How The Sun, Moon & Venus Affect The Weekly Horoscopes For March 11 - 17

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How This Week's Astrology May Effects Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscopes Starting March 11, 2024

Welcome to the weekly horoscope reading for March 11 - 17, 2024. Each zodiac sign will receive its reading based on what's going on in the cosmic universe. The transits and celestial bodies will help us surmise a few things — some we can take very seriously, and others will be left to personal interpretation.

This week seems to be very geared up for professional life. While love and romance will be covered, where applicable, we can see by the look of the transit lineup that works and issues having to do with work and advancement are very much the topics of discussion during this week for many of us.

We start the week off with Venus in Pisces, which grounds us in love so that we know that whatever direction we head off into, we have love as a foundation from which to work.

We're looking at how the transits of Moon harmonizing with Mars, Moon square Pluto, Moon square Mars, a Gemini Moon harmonizing with Neptune, Sun conjunct Neptune, and a Waxing Crescent in Gemini help or hinder our week. We are strong, prepared, and ready to do what is right. Let's begin.

How this week's astrology may effect each zodiac sign's horoscopes starting March 11, 2024:

Aries / Aries Rising

It's all about the money for you this week, Aries, and that's a perfectly good thing. You are someone who believes that money is not the root of all evil, as that kind of thinking belongs to someone who might have ulterior motives should they be rich.

You, on the other hand, have fantastic plans, and if you can raise the money to make some of those plans into reality, then you know there's nothing ulterior or evil about them.

This week shows you that the power of your positive thoughts is enough to drum up enough universal support that you might even shock yourself as to how good you are at this. You are truly a magician during this week, Aries, as you are able to convince others to help you. It becomes quite obvious to all those in your circle that you are definitely on to something special and perhaps even lucrative.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 12, 14, 16. Great days are easily accessed as you find yourself working well with the transits of a Waxing crescent in Aries, Moon harmonizing with Mars, Moon square Mars, and Moon trine Mars.

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Taurus / Taurus Rising

If there's one thing you really 'get' this week, Taurus, it's the idea that you don't want to work a job that keeps you in check for the rest of your life. What makes this such a productive week isn't so much about what you do during the week but what you plan on doing in the weeks to come in terms of business and creating abundance.

You see it all so clearly now. Being that your personal life is doing rather well, you don't have that to worry about, so you can concentrate all of your most positive energy on what exactly you wish to do with your life so that you can live the life of someone who loves what they do and never has to think of what they do as 'their job.' You are on a clear path toward recognizing both your work and your particular kind of skill.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 12, 15, 17. An easy-going week is in store as these transits pave the way to knowledge and accessibility at work and home. Look for the advantage during Venus in Pisces, when the Moon harmonizes with Venus, the Moon squares Venus, and the Moon trine Venus.

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Gemini / Gemini Rising

If there's one thing you feel you can handle during this week, it's the idea that a certain message gets through to you and you take it the right way. This implies that there is a wrong way to handle a difficult situation. Because the planets are lined up just right for you, you're able to avoid getting yourself entangled in a quarrel that is definitely going nowhere.

This kind of event sets up the week for you and has you dodging arguments left and right, which leads you to believe that you have some control over your own life. By avoiding unnecessary conflict, as you will be doing this week, you are able to find that place of peace that allows you to think, prepare, and craft out a plan for success in the near future.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 14, 16, 17. This week, better days are possible thanks to the presence of a Gemini Moon, a Moon trine Mars, and a Moon trine Venus.

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Cancer / Cancer Rising

Here, you have a week when you fully come to terms with the idea that something didn't go as expected. Because you are in good luck this week, you'll see that you can turn a situation around so that everyone benefits from your intelligent move. You are one step ahead of them all, Cancer, and you are truly the person who learns quickly from any mistake that is made, whether by you or by someone else.

Every day of this week holds a lesson in store for you, and you are all too happy to see what comes next as you've started to feel confident enough to know that you can handle just about anything. This week is all about self-esteem and being able to use it under duress. You are one to show great leadership qualities, and you will set an example of power in teamwork during this week.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 14, 17. You are surrounded by love and security, but your best professional days will come to you with the support of transits Sun harmonizing with https://www.yourtango.com/zodiac/cancer-moon-signthe Moon in Cancer.

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Leo / Leo Rising

You turn to smart choices this week, and you're able to be both a guide to others and a trusted friend. What helps you personally is your ability to look back over your own experience and judge from what you've learned so that the moves you'll be making this week won't be out of ignorance. You are smart enough to pull back when necessary, and this will be enormously helpful in business.

While you aren't altogether sure of the success you're going for, you aren't undermining it either, as you are not even slightly entertaining the idea of failure. You aren't arrogant to think your success is a 'shoe,' but that ability to let go is exactly what launches you into a state of glorious accomplishment. Business and work-related issues have been resolved this week, and that gives you great relief.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 14, 17. This week brings you highly successful moves during the transits of the Waxing crescent in Aries, Sun harmonizing with the Moon, and Sun conjunct Neptune.

