A 3-Card Tarot Reading For Each Zodiac Sign For December 2023

Present, past and future predictions are here.

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Welcome to the tarot reading for December of 2023 for all zodiac signs in astrology. The pressure is on, and being that we're just about to end another year, we want to know what's going on during this month and how we can end this year on a high note.

December came on quickly, didn't it? And once again, we're saying that famous line, the one we say every year around this time: Is it December already?


Yes, it is, and during this reading, we will pick three cards for each zodiac sign and these cards will represent past, present and future while tying it all together (with a nice, festive bow on top ... hopefully.)

We'll be taking a look at key words to help us understand how we got to the place and what we might want to concentrate on for the days ahead.


If we receive past, present or future tarot cards that look foreboding, do not worry; there is a good side to every card and we will see into it to find what is good.

Certain tarot cards are there specifically to 'scare' us, but that doesn't mean they are scary. We are here to open to the lessons of the cards for one reason alone: to make our lives better and to find ways to see the positive. 

Tarot horoscope for December 2023 for all zodiac signs in astrology:


(March 21 - April 19)

Past: Four of Cups, reversed

You've spent an awful amount of time taking care of others and while this has always been very important to you, you've come to a place in your life where you can no longer worry about the welfare of others. While you will always care, you know that you have to start worrying more about your lot in life, as you feel you've given more than your share to the other people in your life.


Present: Knight of Swords, reversed

You may not know exactly how to achieve what you want to make happen, but by hood or crook, you will do it. Your attitude is one of stoic defiance; you know what doesn't work in your life anymore, and you are finally ready to accept that there are different ways to make your dreams a reality. You are strong and a little selfish, but this is, right now, the only way you can be.

Future: Four of Swords, reversed

The future holds a way in store for you to find rest from worry. You feel as though you've given most of your life away to stress and simply being nervous. You will adopt a new spiritual style, one that leads you to a place where you know how to retreat when needed. Meditation and peace are in your future.


Keywords: adaptability, visionary, confidence

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(April 20 - May 20)

Past: Ace of Cups, reversed

You've known great happiness this year, and you are thankful for all you've received. December brought you much happiness and much delight, and you may spend a good deal of time reminiscing throughout the month. You know that things have changed and cannot go back to what they once were, but you think of those days fondly and with a heart full of good memories.

Present: Nine of Pentacles

Right now, everything is different, but it's all looking very good for you. You are no longer a slave to worry, as you might have been had you not figured out that, somehow, everything always works out in the long run. You believe in your ability to take care of yourself and make money to live on. Nothing threatens you, even though it does try.


Future: Eight of Cups

You stoically move into the future, feeling good about who you are. There's much to leave behind, but you are now a person who has been forged into acceptance; your situation has changed. You are no longer the person you were at the beginning of the year. December has you knowing that, yes, indeed, everything is definitely going to be alright.

Keywords: acceptance, optimism, experience.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Past: Two of Swords

A decision made in the recent past has you knowing that you made the right choice. While it's known far and wide that you are loathe to make serious decisions, you know that when pushed, you will act and act what you have done. What you're looking at now is how your past decisions have affected where you are in a good way. You did the right thing and now you have the proof you needed.


Present: Four of Pentacles, reversed

Right now, you are secure, though slightly worried about where all of this 'good decision-making' will lead you. You aren't falling apart over it, however, as you feel as though you've landed yourself in a fairly stable position this year. December feels iffy but iffy on the side of positivity. The glass is half full in your case. While it's not 'fully' full, you see that as possible in the near future.

Future: Six of Wands

Good news, Gemini! You are going to see great success in the coming year, as it seems that all of your amazing efforts are now about to pay off. You have much to look forward to and as this card promises, it's all going to feel and look like a victory march. You are appreciated and lauded for your work, and this inspires you to continue with it all.


Keywords: victory, effort, persistence.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Past: Two of Pentacles, reversed

Money choices lead you to a place where you seriously don't feel secure, and you are starting to wonder whether you are even capable of being as responsible with money as you need to be. The past is filled with self-doubt, and as you analyze your behavior, you will see that there are so many worthy lessons here to learn from. What didn't go right back then can be turned around for the future.

