Weekly Love Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign Bring New Relationship Energy February 5 - 11

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Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Love Horoscope For February 5 - 11, 2024

Your weekly love horoscope for all zodiac signs is here, providing your astrology forecast for February 5 - 11, 2024. Let the winds of change move over you like a reminder from the divine that everything is happening precisely as it is meant to be.

Return to your inner knowing by placing your hands on your heart and trusting that you are here in this moment for a reason. No recent challenges, heartbreak or love that appears to have been lost can take you away from what is meant for you – and what has always been.  

February 5 - 11, 2024, brings in a great deal of energy, not only as Mercury enters Aquarius and the New Moon and Lunar New Year occur within this air sign but also because the asteroids are quite active this week.

With so much energy changing in the cosmos, you might feel that this is a very active week for you. Even if it feels as if it's more in the planning or preparation phase, internally, there may be feelings of restlessness as you know that a moment is approaching in which you will be called upon to make a decision or take action as you consciously choose to leave the past behind you and move into your beautiful new future.  

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As you venture deeper into the light of rebirth during Aquarius Season, it's important to remember that unlike the New Year, which occurs on January 1, the Lunar New Year is part of the natural world and is so deeply connected to your emotional self.

This isn't just the turning of a calendar page, but of your higher self, knowing that it's time for change, for growth, and to leave behind what you've outgrown.

Use this energy to embrace the new beginning that you have been waiting for, trusting that your inner truth won't just guide the way but will also always lead to the love you've spent a lifetime dreaming of.  

Important dates for love the week of February 5 - 11, 2024 

Monday, February 5 

Mercury enters Aquarius and inspires you to focus on your inner truth. Mercury in Aquarius can help you tune into your true feelings and desires, apart from what seems possible or from what others expect of you. This brings the ability to truly see and honor what you need from a relationship and who your heart is leading you toward.

The energy of Mercury in Aquarius is amplified as Sun and Pluto are currently moving through this air sign as well, which means you can expect to make great progress in your romantic relationship during this period. If you are listening to your heart and willing to do whatever it takes, then love and desire will be yours.  

Asteroid Pallas, ruler of wisdom, shifts into Sagittarius, too, bringing in a new energy of truth. Pallas helps you to understand, to come to a greater state of knowledge, and to fight for what it is you want.

Yet Sagittarius, the seeker of truth, also helps you remember that while you have the conscious choice to follow your heart or not, your mind can never overrule what you already feel. Let yourself be pulled by your desires, by what is impossible, as you return to the knowingness that you are meant for a great love. 

Wednesday, February 7  

There is a fortunate alignment between Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus that can bring in a desire to create something unique and special. Traditionally known as a quintile, this aspect brings about a unique relationship that is focused more on developing a unique relationship by first honoring the individuality of everyone.

You will already be infused with the desire for truth and fulfillment, so as Saturn forms a quintile to Uranus, it may be just what you need to know that you are fully supported in creating the relationship of your dreams, regardless of if it looks like what anyone else has.  

Asteroid Ceres will enter Capricorn, an unusually active week for the major asteroids, bringing in the structure and responsibility that you need to fulfill your romantic destiny.

Ceres governs over your inner feminine and the ability to nurture and care for yourself, those you love, and your romantic partner. But in Capricorn, it also is directed toward achieving success through practical acts of love and focusing on how not just to wish for the relationship you want but to do whatever it takes to create it.  

Thursday, February 8 

Asteroid Vesta will station direct in Gemini and help infuse your heart with a desire for reconnection. Vesta rules your internal fire, representing not only your deepest wants but also your inner self. In Gemini, you are encouraged to reconnect to what and who you are most interested in through different and original methods.

This will encourage deep conversations and loving outside the box, enabling you to show up as more of your authentic self and enjoy the truest meaning of love.  

Friday, February 9 

The New Moon in Aquarius rises on the tenth and brings about not only a beautiful new beginning but also the Lunar New Year, which is celebrated on the tenth.

A New Moon is all about setting intentions for what you hope to create within the six-month lunar cycle leading up to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 19, 2024. Aquarius is the rule breaker, the one that propels you toward generational healing and helps you step into your most authentic self.

Use this New Moon to set an intention for what you hope will grow in your romantic life, knowing that you may also have to take a unique path of healing to achieve it. But this is also a magical time because it represents another opportunity for a New Year, so if January hasn't lived up to your expectations, then use this time to create the new beginning that you have been searching for. 

You can use the New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar New Year to perform a ritual for new beginnings in love. Begin by anointing a red candle with ylang-ylang essential oil and placing it in a shallow dish of salt for protection. Scatter rosemary, rose petals, and cinnamon around the base of the candle to promote healing, love, and desire.

Once you're ready, you can light your candle and speak your intention aloud to the universe as you honor the air element of Aquarius. Let the candle fully burn out, and either bury the melted wax in your garden or place it somewhere private until your intention has manifested.  

