3 Zodiac Signs May Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships From Now To April 14

Mercury retrograde may be the straw that breaks the camel's back for three zodiac signs and their relationships.

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April 8 - 14, 2024, shows us that this week is going to take guts and stamina to get through. So much of what will perplex us takes place in the realm of communication or, rather, miscommunication if you'd like. There's an awful lot of Mercury energy at present, and it's bound to throttle us around here and there. In fact, for three zodiac signs, this may be the equivalent of 'the straw that breaks the camel's back' as they say, as we may come to see the end of our romantic relationships this week.


Alright, so it is done. Usually, by the time we break up with someone, it's not exactly 'new' news; we've got several transits working with us this week. Because of them, we may see the breakup come a little faster than we thought it would. We've got much healing energy coming our way, which shows us that we have to 'get to the other side' first if we're to start the healing process.


We're also looking at one rare but very important transit, Uranus trine Lilith, and that's where the trouble starts and ends. We've got a New Moon in Aries to start our week off, and that's probably what's going to put it all into motion. Keeping in mind that we're still working on the trail of a Mercury retrograde, we have to know that 'words' may end up being our biggest foe. Let's try to keep it 'convivial.' We may be breaking up, but we can be amicable about it. 

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The three zodiac signs who could fall out of love and end their relationships by April 14:

1. Gemini 

What's going on inside your mind, Gemini, is that you've got a lot to look forward to, yet you don't feel you can make any of it happen if you stay in the relationship you're currently in. While none of this comes as a shock to you, your main problem is breaking the news to your partner, who may also not be shocked but will still feel hurt by your decision.

Hey, hurting is going to be hard to avoid, as that's usually what happens when people break up after spending a lot of time together. However, you won't be able to turn back once that New Moon starts you off. You are absolutely not into hurting the person you once loved. There's an even deeper truth here, and you need to confront it, both internally and with the person you're with. The truth is that you no longer feel the love you once had for them.




You aren't fond of being 'the bad guy' either, as you'll be the one who ends this relationship. But the truth is, it was bound to happen sooner or later, and your partner may have very well started it. They are just as unhappy as you are with the way things turned out. You don't want to rush them out the door, but you do feel as though that's the only way to get your life back on track.

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2. Virgo 

You already know that you've got a mouth on you that could break a world apart and that, over the years, you've learned that if you say the wrong thing to the right person, your words will become weapons. That's why this is a particularly hard week for you, Virgo, as you know you want to break up with the person you've been involved with, yet you also feel this breakup isn't moving fast enough and all it would take to move it along would be some choice words to do the trick.


You once loved this person, and you know, deep down in your heart, that they don't deserve to be hurt on the way out. You both tried to keep it all together, but now that you both have agreed to separate, you can't make this thing speed along any quicker. If you don't start seeing a goodbye coming shortly, you might be tempted to make it very uncomfortable for them.

It does NOT help that Mercury is in retrograde, and this could be the boiling point for you in terms of holding back your repressed anger. The main brunt of the problem happens at the beginning of the week, so this may imply that by the week's end, you'll have smoothed it all out so that the two of you can part amicably.

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3. Aquarius 

There's a very good reason why you and your romantic partner are about to part ways. That's because all that you spoke about early on in the relationship turned out to be something that you both ignored. This refers to your personal values, which were stated upfront. You were honest with the person you are with, but it seems that person didn't really take you that seriously.


Here you are, and the way you put it together, nothing is working out. You may not have the patience to endure another week of it. Moon square Mars stirs the pot at the week's end and starts you both on a 'this is not going to work' tangent. Once you both agree that this is not happening, then you'll move on with the literal breakup.

Nobody's happy about it, but the healing will begin the minute you both recognize that things have to end. From sadness, you'll go through healing, and then you'll find your way back to bliss. Life is hard, and we all know that love certainly isn't the easiest of paths, but it was worth knowing the person you were involved with, even if it just goes into the book of experience.

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