Relationships Improve Drastically For 5 Zodiac Signs Throughout The Rest Of April 2024

Hope often returns when all else is lost.

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"Hope rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams." - S.A. Sachs. At any given time, you are always in process. So far in April we have experienced the two-week rabbit hole of time between eclipses and the start of Mercury Retrograde in Aries. You have likely spent the past week giving yourself time to observe, feel, and, most importantly, be able to know the truth that is truly written in your heart when it comes to your relationships. 


The energy carrying over from March has still very much be felt throughout April. The first eclipse in this new season occurred on March 25, opening up the portal between eclipses, which is known to carry wild card energy. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries peaks on April 8, a particularly intense event as it is a total solar eclipse with much of North America being able to view it. Although eclipses are powerful catalysts of change in your life at any time, this one will be felt even more so in the fire sign of Aries.  

The energy of the eclipse portal may have felt even more muddy or complex this year, as Mercury stationed retrograde on April 1. Mercury retrograde is a time to reflect on past events and choices. Of course, it can also signify an ex returning into your life. Be mindful of what arises, especially what has happened so far in the first week of April, as it will help you identify your focus for not just the rest of the month but also the majority of 2024.  




As the month progresses and you have time to sort out whatever Eclipse Season deposited onto your doorstep, the energy begins to shift more into Taurus, with the Sun and Venus helping to soften romantic affairs. Although Mercury will be retrograde all month before stationing direct on April 29, the journey will be positively impactful as long as you align yourself toward being reflective and taking your time in making decisions. Of course, not being afraid to take a leap of faith will help you feel a surge of hope within your romantic life will help you to understand that timing really is everything.  

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Horoscopes For The 5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve In April 2024 

1. Libra  

There is a great benefit to your relationship in April, but you'll have to give it all the time to understand and see what that is fully. The energy of Aries Season is one that naturally draws your focus toward your romantic life as this fire sign represents your house of relationships. Still, this year, there is a total Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde occurring here as well. Solar Eclipses are known for creating powerful moments of change in your external life, thinking of a sudden meeting with an important person, a crucial moment in your existing relationship, or, finally, seeing the truth of a connection. Mercury is retrograde, clouding your judgment and putting you into a place of reflection instead of moving ahead.  


While the Solar Eclipse will be of great benefit to your relationship and help you see whatever you are meant to, with Mercury Retrograde in Aries most of the month, you are being urged to hold off on making any big decisions until it stations direct on April 29. Those relationships that decide to move in, break up, or get married during a Mercury Retrograde will historically not last. Take this time to feel what is coming up and make sure that you're also keeping your growth and healing focus. With the Nodes of Fate in Aries and Libra all year, any romantic developments will be the direct result of your inner work. So this month, it's enough to journal, to remain aware, and to continually check in with your higher self over what resonates. When it's right, there's no reason to rush, so use this time to your advantage.  

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2. Sagittarius  

There's been great talk of the romantic commitment coming your way in 2024. in April, you may just finally see what the stars have been conspiring to create. Aries energy rules your house of marriage and children. With the North Node here all year, it's likely that this will become a strong focus for you, bringing positive developments. There's a wrench thrown in this month as Mercury stationed retrograde in Aries on April 1, which means as much as you may be driven to decide about your relationship, you may be better off waiting until later in the year. It doesn't mean this won't be a beneficial time, but only that you may need to wrap up some loose ends before finally moving forward.  



Solar Eclipses bring about dramatic changes within your external life, whereas Lunar Eclipses provide more room for emotional epiphanies and growth. In this space, the Aries Solar Eclipse may bring back themes from the Aries Eclipse on April 20, 2023. Mercury retrograde would support this, as it may be of more benefit to return to these themes to ensure you have made the decisions that truly honor your heart. No new action has been supported during this time. Still, suppose it's rekindling the flame with an ex or healing a particularly challenging time in a current relationship. In that case, it's the perfect time to see an old situation with a new perspective. Don't feel like you must rush anything. Instead, take your time, practice the new communication skills you've been working on, and give yourself time to feel confident in this new chapter of your romantic life.  


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3. Scorpio  

The cosmos has an especially heartfelt message for you in April that begins with you focusing on yourself, which includes all aspects of your well-being, before preparing you for new romantic growth. Aries energy governs your sector of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being —  but it also fuels your sense of determination. In this space, the Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde will help you reflect on past events and choices and see how you can become that version of yourself you've been dreaming of. This creates a powerful surge in energy, helping you see precisely what you need to do to move forward —  which will come at the perfect time as the Taurus energy starts to bring up new growth. 

The Sun will be the first to shift into Taurus on April 19, followed by Venus, the planet of love, just a few days later. Sun and Venus in your house of love bring a wonderful opportunity to take what you've learned at the beginning of the month so you can create a healthier, more dynamic romantic relationship. Around the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio, you may find yourself thinking of heading in a new direction or smiling as you think of a new romantic prospect. Everything will begin to turn around for you. In many ways, the energy during Taurus Season will make it feel like the new year you envisioned is finally starting to happen. Just remember that putting yourself first will be necessary so that you can attract a partner who will do the same.  

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4. Capricorn  

Just because everything may not go according to plan doesn't mean that it's all not happening for your higher good. There is a wonderful opportunity for you this month, not only to find deeper healing but also to start making some important headway on the relationship, life — and family you want to create. With all that Aries energy swirling around, you will see a strong focus on themes surrounding home, family, healing, children and your childhood. The part of your chart that Aries rules over is the roots of your life, so you may be dealing with some surprising events. At the same time, you're feeling incredibly hopeful about the new opportunities that surround you.  



The Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in Aries will work together in many ways for you, helping you to understand events and situations in your life more deeply so that you are making the choices that are meant for you. This may end up in some pivotal moments of healing or reconnecting with a family member. Once this healing truly begins to happen, it then opens an entirely new way of functioning within your life, which creates opportunities within your relationship and home. Love is profoundly serious and committed this month, helping you to understand your needs more deeply and showing you that you've never had to be perfect to deserve love. You just must finally understand you have always been worthy. 

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5. Pisces  

You might feel April is all about finances and your career, but there are also some hidden gems in store for you. Aries energy does govern your financial sector. It also boosts your self-worth. In contrast, the Taurus energy at the end of the month helps you focus on communication and expressing your needs honestly. As you are feeling better about yourself and able to communicate more effectively, asteroid Juno will station direct in Virgo, ruler of your romantic sector. Juno governs themes surrounding marriage and the agreements made within a relationship. Since January 12, Juno has been retrograde within your house of relationships, making you more cautious than normal about what you agree or commit to — and giving you a more pessimistic view of love, something that is not your usual norm.  

Once Juno stations direct on April 21, though, something magical begins to form in your life, as Venus and the Sun are in Taurus. You might have been trying to really take things slow or be incredibly cautious in a relationship. While it was valuable, you weren't really honoring your heart and instead letting fears control the choices you make. Virgo tends to analyze over or figure everything out, but part of who you are and how you love is just inexplicable. As Juno stations direct and you are also being encouraged to voice more of your feelings and desires, you will be able to make incredible progress in your romantic relationship. Use this time to take a leap of faith and open up to your partner. Remember that as much as you need to take your head with your heart, it doesn't mean love needs to be any less magical.  

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