3 Zodiac Signs Are Ready For A Long-Term Relationship From April 9 - 11

Whenever a relationship happens during the Moon in Taurus, you know that this love is for real!

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Nothing spells long-term relationships like the Moon in Taurus, and lo and behold, that's what we're working with April 9 - 11, 2024. So, if you've had it in mind that you'd like to take what you've got and upgrade to the' long-term' model, then welcome to one of the better days of the week, as this transit is here to smooth us along the ride. Who's ready?

That lunar Taurus energy is so homey and sweet. It's just the kind of push we need if we've been harboring thoughts of 'settling down' or simply sealing the deal with our partners by letting them know we're in it to win it. There's no frivolous behavior going on this week. While the Moon in Taurus is all about sweetness and kind behavior, we're still very serious about our future together.


Three zodiac signs will likely not need words to express this desire to stick together for the long haul. In fact, one look in the eyes may just do the trick. For those of us who are most affected and influenced by the Moon in Taurus for the next few days, we already knew we were headed in this direction; now, we need to walk into it. That is exactly what we are going to do starting Tuesday.


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These zodiac signs are ready for a long-term commitment, April 9 - 11:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You're known for your playful ways and flirty faces. You crack your partner up all the time with the way you make fun of them — and yourself. You know when to take things seriously and when to be' at ease,' and during the Moon in Taurus, it's all about taking it down a notch and loving every moment of it. You and your romantic partner need a transit like this every once in a while to think of it as 'an escape.'

While the Moon in Taurus is not giving you a vacation, it most certainly is letting you relax and forget about the troubles and woes of the world right now. April 9 introduces to your partnership a sense of 'everything is going to be alright.' After spending a good amount of time feeling stressed out and cray-cray, you feel that if you can chill with your partner, then all will be right with the world.


You might also realize that this kind of day is easier to come by than you thought, as you've started to anticipate 'ruination and destruction' at every corner. Fear not, oh great Leo! We're all in this one together. Know that no matter what goes down in the world, you've got this super special place called 'home,' that's where you'll find the love of your life waiting to snuggle you.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

If there's one thing you can say, it's that you have certainly done all the right things to keep the relationship you're in alive and well. Yes, you've seen some rough times, but that's what being alive and in love will do to a person. It's called experience, and what it shows you, Capricorn, is that if you put in the effort, you get the results you aim for.


Your target has always been happiness in the household. During this day's transit of the Moon in Taurus, you finally feel as though all of your hard work has taken on this new and wonderfully permanent 'glow' to it. What that means, essentially, is that you and your partner have seen the highs and the lows, and what you're working with now is a smooth balance that feels both realistic and hopeful.

You know how to DO this relationship, and it's that simple. Put in enough time and energy, and you get what you set out for. Capricorn, know this: this week presents you with a grand opportunity to connect with gratitude. You'd be amazed at how gratitude expands your loving world. It's worth everything, and this day brings you nothing but joy.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


You've been down this road before, and by 'this road,' we are definitely talking about the good vibes that come off the Moon in Taurus. Taurus transits do the trick for many people. For you, Aquarius, this week is a good time to make the best of by knowing that you and your romantic partner have not only 'aced the test' but that you're doing better than you ever expected.

Of course, the' test' is the time you've spent together. It's working! Holy moly, it really is working. You may have to shrug off your old 'single person' attitude. You clung to that for so long that you came to believe that love wasn't really going to play this important a role in your life, and yet, voila! Bang, zoom—love is all around you, and you are enjoying every last drop of it.

The next few days has you feeling warm and affectionate, and for the first time in so long, you have someone to share this exuberant feeling with. It's nice to be in love, and during the Moon in Taurus, you feel as though it's meant to last; in fact, it's 'built' to last. You are doing all the right things to make it so, and practice makes perfect, right? Right, you are, Aquarius. Enjoy your beautiful day.


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