How To Manifest What Your Zodiac Sign Needs This Holiday Weekend By Journaling

This is not a general plan for a planner. This is your life!

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Here's what your zodiac sign can manifest using a journal over the weekend. It's the holiday so if you celebrate during this time of year, use those emotions to super charge your intention setting.

Let's take a page of the modernized blueprint of manifestation and answer the question posed by Nevill Goddard, "How did I get so rich?" How did you get so rich? Whether you define wealth as financial, social or spiritual, what steps did you take that got you from point A to point B?


Alternatively, when you go on your own very special episode of Oprah, she asks what is the secret. You will have it right in your back pocket because you wrote it yourself. 

Before the weekend is over, write in your journal: (insert dream career/role/position), I ate xxx, I wrote xxx, and I answered an email about xxx. How does your future look for you? Write down what you want to manifest 


Starting December 22, Moon Trine Mercury gives us a much-needed pick-me-up. We are doing All the things and enjoying ourselves while doing them.  The Moon in Gemini, on December 24, continues to aid to our mental quickness and we want to have good core experiences that will make our year. This is definitely not the weekend to be idle!

Amidst all this action, December 23 involves us Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun. No biggie, just slow things down to speed them back up again. Write your to-dos and then the reasons why you will do them. It's not just what you want to do but How. How do you want to live?

Here's what each zodiac sign can manifest using a journal over the holiday weekend:


Journal Prompt to manifest your imagination: What type of people exist in your dream world?

The greatest gift we have as humans is our ability to reflect, have consciousness and conjure up dream worlds of past, present,and future. It's easy to forget this in the natural hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. But tune in to your inner knowing sometimes to listen to what it wants. It actually has a lot to say.


It's often that we think about the day where we live or what we do in our created reality but the people in it are just as important. Are supportive, creative people there? Or maybe it's no-nonsense intellects that help mentor you and support your growth? What does your dream tribe look like and do? Think wide and vast about this. There are no limits.

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Journal Prompt to manifest a strong tribe: Who are your allies?

There is a bit of trouble at home, which makes your manifestation reading all the more important. It is old, undealt with issues that have returned, and you won't like it. The caveat is that this time, you're able to view these problems in a different light, giving them a new solution.


Hint: it's the people, places, and things that have been there for you when the chips were down. 

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Journal Prompt to manifest healing powers: How can I be a safe space for others?

Take notice of your relationships, especially on 22. A lot of opportunities will likely surround you to "do good.". Though it can be counter-intuitive, the best way to feel better about ourselves is to do as much good for others as possible.

Think widely on this one. What causes always make you perk up? When in a group and people are gossiping, who do you speak up for? This is your cause. You're strong enough to hold some of the weight on a specific marginalized group and will find such fulfillment, widening your reach to include them.


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Journal Prompt to manifest intuition: What is happening in your life right now that "just works?"

Listen to your intuition this weekend. You'll be flooded with ideas and downloads from the universe. Make sure to write them all down so you don't lose them. Other than that, stay focused on your health and career, as big rewards from this are right around the corner.

Hint: this probably goes way under your radar because when things go right, we tend not to notice. We notice when they go wrong easily, though.

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Journal Prompt to manifest psychic energy: When have you listened to your gut and predicted the future of something?

Leo, though from the outside you may not know it, you are actually an extremely intuitive sign. You're able to read subtext and actually 'read the room." Do you apply what you've read and make the necessary adjustments to put everyone at ease? Well, sometimes.

How can you continue to develop that skill?

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Journal Prompt to manifest self-acceptance: What parts of myself are "unacceptable?" How can I immediately make peace?

Retrograde will start in your romance sector and then move into your family sector on 23.


This will mostly mean that you are viewing interpersonal relationship problems differently. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, sometimes, this can also make the way you view yourself come into question. We are all our worst critics, of course.

The word unacceptable is referring to societal expectations and not how you feel about yourself. Funnily enough, just the fact that you exhibit a personality trait means, at minimum, thousands of other people do as well, so it's not really without acceptance.

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Journal Prompt to manifest clarity: What does the world want for you and your life? What do you actually want for yourself?


A lot of information is coming your way. It's too much for you to sort through right now. Just absorb and take notes. You will hear interesting things, be told wild things and just be surrounded by different levels of vibrations and awareness. Be still in this temporary storm.

Make two lists and see how they are similar and different.

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Journal Prompt to manifest alignment: What type of desired activities can you add to your current morning routine?

The ever-present problem with getting where we want to be is, you know... doing all the things to get there. We are nothing if we are not our habits. Habit stacking is the idea that we attach new habits to pre-existing ones. So brush your teeth, then do some pushups. Eat, then write your morning pages. 


Think about ones that you can easily attach to pre-existing ones, like picking out clothes to wear and then folding laundry, etc.

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Journal Prompt to manifest the middle path: How can you moderate some of the extremes in your life? How can you honor your needs AND your wants? How can you consider your fears AND find a way to move forward?

The middle path is defined in DBT (dialectical Behavior therapy) as a way to alter our behavior to be less extreme. It is a derivative of Buddhism, "the middle way," as the sensible way to approach life as moderately as possible. Slipping into extremes is easy for you but it isn't the healthiest option. There is no other way.


The answers will be very unique to you.

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Journal Prompt to manifest peace: If you were to follow your heart with your most recent dilemma, where might it lead you?


This is a week where you've got a lot on your mind. Two things are at war within you or in your external environment. Be creative in mind mapping. Think of all possibilities: the good, bad and neutral.

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Journal Prompt to manifest connectiveness: How can you bring more love into your family (friends, blood-related, etc)?

Your intuition is going to be strong this weekend, so don't ignore any hunches. The retrograde will be in your social sector in the New Year, which means you'll be able to view the people in your life differently and you should take note of what you learn about them.


Family is a physical embodiment of the source. How can we always connect to the source?

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Journal Prompt to manifest divine timing: What are you ready for right now? What are you not ready for yet?

Be prepared for people to misunderstand what you say because retrograde is in your public sector and though the thoughts make sense in your head, you will need to clarify more for your audience.

What can get you ready to manifest it?

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