3 Zodiac Signs May Need To Make A Difficult Choice Before The Weekend

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3 Zodiac Signs Will Make A Difficult Choice Before The Weekend

Well, we win some, and we lose some. We live to tell cool stories that bring about sympathy and wonder. That's life, and we're busy living it for three zodiac signs. This week, February  26 - March 3, 2024, might prove to be one of those weeks when we gather enough material to write a short book on what went wrong. OK, it's a rough week for some of us, but we'll get over it — and we know it.

Right around now, we're in Pisces season, and that means everyone's on edge and feeling perhaps a little too overly sensitive. We may even recognize this in ourselves. It may also be too late as we tend to give in during this season, and throughout all of February  26 - March 3, 2024, we might not want to fight the machine. We surrender. Our hands are up!

This week, February  26 - March 3, 2024, brings us Mars square Jupiter, which is nobody's 'real' friend. Just as soon as we think it's safe to go back into the water, we've got Venus in harmony with the Nodes on March 1, immediately followed by Mercury square Lilith, which is almost a surefire promise that we'll be fighting with our romantic partners in ways that could be hurtful or damaging. But who are we? We're the ones who live to tell, so there's no worry in any of it. We'll live ... trust me.

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Here's which three zodiac signs will make a difficult choice before the weekend:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

One thing that really stands out for you during the week of February  26 - March 3, 2024, is that you can't help but go over the mistakes you've made that you know have led you to the place where you're at right now. that place feels raw, vulnerable and dark. There's a lot of Mars energy following you. While that makes you feel certain that you'll be able to get over the hard parts, you may find that you grow increasingly angry at yourself for doing whatever it was that you did.

This will affect your love life, and you may see a few unwanted things come to light during the week of February  26 - March 3, 2024. While no major eruptions are heading your way, there may be a few harsh words spoken between you and the person who is supposed to be loving you. You might be shocked at how dark they can go.

What makes the entire week feel so overbearing and hard in the transit of Mars square Jupiter and because of this transit, you may find that it's hard to just snap out of it, especially when you recognize that you're making way too big a deal out of it. So, for example, an argument between you and your romantic partner may take a full week to blow through when both of you know it could have been concluded within a few hours if you both weren't feeling so hostile.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

In an attempt to find yourself and your independence and authenticity during the week of February  26 - March 3, 2024, you will end up doing something that you feel is the right thing to do, while it ends up hurting someone else very badly. You believe in yourself. You want to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and because there's someone who opposes you, you don't try to work with them. You merely bulldoze right over them, and you end up placing them in jeopardy.

You may find that this week, February  26 - March 3, 2024, brings out a very cold and unforgiving side to you, Cancer, which is in direct opposition to your usual compassionate style. What happens during this time is that you realize that you aren't as 'sweet-natured' as you'd like to have people believe you are. In fact, if push comes to shove, you're downright cutthroat.

This week may end up feeling rough for you because there's a good chance you will lose a friend. While you will still believe that whatever you did to lose this friend was the right thing to do, it won't sit well with you as you know you ended up really hurting their feelings. This week has you feeling both guilt and denial. Your denial will end up winning as you won't be taking this friendship back ever.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

February  26 - March 3, 2024, brings you a truth that you aren't ready to handle. That is that you are attached to a person who isn't always there for you. While you like to think that you are wild, free, independent, and in need of no other person, you will see that during the week of February  26 - March 3, 2024, you are very much kidding yourself. There is someone you need, and when you are not with them, you feel as though your heart is broken.

And, as life has it, you cannot be with this person 24-7, as they have a life too, and they need their space. While you are accepting of this fact, there's a part of you that can't live unless you know they are 'coming back' to you. So you may find that several days of this very week, you walk around in a zombie state. You are waiting for them to return and are mindless until it finally happens.

This week comes with Lilith and Node energy, and between the two vibrational paths, you will see that you are way more vulnerable than you even admit to yourself. You crave being thought of as this superhuman mega-power. The truth that you discover about yourself during this week, February  26 - March 3, 2024, is that you are heartbroken without the constant presence of a certain special person in your life.

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