Present: The Moon, reversed

Typical of your zodiac sign, Cancer, this card is you all the way. In its reversed state, it symbolizes your present acknowledgment of your power, as well as how your self-doubt jeopardizes that power. In other words, you know you are strong and invincible; you also know that you are your biggest enemy when you start to overthink things. You're in a flux state; you can take this energy and make it into something great.


Future: The Hermit, reversed

December brings you the realization that your best decisions are the ones you make alone. The future has you trusting in yourself much more than you have in the past. What's known is this: Cancer: self-doubt is your downfall and self-esteem and belief are what will see you through to any success. Get out of your way so that you can shine again.

Keywords: self-sabotage, faith, doubt.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Past: Death, reversed

You made a big comeback this year, Leo, and as this card implies, you showed them all. What the past reveals is that you are capable of pulling yourself out of any troublesome condition and that life is more important to you than remaining stagnant. You've come a long way this year, and during December, you will be able to look back and see how well you've done.


Present: Six of Swords, reversed

Presently, you are still battling some old demons, which is fine because you're already so refined by emotional pain that you feel you can and will endure whatever is needed in order to get to the other side. Right now, you are caring for others as well and you need to stay in good shape mentally, emotionally and physically in order to do so.

Future: Three of Pentacles, reversed

The future has you thinking twice before making any important moves. You have learned from the past that impulsivity doesn't bring you the best results and that if you can remain patient and keen, you will be able to create for yourself the best circumstances possible. You know what you're doing, and you know that you won't be acting spontaneously.


Keywords: aforethought, meditation, discretion.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Past: The Lovers, reversed

December may have you in a tailspin when it comes to reflecting on your past loves, as you tend to romanticize the people who are no longer in your life. Some of them bring fond memories and others have turned into personal demons that you like to rag on when you're in a bad mood. You blame the bad ones and praise the good ones, and none of it really matters to you anyway. It's just a 'December' thing.


Present: Three of Wands

All you want right now is to know that you're in good standing with your home, your family and your finances. You do not wish to give another minute of your time to stress and all that financial insecurity has brought you. You see the month of December as 'just fine,' and while 'just fine' isn't 'fantastically wonderful,' you are happy to know that things are working well within the status quo.

Future: Five of Pentacles, reversed

The future has you working, and while work doesn't thrill you, knowing that you still have your job and that you'll still be pulling in a good, steady paycheck makes your entire life feel OK. You don't necessarily see yourself as a 'winner,' but at least you're not a loser in your own eyes. The future brings you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you'll be OK, no matter what.


Keywords: work, realism, balance.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Past: Ace of Swords, reversed

A very serious rejection shaped so much of what occurred this year, and it's sent you into a dark place where so much of your reaction is bitter and unaccepting. You have been mean to friends and family and you know it. It's all because you've been having such a hard time dealing with a particularly harsh truth ..., one that doesn't seem to be going away too soon.

Present: Knight of Wands

December has you not only accepting that things will never go back to the fantasy you had in mind but that if anyone is going to save your life, it's going to be you, Libra. This card is mighty and shows that you are not going to accept rejection as failure. Oh sure, you know you've been rejected, but so what? Life goes on and so do you. You are strong, proud, and feel much lighter than before.


Future: The Fool

What's good about you is that you are truly resilient. Yes, you have let certain things really weigh heavily on you, but this is a trait that you have left in the past. You may show yourself to be foolish in the minds of others, but what other people think will never again be a thing you care about. You are not responsible for how others feel about you. That's on them.

Keywords: willful ignorance, health, lovingkindness.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Past: The Devil, reversed

Your past efforts turned you into a person you don't like thinking of yourself as, as your true Scorpio nature really took over and nothing good came of those actions. You've hurt people and tempted them into thinking that you'd be there for them when, indeed, all you did was tease them and give them a false sense of security. You know what you did and you regret it. Still, you did what you did and that's that.


Present: Justice, reversed

If there were ever a month to 'repent,' then it would be December of 2023, as you have come full circle with what you've done in the past and you know you have to change your ways. Hurting people has only hurt you and you want no more pain in your life. You are resolved to change and it is in your nature to do so, so you see the next phase in your life as something you can accomplish.

Future: Eight of Wands

As for where you are going, you see that if you pour yourself into work, then you'll be able to refocus and restructure everything else in your life. The future has you avoiding relationships for a while so that you can concentrate on both yourself and what you want to do with your life. You know that you want to lead a good, healthy life, and that looks very doable for you, Scorpio.


