5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Will Have The Luckiest Horoscopes This Week

Grand luck, grand sacrifices the week of November 6 - 12.

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When you are working in silence and solitude, don't allow the external world to cast judgments on your progress. They will always be wrong. That's the energy of this week between November 6 - 12, 2023. Five Chinese zodiac signs — Ox, Dragon, Horse, Pig and Rooster — stand to gain the most (and unlock their luck) when they lean into this message. The I Ching hexagram of luck this week is Wind over Fire (#37), changing to Thunder over Mountain (#62).


We may not have control over where we are born and what circumstances grace our doorstep, but we do have the power to change our destiny by learning, growing and making sure we are not ignorant. Little steps can bring big change.



In the realm of luck, this message is asking you to think of luck as a wild horse with tremendous potential and power. Even if you were to chance upon such a majestic beast in the wilds, you wouldn't know what to do with it — whether to befriend it or otherwise — if you do not know horses and the wilds. Luck is the same way. It will slip out of your fists like flowing water if you don't find ways to cultivate yourself and strengthen your spirit. Now, let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs who are the luckiest this week.


Five Chinese zodiac signs will have the luckiest horoscopes this week:

1. Ox: Returning luck

Ox, you are lucky two weeks in a row! Your luck this week is a continuation of your luck from last week. It's gracing your life now because of all your actions in the past and all the things you committed yourself to over the years. It's time to harvest the fruits of your labor, one week at a time and gracefully acknowledge the fairness of the universe.

For some of you, this is literally referring to a high-paying job you have scored recently after slogging and grinding through university. For others, this luck is here to remind you that there may be areas of unfairness in some spheres of life, but other spheres function much like heat, light and electricity. Share this good luck with your family and loved ones, and if you aren't making plans for the future, what are you waiting for?

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2. Dragon: A dream come true!

Dragon, it's time to rejoice because your dreams are about to come true! Luck is paving the path forward for you and removing obstacles even as we speak. All you have to do is lean into this good luck and make sure you cross the finish line boldly and bravely.


Of course, this energy will not make every single dream of yours come true this week. After all, you may have 6,653 dreams for all we know! It will make that dream come true, which has the essence of balance, stability and pure joy within it. For some, this is literally referring to your love life, especially if you are about to marry your soulmate. For others, this is highlighting increased success in your career or business affairs.

If you feel called to, do a gratitude ritual sometime this week to keep the positive energy flowing in your life. You can even light an incense for the ancestors and mentors who helped you get where you are and the good Samaritans and friends you encountered on the way. Making an offering of oranges is also indicated here.

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3. Horse: Lucky stars

Horse, the stars are aligning in your favor this week, especially for your career and finances. You will notice a positive flow at this time and may even come across opportunities to take everything to the next level. Don't miss the boat when that happens. Luck is here to open new doors for you, but it cannot force you to walk through them. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and you will be able to embark on these new journeys and adventures with increased prosperity and positivity.


Flowers will be lucky for you this week, especially orange ones like marigolds, dahlia and some varieties of orchids. Heck! Papaya and pumpkin flowers will be lucky for you, too, and you can add them to your diet.

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4. PigNo regrets

Pig, your luck this week had a poignant and poetic feel to it. It will work through your life and days in more subtle ways than for the other Chinese zodiac signs on this list. It will be just as powerful. For some of you, this luck will remind you of all the good things you have done so far and your achievements in all senses of the word. It will show you how you have lived a beautiful life and should have no regrets, even if you were to pass on from the mortal world.

Take this opportunity to expand your wisdom and let luck guide you to greater mysteries and new adventures. If you feel unsure, place a hand over your heart and remind yourself of your capabilities once more, and your fears will fade away.


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5. Rooster: Financial luck

Rooster, your luck this week is firmly in the financial sphere of life. It can, of course, bring you more money, opportunities to increase your wealth and even a chance to take everything to the next level. For some, this luck will bring people and mentors who will open their eyes to the interconnected web of life that enables them to take charge of the butterfly effects in their lives.

The colors orange and green will be lucky for you in this regard. If you want to acknowledge this luck or amplify it, drop a few coins into a wishing well or in the donations box in a public place, like a place of worship or at a charitable event.


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