mars in Pisces, bringing in opportunities for dynamic and life-changing conversations to help you make each of your wishes a reality. The Moon in Cancer allows you to understand your wants and needs and then communicate them in a way that helps you build what you want for your life. But, as the Cancer Moon aligns with Mars in Pisces, it brings up the importance of networking, collaboration, and wishes being granted. In this space, you are guided to reflect on who in your life can help you manifest greater abundance. Then, you should not hesitate at all to share your dreams and what you need in order to get to the next level of your life.

You need to make the most of the remaining time of Jupiter in Taurus as it can help you not only grow in new ways but also help you be more open-minded when it comes to what you envision for yourself. Because of this, you are given an important opportunity to network and collaborate with others, even if they aren’t especially close to you at this point, to help you create a more abundant and rich life. In this case, you might think of someone new who has a career connection or a person to invest in your new business. While collaboration is favored, it might be with someone unexpected or from your past, as a big part of this energy is breaking free from limitations and seeing just how supported you are in manifesting all you’ve ever desired.


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