5 Fundamental Steps To Solving Absolutely Any Problem In Life

Control your emotions to help you solve your problems, big and small.

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We're faced with obstacles every day, from simple issues like, "How do I finish my tasks on time?" to more long-term problems like, "How do I get promoted?"

Can you learn how to solve problems — any problem — in life?

Whether the problem is small or large, you can start looking at it differently. Think of issues as the static noise between radio channels when there's no sound clarity.

The moment the channel is switched to a frequency set to play your favorite music, the tone changes from the static to the desired melody. It's akin to the feeling of finding the solution.


Just like the radio channels, the frequency of problems is different from the spectrum. What truly determines this frequency is your emotional state of mind.

That jarring static noise at an unprogrammed channel is like the confusion in your mind.

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Certain emotions encourage the problem and others enable solutions.

This emotional energy of your thoughts can be in your control if you choose for it to be and there are two ways to do it.

You can tune into positive emotions by thinking of something completely unrelated to the problem, but that which relaxes you, and brings you a certain calmness, peace, or happiness.


The bolder way to do it is to face the negative emotion head-on. To agree to feel your way through it and emerge into the higher frequencies, which are more positive in nature.

An excellent way to understand this is by using "The Mood Elevator," as described by Larry Senn, in his book by the same name.

Your emotions go from a lower vibration of depression to the highest frequency of gratitude.

Don't you come up with answers in the shower or on a walk? Then, you're willing to relax into a higher frequency of emotion.

While we all do this to some extent, imagine the power of choosing to do this consciously and making it your problem-solving technique. It's the go-to technique for visionaries with large daunting vision.


Take these 5 fundamental steps to solve problems in life when you're feeling stuck.

1. Acknowledge the issue.

Find yourself stuck in a problem? Acknowledge it.

Be grateful for what it will teach you. Decide not to go down the spiral of frustration.

Choose to take a deep breath.

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2. Feel your feelings.

You could choose one of two approaches.

The first option is to think of something that makes you happy — playing with your dog or watching a silly movie, for instance, to feel at peace and motivated.

Alternatively, allow yourself to feel the pain of not being able to solve a problem. Notice where you're feeling it in your body.


What does that feeling need you to know? How old is the feeling?

3. Figure out what you need.

Ask yourself, "What are the three things I need to get the solution?"

4. Think of potential solutions.

Identify the first small step you will take in the direction of the solution fulfilling any of those three needs.

How will you hold yourself accountable to follow through with it?


5. Celebrate.

How will you celebrate the successful execution of the solution?

Although it may not seem like it, problems arise because they want you to acknowledge some emotion within you.

The better you get at understanding that, the faster you will be able to cruise through all challenges, big or small.

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Bhavna Dalal is a master certified executive coach MCC ICF, speaker, and author of "Checkmate Office Politics" who helps people develop their leadership skills, such as executive presence, strategic thinking, influencing, and networking. To learn more about her work, visit her website or follow her on LinkedIn.