3 Zodiac Signs Feel Incredibly Adventurous On March 22, 2024

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zodiac signs who feel adventurous on march 22, 2024

It shouldn't be too surprising to think that with Spring having arrived, we're all thinking about what we'd like to do next. It may be what we expect of ourselves and what our friends expect of us, as well. There's a reality to the beginning of the Spring season, and so much of it has to do with the thought of 'What's my plan for the season?'

This Friday, March 22, we will see that three zodiac signs will take this idea very seriously. In fact, if you are one of these signs, you may even find yourself planning out the days. We feel adventurous and willing. We still remember being shut in during the pandemic, and we wish to make the best of our free time now. The universe is working with us on this day by giving us Mars in Pisces, which inspires our adventurous spirit.



Whether we're going out alone to climb that mountain or we're sitting across a table with our romantic partner, one thing is for sure: that spark of curiosity will be with us, we'll notice it, and we'll act on it. This is the day we wish to try something new, go somewhere we've never been, and maybe even eat something we've never tasted before. What's on the menu? Adventure!

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The three zodiac signs feel adventurous on March 22, 2024:

1. Virgo 

With Mars in Pisces on March 22, you'll be feeling mighty willing to go out and do that 'thing' you've had on your mind for what feels like years now. Whether it's simply joining up with friends for karaoke later on this evening or talking to a lost friend on the phone to make plans to meet up later this year, one thing stands true: it's happening. You're not lingering anymore. You are up, on your feet, and ready to think about the future.

You're feeling adventurous and perhaps even a little daring. As a Virgo, your version of adventure may not be exactly what another person's is, but you know what you want, and that's for sure. It's the transit of Mars in Pisces that has you wanting to get out of your mind and make those thoughts a reality. You may not always be the 'get up and go' person. This Friday, you most certainly are.

This is where everything has the potential for a big change in your life, Virgo. You feel a little braver than usual, and you want to take advantage of the feeling before you 'back down. You know you might if you don't have carpe diem, as they say. And so, this day has you moving and grooving right into an adventure that you will remember for all your days to come. Get on it. Let's do this thing!

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2. Scorpio 

Adventure might be your middle name, but that could make for an awkward-sounding moniker. Still, that doesn't really stop you in real life, Scorpio, as you really and truly love the idea of risking your life to have fun. While you absolutely won't be doing anything as rash this time around, you will find that during Mars in Pisces on March 22, you'll certainly be tempted to.

So, first come the warnings: Don't do anything rash. OK, now that that's been said. Have a ball, Scorpio. You may feel as though you've been sitting back for an eternity, just waiting for the right moment to do something super fun and slightly crazy. Well, March 22 makes you feel as though 'it's on!'

This Friday, during Mars in Pisces, you'll want to get up and get out there, and you'll want it to last. This day has you making plans, checking things out, enlisting friends to have fun with, and making sure that all of it spells 'adventure.' You aren't going to be satisfied with any old outing. You want to know that you've got something incredible to look forward to, and this is the day you prepare the way.

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3. Sagittarius 

Whether it's a spontaneous move on your part or something you've planned for years, you'll see that during Mars in Pisces on Friday, March 22. It's gone time, and you are going to get yourself involved in something that takes money, time, and nerve. Most of all, it's nerve. You want an adventure, and when you figure out what that will be, the people in your life will no doubt gawk at your confidence.

You've got that 'one life to live' attitude, and you don't want to spend the entirety of it working or sitting at home binging TV. Not that there's anything wrong with that, oh no! But still, an offer is going to be presented to you on this day, and you are going to jump on it. Don't be shocked if, by the end of the day, you've just booked a flight to Lisbon, Tokyo, or Nigeria. Whatever it is ... you're going.

What makes you happy about this day is that you really don't think twice about setting up an adventure. You don't want to lose your nerves, and you feel as though the best adventures are those that are made in haste. You are all for the planning, and the order that the first impulse must be what you act on, and that's how it goes for you on March 22, during Mars in Pisces.

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