Each zodiac sign's weekly love horoscope for February 5 - 11, 2024:


Best Love Day: Wednesday, February 7, Saturn aligns with Uranus, helping you honor your inner desires 

There is an interesting mix of romantic energy coming in as Saturn in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus, highlighting your belief that you're worthy of all you dream of. This is the pinnacle of a bigger journey for you in which you allow yourself to move away from situations that feel depleting or taxing to your soul and toward what resonates more deeply. There may not be a logical reason for why you feel the way you do, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it.  

Use this time to validate your inner self in what you feel and what you want. In terms of relationships, whatever you allow is what you will receive. So, if you want your partner to show up differently for you, to change the agreements of the relationship or pursue things with another, then you must believe that you deserve the love you really want — and not the one you merely settle for.  

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Best Love Day: Monday, February 5, Pallas in Sagittarius bringing in desire and transformation 

Asteroid Pallas shifts into Sagittarius and lights up possibilities of desire and transformation in your romantic life. Pallas governs your wisdom, the desire for knowledge, and your inner motivation. Sagittarius focuses more on making the necessary changes in your life and fostering a deeper sense of intimacy with your partner. Whether you're looking to reconnect in an existing relationship or attract a new connection, this energy can help you bring about the relationship that you genuinely are looking for.  

It's okay at times to get carried away by what you feel. To take risks, to put it all on the line for what you really want and desire. Often, the changes necessary in romance will always come with a risk or the feeling that you might be losing your mind to fulfill your destiny. But trust in this process. Let yourself be pulled by what and who you can't stop thinking about because it's all part of you finally creating a fulfilling relationship.  

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Best Love Day: Monday, February 5, Pallas in Sagittarius, infusing your relationship with greater connection 

There is so much positive energy surrounding you right now in your romantic life that it may feel that there isn't one specific aspect to focus on. But in all the busyness of life, you must also understand that it's all positive. There are new opportunities, greater excitement, connection, and adventure. But within all of that is the realization that it truly all comes down to who you share your life with.  

Asteroid Pallas moves into Sagittarius and activates your sector of relationships with a desire for greater connection. By honoring this need, you can embrace all the positive energy in your life and take your relationship to the next level. Explore new places together, take a yoga course, and let yourself fully commit to the person that you can now see has always been by your side.  

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, February 7, Ceres in Capricorn creates more love and quality time in your relationship 

Everything in life is already improving, even if it's happening slowly. But as Ceres shifts into Capricorn, activating your house of love, you can start directing more of your energy toward what and who is investing in you. Capricorn rules over your romantic relationships, and with Pluto just having left this earth sign at the end of January, it's an area of your life that has gone through a complete overhaul. Now, though, as Ceres enters Capricorn, it's less about lessons and challenges and more about loving yourself in all the ways you desire because that sets the tone for every other relationship in your life. 

Let yourself believe in love again, tune into what you need, and, if you're single, pledge to date yourself for a bit. Give yourself the special moments you seek, and then be open to love wherever it may bloom. This means letting yourself say yes to someone who isn't traditionally your type or giving a second chance. But most of all, by believing in love once again, you'll also be better able to spot it when it finally arrives.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, February 9, Aquarius New Moon bringing a beautiful new romantic beginning  

Aquarius is the zodiac sign governing your house of love and relationships. This area is also one that is just beginning a new era, as Pluto recently moved into this air sign.

With Pluto, Sun, Mercury, and the New Moon rising in your house of love, trust that you also will have a grand opportunity for a beautiful new beginning. A new beginning in love could be with someone new or in an existing relationship. But it marks a time of renewed trust, dedication, and the courage to give love another chance.  

Let yourself answer the call to start something new during this New Moon in Aquarius. Try to reflect on what the purpose of everything you've experienced in recent months has been, and look for where you are being offered a chance to start something new.

You may have a chance to meet with a new love interest during this time or finally see your current partner in a new light. Just remember that while you will be offered a new beginning by the universe, it is up to you to take it.  

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Best Love Day: Wednesday, February 7, Saturn aligns with Uranus, creating new horizons in love 

Saturn has been in Pisces since 2023, which has been bringing amazing and dramatic changes to your romantic life. Whether you've begun a new committed relationship or taken the next step in your connection, it's about focusing on seriously setting up your romantic life.

But during the week of February 5, as Saturn in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus, you may seek to add a new element to your relationship.  

If you are still single, you've been through it, so you may end up meeting someone new around this time that will prove to be a lasting connection. But if you're already in a committed relationship or married, then you may be seeking new experiences to bring into your union. Look at travel opportunities or new and exciting date night ideas to add fresh energy to your life. The point is to let your love life ascend to new heights, with the best part being you get to decide what that means for you.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, February 9, Aquarius New Moon creates opportunities for deeper commitment  

Aquarius energy governs the area of your life that rules commitment, marriage, joy, happiness and pleasure. This energy can also bring in themes of children, whether you've been thinking of starting a family or wanting to enjoy being the cool aunt. This can help you return to the childlike joy of experiencing life in a new way. With the Aquarius New Moon occurring on Friday, February 9, you will see a new beginning in this area of your life, and while it may differ in how it arrives, trust that it will be exactly what it is you need. 

