6 Specific Ways To Practice The One Thing That Will Bring Next-Level Love To Your Relationship

It's an everyday way to grow your deepest love.

Last updated on Dec 15, 2023

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Interested in getting the happy, healthy relationship of your dreams, or improving the one you already have? There's one thing that can do that: Giving thanks to your partner on a daily basis.

Along with improving physical health, psychological health, and self-esteem, gratitude can also boost your relationship in wonderful and meaningful ways.

Here are 6 ways to practice gratitude to bring next-level love to your relationship.

1. Catch them doing something right.

We hear this term used a lot with parenting, but why not use it with your romantic partner?


Let's say your partner does something out of the norm, like carrying the laundry, washing your car, or picking up a morning drink for you. Make a bigger deal about it. Let them know how sweet it was and add a little kiss on top.

Your partner wants to feel like their small actions have a big impact. And when they feel true appreciation, they will actually do more of it in the future.



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2. Appreciate the everyday mundane things.

Do you have an attitude of expectation? For example, do you think, "I deserve this and my partner should do this for me"? Unfortunately, that way of thinking is a big mistake. Human beings want to know they matter, even when they're doing the most humdrum tasks.

Think about what your partner does for you on a constant basis and take notice. Maybe your partner cleans up the kitchen after dinner each night or takes the trash out every week. Aren't you glad you don’t have to do it?

Be extra thankful — give them a hug or kiss for their continuous effort. They will enjoy the extra attention, whether they show it or not.

3. Do small things for them.

It only takes a minute to do something special. Help your partner out in any way you can, especially the small tasks; they add up.


Pick up a sock or run an errand to make their lives easier. Cook dinner when you know they've had a rough day or change the lightbulb that's been out for a few days. You could even purchase a gift you know they will love. (I picked up a package of Reese's Cups one day and you'd think I gave my man a million bucks!)

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4. Be grateful to your ex.

No, it's not a joke. It's hard, if not nearly impossible, especially if that person seemed cruel and unusual.

However, didn't it help you learn valuable lessons about who you are and what you want in a partner? Perhaps you even viewed yourself in a new way knowing that you're too special not to have the person of your dreams.




Thank your ex in your journal or in any gratitude exercise you do. You must release this person and let the anger go so you can truly embrace your relationship right now.

Forgiving an ex doesn't mean they can just come back into your life. It means you're letting go and moving forward without holding onto regret or angst. You can't take that garbage into a potentially great union!

5. Create a journal.

Whether it's just for you or for you and your partner, journaling has multiple benefits. Journaling helps you regulate emotions, raises your IQ, and builds confidence, among many other positive things.


Perhaps one of its greatest uses is mindfulness. So, why not tap into that part of your brain and use it to better your relationship?

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Take pen to paper and write down the good you see in each other each day. Read it to the other person and watch your love life soar. If you're single, write about the good things you did today.

6. Create a bedtime gratitude exercise.

Take a few minutes before bedtime and do some deep breathing exercises to relax. Hold hands and remind each other how much you appreciate one another in both the good and challenging times.

You decide how you want to make it special for both of you. Not only is it a phenomenal bonding experience, but it sends you off to a night of pleasant and sweet dreams.




You can also do this exercise alone. Just take the emphasis from them to you.

It really isn't that tough to be grateful. It's just about being conscious and putting it in the forefront of your mind.


No matter where you are on the scale of appreciation, you can always bump it up a notch. It's going to be magical when you watch your love life change and grow for the better right in front of your eyes.

All it takes is a little tweak in your thoughts to create the happier, more thankful side of life.

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Lori Peters is a dating coach, radio show host, writer, and speaker on happiness and well-being. Her passion is to help others create more happiness in their loving relationships.