3 Zodiac Signs Find Self-Love On March 3, 2024

We are especially attractive when we are feeling natural, real, and down to earth.

3 Zodiac Signs Find Self-Love On March 3, 2024 Albina Gavrilovic from Getty Images | Canva Pro

What comes up for many people on March 3, 2024, is the idea that we are here to accept ourselves in the packages we come in. That 'if they don't like us, then they don't have to look.' We may take on a slightly arrogant kind of self-protective vibe on this day. Something interesting is going to happen because of this attitude. We're going to come across as irresistibly attractive.

Perhaps there really is something to playing hard to get, in the way of not wanting to play into someone else's expectation of how we are to look or act.


We are tired of trying to be someone else for the sake of making life more convenient for another person. We believe they should love us for who we are and not for who they want us to be, as that would only make us great pretenders.



we will take that chance and confront the world 'as is.' If we are rejected, then it's no biggie. The whole point is to be accepted as we are and not as 'they' want us to be.


Because it's a Uranus transit, we will be surprised by the results. Our bravery will show us that being ourselves, 'as is,' is not only the right way to go but the route that proves to those around us that we are, indeed, especially attractive when we are feeling natural, real and down to earth.

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Three zodiac signs find self-love on March 3, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

It's not as if you don't try your best to come across as super beautiful if given a chance. In fact, you like it when your partner compliments you on your looks. What's fun is that you really don't have to do much to get those compliments. If flattery is your thing, then being yourself 'as is' is what's going to do the trick for your romantic partner.


Sometimes, we feel as though we have to be more than we are. Sometimes, we actually like going through the moves that make us more than we are. We're not putting down the idea of self-improvement for you, Taurus, this day is more about being yourself and indulging in a little of that good ol' Taurus laziness. Oddly enough, this is what your partner loves most about you. They like it when you 'let your hair down.'

The great part about you, Taurus, is that you aren't going to doll up if you aren't in the mood to. the best part about it is that you usually end up looking fantastic when you're at your most 'bumpy.' You come across as especially attractive. That's more than likely because the last thing you're trying to do is 'doll up' for someone else.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


You have told yourself that if you do a certain 'this,' then you'll get a certain 'that' when it comes to dieting, exercise, clothes and appreciation. What you didn't expect was for this day to put you in the position of receiving so many compliments for simply being yourself. And here you are, trying so hard to lose weight or build muscle, thinking that that will get you the attention you need.

However, what you don't do is what gets you the attention. You really need to get used to the idea that you don't need to do much, Virgo. You have your fan club out there. they don't want you to change yourself, as they don't see a need for you to be much more than who you are 'as is.' You come off as especially attractive, and it shocks you.

What you can take away from this day is the knowledge that you don't have to change to please a world of onlookers. You are stunning in your natural way, and so much of this relies on your Virgo personality as well as your physicality. You glow from within, and this is a light that cannot be replicated or dimmed, so go with it. Enjoy the attention on this day, Virgo, as it is all positive and supportive.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You go through the world with a protective shield at hand just in case you don't see the response you'd like to see. Often, just like the rest of us humans, you'd like to know that you can wow the crowd with your looks alone. Well, as it goes with us humans, we get our good days and our not-so-good days. Oddly enough, what makes us especially attractive isn't always about our external appearance.

March 3 brings you the Moon in harmony with Venus square Uranus. This transit works to show you that what 'they' see is not what you think they see, nor is it what you think you are projecting. What the world sees of you on this day is elegance and beauty. You may not be aware of it, and that lack of awareness may be WHY they see you this way. You aren't self-conscious. You're just emitting these rays of Libra magnetism. Not a terrible thing to experience!


And, for you, Libra, to be attractive in the eyes of others is to know how to conduct yourself as well, as you are known for your ability to charm. So, do yourself a favor and enjoy this day and all the flattery that is, no doubt, coming your way. It's not empty flattery, Libra. Those who compliment you mean it. They are seriously impressed by you, and who would be!?

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