In relationships, things tend to shift in the most unexpected of ways, which means this new beginning may not be one you planned for or thought was possible. With Pluto, Sun, and Mercury here, there is focused energy helping this New Moon bring about positive changes and important conversations.

Remember, you are in a transition phase, so make sure to speak on what you want rather than trying to continue any patterns from the past. And most importantly, don't let any fear get in the way of saying yes to what your heart really wants.  

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Best Love Day: Friday, February 9, Aquarius New Moon highlights themes of freedom and fresh starts 

Aquarius energy will really take center stage in the coming years as Pluto has recently shifted into this air sign. In 2024, Pluto will cross over the zero degree of Aquarius twice, giving you more power to create your new beginning, which is all about freedom and fresh starts.

Whether you are happily in love or still searching for the one, you will be moving through a transition phase in which you change how you approach all relationships, and because of that, you seek to instill more freedom in your life than you ever have had before. 

Freedom may not always be spoken about in terms of love, but the best relationships don't only help you to be more yourself but also infuse your life with the feeling that you can do anything. Something is shifting around this New Moon in Aquarius, where you will have an opportunity to start a new chapter of your life.

If you're still searching for love, you may have a chance to travel or relocate, which would put you in the place to meet the love of your life. Don't say no to anything too quickly, and remember you are always aligned with your soul path, but sometimes you may need to move or travel to step into your romantic fate.  

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Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Vesta in Gemini helps you to honor your inner desires 

Usually, as a Sagittarius, you are always tuned into your inner desires and what you really want from a relationship. But your focus has been elsewhere recently as you've been exploring your dreams and how to approach life from a more mature and healthier perspective. This means that you may have put your desires aside while you tried to do what you thought was right. But now, it's time to get back to not just your inner desires but also your inner truth.  

Asteroid Vesta will station direct in Gemini, bringing up themes in your romantic relationship. This energy helps you to reconnect with your partner, especially through deep conversations, though you may also want to start mixing things up a bit. Vesta connects back to your inner fire and desire. 

In Gemini, it will be all about those you have for your partner or a relationship in general. Open up and talk with your partner, share your inner desires, and don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new with your partner. Sharing new experiences with your partner can help you develop the deep level of intimacy that you need from a romantic relationship.  

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Best Love Day: Monday, February 5, Mercury in Aquarius brings about important conversations about self-worth 

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Aquarius at the start of the week and helps you to focus on important conversations in your relationship. Aquarius rules over themes of self-worth and honoring what and who is of the highest value in your life, and with Mercury here, you can approach some hard topics or set a new standard for how you want to be loved.  

There is nothing wrong with asking for the world in your romantic relationship, especially because that is usually what you bring to it as well. It's okay to have new needs or to call your partner out if things have been off lately.

If you're just beginning a new connection, remember that you set the tone for how it will progress. By embracing the energy of Mercury in Aquarius, you can not only clear the air but also begin to grow your relationship in a completely new direction.  

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Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Vesta in Gemini creates a desire for greater joy and connection 

It's okay to prioritize joy in your life and relationship. As necessary as transparency and open communication are of value to a long-term relationship, sometimes, you must make a conscious decision to return to joy.

By honoring this need and desire for happiness in your life, you can begin to choose what adds to this, as well as making sure that you and your partner aren't letting anything else become more important than the time you spend together.  

Asteroid Vesta shifts into Gemini and encourages you to prioritize joy and connection in your romantic relationship. This doesn't mean you necessarily have to keep things light, but only that you need to remember what makes you feel the most loved and joyful.

There will always be important issues to discuss, but that's exactly why you can focus on ensuring you're laughing, smiling, and enjoying the most of each moment together. Don't be afraid to shut off your phones or take off for a few days because love is meant to make life better.  

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Best Love Day: Thursday, February 8, Vesta in Gemini encourages you to tune into what you really want from love 

There will be a new expansiveness to your romantic life this year once Jupiter shifts into Gemini on May 25. Until then, though, Vesta in Gemini is going to help you understand what it is you really want and make sure that you're honoring your inner truth along the way.

Astrology always works like stepping stones to a bigger picture, and so while Jupiter represents that grand outcome of change, Vesta is a major step along the way to help you make the most of it.  

Asteroid Vesta will shift into Gemini the week of February 5 and help you focus on what you want from a long-term relationship — even if, at this moment, you are still single. You may question whether you want a traditional or untraditional union, whether you want to live together full-time or relocate altogether.

All these questions will surface with Vesta in Gemini so that you can honor your inner truth and ensure each decision you make will bring you closer to what you've always needed from a romantic partner.  

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