3 Zodiac Signs Feel Mentally Stronger On March 21, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Feel Mentally Stronger On March 21, 2024

Here we are on Thursday, March 21, 2024, and not only do we feel mentally stronger than we have in months. We feel as though the things that once 'got to us' no longer hold us, which is a huge revelation to happen if we're open enough to take the hint.

This is a great day for three zodiac signs, most especially because this is the day we know that we are much greater than any adversity that may come our way.

In other words, on Thursday, we will overcome something big, and it will mean the world to us that we took on that strength and did the right thing by ourselves. This day brings us Moon trine Mercury, and while ordinarily, this is a fairly helpful transit for three zodiac signs, this aspect will show us that we are indeed the superpower that saves our lives.

It's on Thursday that we 'get it.' What we backed away from for so long suddenly seems like 'no big deal' to us now, and that is because we have a new perspective. Once we see it this way, we don't see it any other way. And the way we see it is as if 'it's' something we can overcome.

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We are no longer frightened by this 'thing' that has stood in our way. We no longer perceive the 'threat' as threatening. Take that, fears!

Three zodiac signs feel mentally stronger on March 21, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Obstacles? Gimme a break! That's your attitude on Thursday, March 21, as you are starting to see a pattern forming here, and the gist of the message is that no matter what the obstacle is, you tend to overcome it each and every time. Whoa. So that's how it is with you, Aries? You're one of those people who beat the odds every time, aren't you? Yes, you are. And during Moon trine Mercury, you do it with finesse.

If there's a tight spot that you've gotten yourself into, it will be on this day that you make your way out of it. The Moon trine Mercury works well on a personality such as yours, and you'll find that if words make up your superpower, then words will be the very thing that helps you rid yourself of the obstacles and adversities of the day. You aren't taking 'no' for an answer. You will do what is necessary to clear the path, and you will do it well. As you always do.

You like to see adversity as an opportunity to learn how the other half lives. You have long ago let go of the idea that everyone needs to agree with you; however, you are still curious as to why they disagree and what makes that interesting to you. During Moon trine Mercury, your mind goes to decipher people's feelings, and on this day, you'll get into the meat and potatoes of figuring out other people with respect.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

This is where the wisdom kicks in for you, Virgo, as Moon trine Mercury is the transit of the day, and on Thursday, March 21, you'll be able to tap into that wisdom as you come across a situation that could potentially bring you all the way down. Maybe a younger version of you might have collapsed under the pressure that this kind of day might bring, but not you. This is the day you rise and meet this challenge because you are more robust, wiser, and less serious about it all.

And that's the key to all of it, Virgo. Being less serious, taking it all less seriously. Sure, there's a time and a place to take things very seriously, but not on Thursday. You see what's going on, and yes, you need to pay attention. To get upset or go down with the ship over something that is not that important would be a waste of your very, very precious time. And that's how you see things now: precious.

When you see life as precious, you don't want to waste it on things that feel like time wasters, and that's how the Moon trine Mercury alerts you to what is a time waster and what's worth pouring your attention into. This day lets you release yourself from the adversity that wants to take over and make itself important. Because you are you, Virgo, you will not be taken by this foolishness—not you, not anymore.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Moon trine Mercury comes in and immediately presents you with a situation that may have you busting out in laughter, as it is so nonsensical and unnecessary that you wonder why people spend so much time getting into things that have little to no importance. In your case, an argument 'online' takes place, and it's as if all parties involved are begging you to get involved. Your feeling on Thursday is, 'Yeah right, like I want to walk into that lion's den. No way.'

By the time the Moon trine Mercury comes by, you've already transformed yourself into a new person, and you are not going backward for nothing. You've just done a whole lot of personal work and learned so many lessons, the big one being not wasting time on worthless things. And an online argument is definitely worthless to you.

This day is one you can know with all of your heart as one who tries to bother you. In the long run, it does not succeed. Adversity knocks — and you let them know, 'Next window, please.' You aren't in the mood to get involved in something that is only noisy and dramatic. Maybe when you were a kid, but things have changed, and during the Moon trine Mercury, you're not going backward. Not you, Sagittarius.

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