3 Zodiac Signs Protect Their Hearts On March 16, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Protect Their Hearts In Love On March 16, 2024

Starting March 16, three zodiac signs have decided to reserve their time, energy and love for people who they know will respect and honor them in healthy way. Some people may consider their reservedness selfish, but others consider this smart — a form of self-preservation.

We are taught that withholding in love is a bad thing. This generally implies that we're grabbing too much for ourselves. However, there are times when we 'need' to be careful with our feelings.

But, being reserved can be a good thing when it's about protecting ourselves, especially our hearts. 

In love and romance, we often forget that we 'need' a little selfishness in there just to ensure we are protected.

So, during the transit of the Moon trine Mars, we will see that what works for us on Saturday lies in the power to withhold. We've noticed a pattern in our love relationships, and we feel the need to rectify that pattern before it solidifies.

So, while we love the person we are with, we see that they are perhaps taking a little too much for granted. We know that if we want to keep things happy and light, we have to 'stop the press' before it goes too far.

We have to be a little selfish and give a little less. That doesn't mean withdrawing our love. It does mean that if we wish not to be taken advantage of, even in our love lives, we can protect ourselves by showing that we are strong enough to withhold.

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Moon trine Mars is fierce, and so are the three zodiac signs that wish to steer the relationship in a healthier direction.

Three zodiac signs who protect their hearts on March 16, 2024:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

What you've come to know is that you aren't here to be anybody's 'other half.' You love the idea of being a couple, and relationships are part of your life. You believe in love and romance, yet you aren't fond of the idea that you lose your identity sometimes. 

This Saturday, you might just end up saying something about it. This isn't about having an issue with your partner. This is about having an issue with being 'the other half' in a relationship.

So much of this kind of feeling comes up because of the transit Moon trine Mars, which pokes you around and makes you take notice of what's going on inside of you. You may come across as emotionally unavailable, or rather, you may think you are being stingy because you don't want to lose your entire identity to being 'one half' of a couple. You don't mean to hurt your partner with your reasoning, and you'll find out that they respect you for it.

The 'selfishness' you experience this weekend is more along the lines of simply not wanting to become less than you are, as you feel that being in a relationship has taken away some of your individuality. As you think about it, you will come to realize that you're the one in charge of that. So it's up to you to retain the individuality you need, and you'll find that this is very easy to do once noticed.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

So much of what makes up the relationship you're in right now is about give and take, and there are days when you feel as though you give too much. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, as your partner is very generous with their love and emotion. Yet, you still feel drained and perhaps need a vacation from love altogether.

This weekend, thoughts will arise that have you wondering if you should say something. You don't really want to run away from the relationship. You also know that everything will go back to normal if you only say a few things to your partner, knowing it might take them aback. What you feel is needed is the drawing of boundaries. If you can make this known, then you'll feel a whole lot better.

What holds you back is the sense that if you ask for personal space, your partner might think you are being selfish. That's the last thing you want to be accused of. However, this 'need for space' isn't so much selfish as it is self-preservation.

We all need our space now and then, and we have to give our partners the credit for handling it. And your partner, Libra, is very much on your side, so don't fear asking for space. It's not selfish.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You might feel reluctant when it comes to love. You aren't about to forfeit something that means a lot to you, and that would be your independence, Aquarius. You are, by nature, very independent and solitary. While you absolutely adore being social, being with people, and being in love and a relationship, you are still true to yourself. During a transit like the Moon trine Mars, you are all the more self-respecting.

What you believe might come off as distant is merely you being you without holding back. What you are trying to show people, specifically your romantic partner, is that if they want to love you, then they need to respect you as you are, which is a person who needs and requires space and the respect of boundaries.

They won't think you are overly cautioius if you present yourself this way right from the start. They'll have the choice as to whether they want to engage with you or not.

And being that it seems they wish to be with you, then your needs will not come as a shock to them. During Moon trine Mars this Saturday, you'll feel as though you are pushing the envelope by asking for more space for yourself. 

This is who you are, Aquarius. By being true to yourself, you are able to be the best person you can be for someone else. So, you're not really self-centered or overly cautious; you're real.

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