3 Zodiac Signs Feel Stuck In The Past On November 22, 2023

It's a lot harder to let go of the past than we thought it was.

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During the transit of Moon trine Mars, the past makes itself known in a very strong, undeniable way and for three zodiac signs, this may feel oppressive and annoying. We aren't afraid of the past; it's not like it's going to eat us up, but having it resurface during a time when we feel we should be upbeat and happy is just an unnecessary drag.

The three zodiac signs who are stuck in the past are Taurus, Gemini and Aquarius.

If there's one thing we're going to learn on this day, November 22, 2023, it's that it's a lot harder to let go of the past than we thought it was. Oh, how we've tried, especially during this holiday season.


We knew this was coming, though; we knew there would be a day or two where we just gave it all into thoughts of past relationships and the people who linger on as ghosts in our memories.

We want to be happy and we want to look forward to the future and to spend the NOW in peace, without being dragged into Memory Lane. On November 22, 2023, during the transit of Moon trine Mars, this event will be forceful enough to remind us a little too harshly that the past still exists ... somehow, and that we need to try even harder to reconcile with it.


Three zodiac signs feel stuck in the past on November 22, 2023:

1. Taurus, the past keeps showing up in your relationships.

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The past. Boy, oh boy, is that a drag. Your past has shown you that you have created certain patterns that continuously repeat themselves.

One such pattern shows up in how you pick romantic partners.


Sooner or later, the same schtick returns, and sooner or later, you end up ending the relationship, just as you did before. On November 22, 2023, you'll see that it's happening again. With Moon trine Mars backing this feeling up, you'll resent the entire thing.

This transit is particularly annoying in your case, Taurus, as that Mars addition really adds to your anger. Today, you will see that not only are you having to confront your past again and again, but you don't want to.

You are tired of your past; you want to let it go, but as Al Pacino said in The Godfather III, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!" This could be the beginning of a new start for you. However, if you really do feel you can't stand it any longer.


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Your past is one you'd like to go away. You're hoping to one day wake up and realize that your past is now in the cornfields, gone, removed, done. Today will have you realize that if you really want it gone, then it's up to you to say no to it and not repeat the patterns. Don't put yourself in the same position again and again if you don't want the same results to happen.

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2. Gemini, the past is a tool for you to use, which keeps you stuck.

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Once upon a time, someone told you that you can't continue to blame the people of your past for all of your present troubles. That was a long time ago, and here you are today, November 22, 2023, and guess what's happening? You're passing the buck on to someone else, making yourself believe that the reason you're having a hard time is because someone else made it so — someone from the past. You rarely take responsibility for what goes on in your life ... if it doesn't end up positively.

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During the transit of Moon trine Mars, you're going to take up that position again, of being the victim who can't move ahead because they were so hurt by someone who no longer exists in your life anymore. So, you are holding tight to an illusion and this illusion takes place in a distant past that has very little, if any, relevance to what's going on in your life today. You have created a scapegoat out of the past, and you use it generously.

You can't let go of the past because you've found a way to make it work for you. During Moon trine Mars, you'll see that you are the only one who doesn't see through this guise. Everyone knows what you are doing and you are not taking responsibility and blaming it all on that 'one person' who hurt you. Moon trine Mars has you seeing that you need to let go, but the question Is ... will you? Will you ever really let go, even when you know you have to?


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3. Aquarius, you're stuck in the past because it feels safe there.

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If you are this attached to the past, then there's a reason for it, and on November 22, 2023, during the transit of Moon trine Mars, you're going to find out that the reason you can't let go is because you are afraid of the now. The past held safety and security for you, and if you don't see yourself as the sum of all your past experiences, then you might have to create something new, and that's what scares you the most, Aquarius.


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You love the idea of novelty and momentum, but it's come to the point where that's more of a vicarious experience for you rather than an experience. There's a dangerous truth waiting for you to accept on this day. That's the one that shows you that the path holds nothing but excuses for you and that you need to let go so that you can bring newness into your life ... for real.



As a creative soul, you've learned to experience 'newness' in fantasy and creative writings or artwork, but in real life, you're not doing much more than going over the past and returning to it for the idea of safety. During Moon trine Mars, you will come face to face with the idea that the past is an illusion and that it no longer exists. Not to mention that the people of the past are no longer the same; you must move on, Aquarius. There's more to life than just dwelling on what once was.


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