November 5 Love Horoscopes Are Unexpectedly Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs

Moon square Uranus taps into our need to feel special.

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We're going to find that getting lucky in love on Sunday is a lot more fun than we thought, and mainly because the luck we're going to see happening is the unexpected kind. That's what you get when the cosmos throws Moon square Uranus at you, and on November 5, 2023, we'll be quite surprised to find that everything is coming up roses.

Now, ordinarily, a transit like Moon square Uranus isn't always the most positive of all cosmic events. In fact, if we're not cut out for it, this could be a day filled with confusion and even a breakup or two. However, that's not how it goes down for these three zodiac signs. When we grab some of that Moon square Uranus energy, we know where we're going ... even if we go about it in strange and unusual ways.


Sunday is the day we do things for our loved ones, like surprise them with presents that they'd never expect or plans that we know will thrill them.

We definitely do take a chance when we select our gifts, and we run the risk of making our partners quite nervous. 


That's the risk we take during Moon square Uranus, and honestly, the chances of reaching great success are just about in the bag.

November 5 love horoscopes are unexpectedly lucky for three zodiac signs:

1. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

While the world thinks you are 'business as usual,' little do they know about that 'other' side of you ... the one where you are pure rebel and crazy inspiration. This Sunday lets you push aside some of that intense responsibility so that you can make room for something wild and crazy. Hey, you can't be all business all the time, and you do have a love life to maintain. If you're going to be in charge of maintenance, then you'll be working with the transit of Moon square Uranus.

You're going to find that you have a little more nerve than usual. It's November 5, and you are ready to kick it up a notch. Rather than spend another boring day living up to your hyper-organized self-image, you might find that on this day, you're more prone to engage your romantic partner in something that the two of you have never done before. The day might end up being the day that you share some ... interesting gifts.


This day also comes with eye-opening news, and all of it is positive. What you'll notice is that during the transit of Moon square Uranus, both you and your romantic partner feel like you don't want to stick around for the same 'ol, same 'ol. In some wacky, spontaneous move, you might suddenly find yourself booking a flight to some far-away destination. There's an attitude of 'one life to live' going on with you and your partner, and you both may very well take advantage of that feeling.

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2. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

This transit, Moon square Uranus, is exactly what the doctor ordered, and in this case, you're the doctor. You've wanted to be able just to relax and live your life your way for so long, and seeing that this can only happen in small increments, when it does happen, as it will on November 5, 2023, you make the most out of it. And, as it just so happens, you'll be able to do that with your romantic partner.


When the going gets good, the good gets going, and you may find that this day inspires the two of you to do something totally original, something you've never done before ... not together, at least. What you feel is that the relationship could use a little spicing up, and in your case, that means different vistas, different flavors, different cultures. Moon square Uranus lets you know that travel is in your near future.

You love the idea of travel, but it always takes so much out of you, and while you don't mind going alone, you'd much rather go with the one you love. What avails itself to you on this day, November 5, 2023, is the knowledge that your partner wants to partake in all life has to offer with you. that includes travel and adventure. Finally, you feel as though you are not alone on this journey, and during Moon square Uranus, you come to understand that there's so much to look forward to.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


You've always been a big gift-giver, and on November 5, 2023, you might just have something fabulous in store as a gift for your romantic partner. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or simply acknowledging that it's fun to give presents to each other, you will find that during the transit of Moon Square Uranus, the main point is to share and honor each other as best you can. You feel like the natural gift is just knowing this person, but oh, it doesn't stop there, Pisces.

November 5 has you and your partner feeling as though you are the only two people in the world who truly know what the meaning of love is. While that's a delightfully romantic notion, your belief in this idea is so intense that it almost feels as though it could be real. You like that feeling; you BOTH like that feeling, and it has you filled with emotion and positivity. You feel like two little kids who have discovered something rad in the park, and now it's your little secret.

Moon square Uranus taps into your own need to feel special, too, Pisces. You know that you can't be everyone's cup of tea, but to the person you are with, you feel like you are the cream of the crop, the top of the heap, number one! Ah, it's good to be you during Moon square Uranus on November 5, 2023. Enjoy your day, laugh over your secrets and try not to get into too much trouble, ya hear?!


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