3 Zodiac Signs Make Life Better For Themselves On March 19, 2024

Photo: Anes-design, Jupiter Images, pexels from pixabay | canva Pro
Anes-design, Jupiter Images, pexels from pixabay | canva Pro

With a Leo Moon above, we'll find strength we didn't know we had, and our confidence levels will soar. That Moon works well when the Sun is just about ready to enter Aries. Between the two transits of a Leo Moon and an Aries Sun, let's say life is about to get much better, and all because we decide that this is the direction we wish to take.

During the Leo Moon, we feel as though we've got it all. What makes this particular day, March 19, feel so special is that, for three zodiac signs, the desire to take all we've got and make it even better is going to be what drives us to excellence. We want the best, and we intend to make it a reality. This is very possible during an astrological transit such as the Leo Moon.

Considering that the Sun trines the Moon as well, we get that added bit of superpower, which translates as focus, determination, belief in the power of good, and a 'no turning back' attitude. Three zodiac signs will show themselves and the world on this day that life can be made even better than it already is just by fine-tuning our attitudes toward the positive. Positive energy rules on this day, March 19, 2024.



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Three zodiac signs make life better for themselves on March 19, 2024:

1. Scorpio 

As it goes with resolutions, most people tend to make them at the end of the year in the hope that the new year will live up to those expectations. And, as it goes, so many of us put that 'starting date' off until later in the year. For you, the official 'start' is around now. On March 19, you'll find that you are 'officially' inspired. That is because, during the Leo Moon, you can't help but feel like getting up and going.

You see that there's no time like the present. While that attitude can work any time, you really feel as though March is the month when things start to take shape for you. You have to go at your own pace, as you are used to creating excellence. That kind of excellence doesn't happen unless it's controlled and organized. This is the day you accept that it's time to put your all into whatever you want to accomplish.

During the Leo Moon, it's easy for you to believe in yourself and any project or relationship you might be involved in. You want only the best right now. Your intention is to make life better for yourself, not worse. In order to do this, you must dedicate yourself to action, not just thought. This day gives you the 'get up and go' power that you've needed to make your dream a reality. 

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2. Sagittarius 

Through trial and error, you have been working on what exactly makes your life a better place to be. Now that you've tried so many things, you're about ready to hone them down into a tiny package of activities. What this means is that you have enough energy to accomplish many great things. Still, not enough energy to do it 'all' and this is a major breakthrough for you, Sagittarius because you've finally found out what you like doing and what will make you happiest.

During the Leo Moon, you are one hundred percent energized. You feel ready to pace yourself and create the best life you can possibly imagine. You know what makes you happiest, and you know how much energy you can spare to make this happen. You aren't running yourself ragged anymore, but you are most definitely not 'sitting this one out.'

On March 19, during the Leo Moon, you will see that you are now 'balanced.' You feel strength and acknowledge your weaknesses. You know where to put your energy and how to avoid energy drains. This day shows you that you've been on the right track all along. Even when you overextended yourself, you did the right thing because that's how you learned your limits.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What you're going to do to make your life better on March 19, during the Leo Moon, is you will make a list of what you can do while forfeiting the idea of what you cannot do. You have always been a big dreamer. So often, you've found yourself disappointed because so many of your big dreams cannot be made manifest, as they are, quite simply ... impossible.

That's where things change on this day. Here, you have a reality check. Because the Leo Moon gives you that rush of power, you want to use the power for something that CAN work, as opposed to wasting it on a dream that you know, in your heart, will never come through. Well, that's fine and dandy, Aquarius, as you are never without a dream and always have things that you CAN do. This day marks the starting point.

It's on this day that you take yourself seriously, or at least seriously enough to go for it. Working on what is possible, but with fervor and joy, makes your life better. Getting involved makes you feel alive. Being a part of the process brings out your best qualities. Above all, letting those creative juices flow makes you feel as though you were born to be here. All of this makes your life better, and you are dedicated to keeping the positive energy alive.

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