Keywords: hope, wisdom, renewal.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Past: Temperance

You feel as though this year totally humbled you in so much as you started to realize that you aren't any more special than anyone else. While this might have felt like a blow to you, as you've always believed you were some kind of 'golden child,' you still retain the idea that there's something good to be learned during the act of being humble. Being equal to other human beings was a hard lesson to learn, but one you imbibed fully.

Present: Ten of Wands, reversed

Right now, it's all about doing what is needed in order to survive. This is a broad range and covers all bases, but the ones you are concentrating on most right now are health and finance. Love and romance are not your number one topics, and that's fine. You feel like you're on the verge of great success, but the entire kicker here is not to let yourself be distracted. That will be the hard part, as distraction is all around you in December.


Future: Seven of Wands

What you're looking at in the future is more of the same but better. What that implies and what this card represents is the state of energetic focus. You are not about to stop the effort that has brought you to this place in time. You did something good, and it's starting to show more than promise; you will see great success as you've put in enormous efforts to get here.

Keywords: success, decision, labor

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(December 22 - January 19)


Past: The Sun

Looking back on your year shows you that life has been pretty good to you. Even though you had your moments in the dark, what this year has given you is hope and a definite belief in your abilities to overcome and grow. You look back on this year with a melancholy sort of fondness as you feel it's all led to where you are, which is in a pretty good place.

Present: King of Pentacles 

In all honesty, you have a very good life, Capricorn, and that's because you've worked hard to get here. Yes, you've seen the ups and downs and your romantic life has come close to ending many times. Still, here you are, and your relationship is intact, and all you can feel during December of 2023 is gratitude. You made it through and you've ended up a person others can trust and place their faith in.


Future: Queen of Swords, reversed

What started so long ago will continue as you forge new paths ahead and continue with your desire to succeed in all you do. You really are a force of nature and even though you are not always understood or even liked, you make sure that whatever it is you do in this life, you don't consciously hurt anyone while doing it. Yes, you are strict and disciplined, but the future has you being perceived as a figure of love.

Keywords: original, authentic, fighter

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(January 20 - February 18)

Past: The Star

Most of this year has been spent with you being in love with someone who may not have loved you back. You planned to make them love you, and as it stands, you still aren't even sure if your plan is going to work. You have proven one thing to yourself, however, and that is that you are persistent and true to your beliefs. You tried, and you still haven't conceded to the idea that this might not work out in the long run.


Present: Two of Wands

You are extremely hesitant to accept this month as the moment you need to be living in, as the past still calls you. However, December brings you hope and a certain kind of self-acceptance that allows you to let perhaps go of that one person and move on, in spite of what you've always believed to be a different destiny that awaits you. You are in touch with the truth during December of 2023 and that truth tells you that you must move on.

Future: Five of Cups

You've lived well and now the future shows you that there's so much more for you to experience. That's the key word with this card: experience. You need this, you need more than what you've had and this is where your karma is leading you. If you thought you knew it all, then you are about to walk into a world of experience that will show you that life is all about the NOW and that the past is dead.


Keywords: revelation, acknowledgment, pursuit.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Past: Four of Wands, reversed

Melancholy and sadness are what you associate with the past. While you have so many wonderful and pleasant memories, December of 2023 seems to bring them all flooding back in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and in need of greater peace. This is where it all happened, and you've come to understand that you are living in the past, and that's made you feel stagnant and slow.

Present: Ace of Wands, reversed

You will be making a firm decision to get yourself out of your funk during December of 2023 simply because you see how self-destructive you've been and this is a state you won't continue to support. You are a strong person with a fierce disposition and while living in the past was the only thing you convinced yourself of as being what you have now, you know for sure that NOW is not for the past. It's time to feel good about the next phase, and you know this in your heart.


Future: Seven of Swords

The near future has you making a few selfish moves in order to secure yourself, but nobody could blame you here, as you are the only one who is coming to your rescue. You know what you have to do, and if you need to push others out of the way in order to get where you're going, then so be it. You don't see this as selfish; you see it as being a survivalist. You must fight for yourself, as there is nobody else taking the job.

Keywords: fight, greed, survival

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