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Virgo / Virgo Rising

You have felt as though you've needed a good, solid break for a long while, and luckily enough, this week gives you exactly what you need. You've worked hard, so hard that you don't know day from night any longer, or so it sure does feel that way sometimes. The fortunate part about this week is that not only is your work recognized as brilliant, but you are also able to take time off to recuperate from a job well done.

This week has you feeling an enormous amount of gratitude towards the people who are always there for you, whether they are coworkers or friends. Knowing you can rely on them brings you joy, and it's in this revelation that you find true power. You take the time needed to rest and relax, which gives you new energy to carry on as planned.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 12, 15, and 17. You'll harness the powers of these transits for ultimate power and decision-making during Venus in Pisces, the Moon harmonizing with Venus, the Moon square Venus, and the Moon trine Venus.

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Libra / Libra Rising

Work, work, work is the name of the game. While you once felt angry at the idea that this is so much of a human being's life, this week shows you that you can actually get lost in your work if you like it enough. Fortunately, you'll see that the work you happen to do is so engaging and interesting that you, too, will lose yourself in it.

What you might not realize is happening during this time is that while you're lost in your work, someone is noticing how dedicated and trustworthy you are and how you are irreplaceable when it comes to this particular kind of skill. You are very much appreciated this week, and you'll hear all sorts of praise when your name is mentioned among coworkers and friends alike.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 12, 15, 16. An interesting lineup of helpful transits comes to you as Venus in Pisces, Moon harmonizing with Venus, Moon square Venus, and Moon trine Mars.

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Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

The days of sitting around and dreaming of better days are officially over, Scorpio. This week shows you that it's now or never, and fortunately, you are smart enough and brave enough to take the universe up on its challenge. This is the week you show yourself that life is short but oh so exciting if only you pick yourself up and get on with the living.

This not only comes naturally to you, but it becomes an inspiration. In other words, you are your inspiration during this week, Scorpio, and you're able to parlay this inspiring energy into the very thing you've wanted to do for so long. This takes the form of good, hard work that gratifies you and has you feeling 'right' about doing what you do. This week brings you immense joy and success.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 12, 15. Your optimum transits will be helpful guides to you this week, Scorpio, namely Moon square Pluto and Moon trine Pluto.

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Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

You'll see that this is the week where 'suddenly, all the pieces seem to fit into place.' Oh yes, it's true, and you know it. You might even be shocked at how everything suddenly makes crystal clear sense, and why shouldn't it? You've most certainly done the work to get yourself here. While you may have taken a humble stance, figuring that eventually, things will work out, you are more than happy to welcome what feels like true success.

This is nearly a spiritual experience for you, Sagittarius, as you feel this week is trying to show you that you, too, are capable of greatness and that success is not something that only other people are privy to. You are a competitor and a winner. From this week forward, you will have more confidence in your ability to be happy than ever before.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 11, 13, 16. Best days for luck, love, and professional success happen during the transits of the Waxing crescent in Aries, Moon conjunct Jupiter, and Moon trine Mars.

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Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

Love and friendship are what floats your boat this week, Capricorn, which, in a way, is ironic, as almost every zodiac sign here this week will be so wildly concentrated on the very thing that you are good at work. Alas, you, too, need your playtime, and this week shows you that you are just as successful at showing love and receiving adoration as you are at getting the job done.

What you may experience this week is bonding with another person. While it is more than likely your romantic partner, this kind of sweet moment is very much available to the idea of platonic friendship as well. You feel so good about this one other person, and you are grateful that they are in your life. They, too, feel the same kind of mutual appreciation, and your time spent together will be carefree and filled with good vibes.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 13, 15. Your best moves will be made during the transits of the Moon harmonizing with Saturn and the Moon square Saturn.

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Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

While you may find that the beginning of the week has you feeling as though you can't move forward as freely as you'd like, you'll spend much of that time analyzing why you feel this way. That will lead not only to answers but also to the freedom that will allow you to use the rest of the week to your advantage. This week has its challenges, but it's also got its tangible solutions.

You enjoy figuring things out. This week, you have the time to work something very important out, which will grant you access to a whole new world of possibility. What's going on for you, Aquarius, is that positive opportunity is getting ready to knock hard on your door, and you want to be ready, willing, and able to accept what comes your way.

Dates and transits to keep in mind: March 14, 15, 17. This week has you feeling the positive energy that comes along with the transits of Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon trine Pluto, and Moon trine Venus.

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Pisces / Pisces Rising

This week shows you that you are able to put your foot down when necessary. In doing so, you're able to establish yourself as an authority figure to those in your life who have to realize that you are worthy of the respect you command. You are an expert in your field, Pisces, and while you're also a very soft-hearted, sensitive person, you have to, at times, let people know who's running this ship.

What you'll take away from this week is the idea that you can be both bold and brave while being compassionate and caring. This is mastery, Pisces, and it elevates you to a new place in your life where you can act as both student and teacher. Life is continuously showing you positive signs, and you're now able to accept the multitudinous examples of self-confidence and friendly ability.

Keep in mind the following dates and transits: March 14 and 17. Your biggest and most influential transits are the Sun conjunct Neptune, the Moon square Neptune, and the Moon harmonizing with Neptune.

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