3 Zodiac Signs See Big Improvements In Their Relationships Starting On March 30

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zodiac signs luckiest in love on march 30, 2024

The luck we experienced on Saturday, comes from much effort. For those of us who have experience with love, romance, and the upkeep of a romantic relationship, we know all too well that there's no success without great effort.

It would be nice to think that once we fall in love, it's just Easy Street from here on in, but it's not. It takes practice, patience and understanding. That understanding includes learning about ourselves, as well.

What's going on in the sky on this day? Well, we have the transit, Sun trine Moon square Mars, and this is basically the Ganesh of the Astrology Set. What does that even mean? Well, Ganesh is the Hindu god of removing (and placing) obstacles. 



When we have the placement of Sun trine Moon square Mars, we have a series of cosmic events that literally show us that we have issues that we have to get over. Plus, we have the built-in positive factor that comes along with the Sun when it is in a trine position. So, this day brings great joy and relief to three zodiac signs, mainly because we know how hard it was to get here. Now that we finally see a clearing up ahead, we're practically running towards it.

This effort not only shows us that we can do it, but it also allows our partners to witness what we're like in action when we want to do a good thing, like save the relationship and treasure every moment of it. These three zodiac signs will feel very, very secure on this day, during Sun trine Moon square Mars.

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The three zodiac signs who see relationships improve starting on March 30, 2024:

1. Gemini / Gemini Rising

All the lessons of a lifetime come to you on this day, March 30. if anyone knows how to learn a lesson and apply its wisdom at the right time, it's you, Gemini. What this life has taught you so far is that if you get a good thing, then hold on to it. The whole idea of 'if you love someone, set them free...' is a zero-sum game to you. Why on earth would anyone set the one you love free? For you, it's time to buckle down on keeping that person close to you, and that's how Sun trine Moon square Mars affects you.

What brings the luck to the love on this day, for you, is the whole idea that you've realized what you have, and you are, by no means, going to let it go. This doesn't mean you've got this deathtrap on your partner, but it does imply that you cherish this person enough to do the right thing and be the right person for them. You want to prove to them that choosing you was, indeed, the best thing they could do.

You feel great love during the Sun trine Moon square Mars, and so much of the intensity of that feeling comes from knowing the opposite. You know what it's like to be alone and lonely, and you don't want to repeat that experience ever again. While you're OK on your own, in comparison to what you have now, you'll choose what you have now. On this day, you'll let your partner know that you are here, signed, sealed, and delivered.

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2. Leo / Leo Rising

You come into a relationship with two things on your mind. You want to know that it's going to last and that it's going to be good. Simple and to the point, but the reality behind that wish means there will be work involved, and that's not always your thing. That is until you recognize how important it is if 'success' is what you're after. So, on March 30, while the transit of Sun trine Moon square Mars is in the sky, you'll count your lucky stars and embrace the idea of romantic effort.

What you aren't expecting is for it to catch on like a wildfire of positive energy. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, Leo, and you are all about creating situations that blow other people's minds. You'll definitely be showing your partner something new on this day, and that's what they want: to be emotionally stirred by you. You've always been the one who brings the chills and thrills, and now that you know you really must continue to do so, you take the job willingly as you see the good that comes of it.

What makes this day feel so special and filled with luck is all about how the two of you end up working together to fulfill your destiny as lovers. This relationship will grow and grow, and as the years go by, you'll be able to label it as a true success. You'll feel very happy that days like this one exist simply because they remind you of how lucky you really are right now, in this very moment.

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3. Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

You could easily hold on to a grudge and never let up if you wanted to, Sagittarius. On this day, you're going to see that once you let go, the world opens up for you. And, where your love life is concerned, the idea of letting go of that one nagging issue that came up between you and your partner so long ago seems to be the right move. Once you let it happen, you end up freeing yourself up to greater love and better understanding.

What you've got on your side is the transit, Sun trine Moon square Mars. This is pretty obvious in meaning, as it shows you that you have a choice. Do you want to be happy and live in the sunshine, or do you want to stick with the past, where hostility, anger and revenge play a major role? Being a Sagittarius, you may be tempted to stick with anger and revenge. You won't be able to deny the power of the Sun, and you will end up relieving yourself of the burden of a grudge.

This day brings you great luck because you are open to the idea of change and release. The past no longer works for you in any way, so why try to employ it endlessly? You are smart enough to know that if all it takes is to let go, then why not just ... let go! This is where you take yourself on this day, to freedom. Now, you can fully love the person you are with without the shackles of an old mindset. That's more than luck; that's self-love right there.

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