3 Zodiac Signs Conquer Their Problems On March 16, 2024

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zodiac signs who conquer their problems

On Saturday, we are no longer fearful of what we discover if we dare to face our problems, beginning with asking the hard questions.

We aren't afraid of the answer we're going to get. While we might have shied away from knowing and accepting the truth in the past, we are now ready for what comes our way because the reality is that we want to heal.

So, to conquer these lifelong problems, we can brace ourselves for whatever the solution may be.



During the transit of the Gemini Moon trine Mars, three zodiac signs will see that staying stuck is the lesser choice, even if wiggling free seems too much work. We take that step on Saturday because we feel strong, directed, and brave.

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Gemini tugs at our hearts and keeps us stuck in the past simply because we've been too afraid to confront something that will finally allow us to let go of it.

However, with all that intense Mars energy influencing the picture, we will do what is necessary to live as free people.

Gemini Moon trine Mars is the transit that shows us, point blank, that we can conquer our problems and move on towards a happy, healthy life.

Three zodiac signs conquer their problems on March 16, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

While you aren't exactly someone who finds problems to be insurmountable, you aren't fond of the idea that there's always something that needs attention.

On this day, March 16, you'll come to admit that this one issue really needs your attention now. If you don't tend to it, then you'll end up with more of the same problem, which is totally NOT the point. And so, this day gets a helper in the form of Gemini Moon trine Mars, which shows you that all problems are solvable in the known universe.

While your problems aren't as big as 'all that,' you do realize that you have the strength and the clarity of mind to go for it and tackle the beast that seems to be at the center of everything you do.

What Gemini Moon trine Mars allows you to do, Taurus, is see it — and slay it. This is big for you, as you have pushed this responsibility away for too long. Now, it's here, and it needs to be dealt with.

And so you will systematically get to the bottom of this problem, and you will do so in a way that makes sure it doesn't become a recurring issue. You are forceful and determined, as this is so much a part of your Taurus nature, and you will not look back.

This is the day you tackle that beast once and for all. Whether it is a bad habit, an unpaid bill, or a lack of communication in a relationship, this is the day you handle it, Taurus. You go!

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You are a master of finding solutions, and you don't sit still until you've figured out what will work, as you cannot tolerate something being broken for too long. And you'll find that if it's broken, you are here to fix it.

Thanks to Gemini Moon trine Mars, you'll be all the more confident about getting your hands dirty and doing the job that nobody else can do: fix the problem.

What you don't want is for something to stand in your way. If this means you have to look at something that you've tried to ignore, then it's time to refocus on just getting it out of the way.

The last thing in the world that you want is to hold up the process. If it means that you are now face to face with your problem, then conquer it. You shall, on this day, during Gemini Moon trine Mars.

In a way, this day is not all that unusual for you, Gemini, as you are a natural problem solver. So even if something comes up on this day as nearly impossible, then you will do your Gemini best and whip it.

This is your field, your expertise, so it makes sense that if anyone's going to conquer their problems on this day, it would, of course, end up being you. Carry on.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

One thing you might consider a problem is the way you hold back your feelings when it comes to your love relationship. While this could be a show of discretion, it might also become something that represses you. You'll see that maybe this really isn't the way you wish to proceed. You want to be clear of conscience and at ease within the relationship, but right now, you are far from it.

So much so that you'd consider this lack of communication to be a real problem for you; during this day's transit of the Gemini Moon trine Mars, you'll want to head it off at the pass. You are starting to feel as though you owe this to yourself. Once that sets in, you'll grow in strength and nerve. Before long, all your communication breakdown issues will be solved.

It's all about you saying what's on your mind, then feeling at ease with the power that is being given to you via the transit of Gemini Moon trine Mars. This is power and direction in one cosmic event. If you really want to break free of this problem, then you know it's up to you to make it happen. You'll be fine, and you'll see that you made a bigger deal about it than was necessary. Everything works out if you give it your all. You will, so no worries, Scorpio.

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