How Venus, Neptune & The Moon Help To Improve Relationships For 4 Zodiac Signs All Week

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zodiac signs improve last quarter moon december 5, 2023

Let yourself believe in every dream you've ever had about love being possible. Let yourself honor the desires and dreams you have for relationships, knowing that by the sheer act of validating yourself, you are making progress toward what you most want.

You will always determine the love that you choose to accept, and starting December 5, you will choose to accept only the best, thanks to the Last Quarter Moon aligning with Neptune and Venus.

Venus begins the week on an impassioned note as it shifts into Scorpio and adds intensity, meaning and longing to your relationship. Venus in Scorpio wants to go deep, to explore the parts of yourself and your partner that can often remain hidden. During this time, you are looking to build a once-in-a-lifetime relationship.

Through vulnerability, courage to face one another's shadows, and trust, you will understand why everything had to happen in the way it did to reach this moment. Let yourself honor the value of love and consistent presence in your relationship as you allow yourself to remove the walls that have kept out the very thing you've always longed for.  

Neptune will also station direct in Pisces in the middle of the week on December 6 which allows for better connections and hope in the future. Neptune rules over faith, dreams and unconditional love, which can be affected while it's on its retrograde journey, yet as it stations direct, what once seemed challenging or hopeless is suddenly brought back to life with vibrancy and passion.

Venus in Scorpio and Neptune direct in Pisces will allow the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo to help you act and move forward in whatever direction your name is calling. In a square with the Sagittarius Sun, the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo helps you to honor the cycle of love and realize that the very clarity and understanding you've been searching for — you now have, and suddenly, you realize you also have the very love you've always hoped for.  

How relationships improve this week, thanks to the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo:

1. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

In order to truly enjoy all that is coming your way, you also must believe that the past has now been put to rest. For the last two years, you've had the eclipse cycle in your zodiac sign and Scorpio, which has led to a great deal of profound growth as well as major relationship changes. This has been the journey of discovering that you need passion as much as stability, and it's also what Venus in Scorpio is destined to bring into your relationship.  

Venus in Scorpio lights up your sector of romance and relationships as you are able to take much of what you've learned the past few years and put it into improving your romantic connection — or putting yourself in a space where you can attract a brand-new one.

Venus, the planet of love, becomes much more intense in Scorpio, not only discussing esoteric matters or speaking about your relationship in terms of lifetimes instead of years, but it also brings an increase in passion.  

Use this time to open your partner to new and exciting ways, plan a hefty dose of quality time, and let yourself branch away from the old way of relating so something new can be born. Venus in Scorpio can help you mend your relationship by allowing you to focus on what it is you truly desire.

You should never ever have to compromise on a healthy sense of stability, but that's also not all there is to love. By letting yourself be honest, trying new things, and truly honoring the desire you have for passion and depth, you will discover that once you open the door for that to be possible, you look at your relationship — and your partner — differently.  

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2. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

You are just beginning a two-year cycle that will be all about changing what is necessary so you can have a more authentic balance within your romantic relationship. An important part of that is also really understanding what it is you want from love.

To try or believe you can keep things the same and eventually, you'll find the happiness you seek is to block yourself from having the blessings you seek. You can change your relationship for the better or attract a completely different one, but to do either, you first must surrender to the process of change within your life.  

Venus, the planet of love, will shift into Scorpio, which is your sector of transformation. Not only does this area of your life rule change, but it also represents intimacy, life partners and settlements such as those from divorce or inheritance. Scorpio energy also truly is the energy of the phoenix, as it sends the message that you will be reborn from the ashes of what you choose to burn down; you just need to have faith that it is all happening as it's meant to.  

Regardless of how things play out, the best thing you can do to improve your romantic life is to surrender to the process of transformation that has already begun. Perhaps you have an idea of where it will all lead, or you are still uncertain. By continuing to try to control things, you are putting off the change that must happen to let things improve. As Venus shifts into Scorpio, focus on merely allowing things to happen as they naturally do because everything you desire from love is possible. Still, you need to let things happen and evolve naturally to discover where and with whom it will develop.  

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3. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

The past few months of your life have centered around creating an atmosphere of gratitude for having all the things you once only dreamed of. That may not have been the easiest, as Neptune has been retrograde in Pisces, your sector of relationships. During this time, you may have felt like you were having an extensional crisis regarding your relationship and whether it aligned with your truth or not. All that shifts, as Neptune stations direct the week of December 4, and you can start feeling good about your relationship once again.  

Neptune is the planet that governs unconditional love, hope, faith and the belief that the dreams you have can be brought to reality. In Pisces, it centers its energy on your romantic relationship and perspective on it. As Neptune stations direct, Venus will also be shifting into Scorpio, ruler of your communication sector, highlighting the need for some important conversations in your relationship.

Just because you talk about the challenges you've been through doesn't mean you're inviting problems into your relationship. Your partner needs to hear about all you're going through, not just the amazing moments and feelings but the struggles, adjustments or fears that have recently arisen.  

Use this time to focus on opening up to your partner more without worrying about how they will react or trying to control the outcome. This is a bit of those codependent tendencies, which can affect how open you are or how you say something. There is never a perfect way to honor your heart or create the connection you desire, but the main thing is allowing your partner into your inner world as you open up about everything you've been dealing with. This will enable Neptune direct in Pisces to help your relationship, and you will return to understanding why you fell in love with your partner.  

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4. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

There is a lot of exciting energy afoot in your life this week as Venus shifts into Scorpio, ruler of your house of luck, and Neptune stations direct in your sign of Pisces. The antidote to your romantic life lies within the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo, ruler of your romantic sector.

You have been moving through an enormous phase of growth the last few months, and because of that, you are also seeing your career and life path take off and open up in new and exciting ways. No matter what else has developed for you, love has always remained a fixed priority, and because of that, you may have some important decisions to make in this week.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo lights up your house of relationships. Yet, it is opposite the Sagittarius Sun in your career sector, prompting a decision or choice that you must make to align yourself with what you genuinely want from life. You should never feel like you must choose between romantic fulfillment and the success of your career, but you also shouldn't ever think the abundance in one area can make up for the lack in another. As Venus in Scorpio is prompting you to take your life in a new and expansive direction, it's important to honor that you are reaching a decisive moment within your relationship — or love life if you are single.  

Take time to journal about what you want from life, what you need from your partner and relationship, and then, of those, what is a negotiable versus a non-negotiable. This will help you understand more deeply the choice you must make because there's a difference between choosing career success over romantic fulfillment and choosing yourself.

After all, you're not being fully chosen by your partner. Reflect and give yourself time to focus on the decision you feel is in the best interest of your future. If you are contemplating sharing your feelings with a new partner or making the first move, it is highly encouraged during this time. It's all about trusting your heart and then allowing yourself to feel confident in whatever decision you make because you know you are honoring your inner truth.  

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