3 Zodiac Signs Become Luckiest In Love On November 4, Thanks To Saturn Retrograde Ending

Three zodiac signs are partial to Saturn's mighty influence.

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When we think of the most fascinating planet, most of us turn our heads to the sky to imagine Saturn, with its immense rings and the ultimate mystery it holds for us. Saturn is, indeed, a powerful planet that has captivated our imagination for centuries, and astrologically, it is just as meaningful.

Saturn represents law and order, the ability to discern between what is right and wrong, and its influence on us is, without a doubt, all-consuming. Recently, this giant planet has been in retrograde motion, which may be what's been behind so much of the chaos and confusion happening down here on Earth. Today, November 4, 2023, will have us experiencing its return to order, as today is the day Saturn goes direct.


While we may not feel it instantaneously, we will see near-to-immediate results take place, and we'll notice those results occur in our love lives. If we've been at odds with our partners, we will see the beginning of better days ahead. Saturn direct is a powerfully positive transit that will be both appreciated and utilized in the weeks to come. Three zodiac signs are partial to Saturn's influence.


The three zodiac signs luckiest in love on November 4 are Taurus, Sagittarius and Capricorn:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You might not be able to put your finger on it, but November 4 brings you peace that is not only welcome but seems to be the very thing you need in order to feel hopeful again in terms of your love life. It's not that everything was falling apart, no, far from it, but as the year comes to its end, you can't help but wonder if this love of yours is going to last. You would like it to, but you have always had it in the back of your mind that something could go wrong.

Well, of course, anything can potentially go wrong; that's life. It just happens, but on this day, you'll be the first to recognize that cosmic shift as Saturn goes direct and seemingly begins to restore things to their previous — and hopeful — order. Perhaps this shows up in your life as a simple mood change. You feel better and less burdened, and so now you are able to see that the relationship you're in is as sturdy as it will ever be.

While this day doesn't bring you an instant affirmation of lasting love, you may feel as though you no longer need external signs. Today has enough for you. You feel at peace, and you no longer have the urge to over-analyze what you have. It's enough for you. You are content with your relationship and your life. You feel gratitude for the moment and the day. Life is good.


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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

When Saturn goes direct, you feel as though something in your life has come back to you. Perhaps it's peace of mind or simply the ability to decide a way that doesn't come with mental torment. All you've wanted is for your anxiety to dissipate when it comes to the one person whom you hold dear to you: your romantic partner. This is someone you look to for comfort, and on November 4, 2023, you will once again be able to fall back into their arms.

Saturn direct seems to affect everyone around you, as well, and this is more than helpful to you because you secretly crave order. You've seen what chaos has done in your life. While it may have felt like a cool thing at one point, you feel as though you can't depend on such chaos, as it is inevitably destructive. You've seen chaos play out in your romance, and on November 4, 2023, you'll want nothing more to do with it.


So, during Saturn direct's first day back on track, literally, you and your romantic partner will feel a sense of letting go. You are both no longer enamored with the idea of fast life, fast love. You want to take it slower, and you want to be able to trust in a future together. Saturn lays down the law in this regard and gives you what you need in order to feel as though you have some kind of control over your life again.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Saturn's energy is most certainly no stranger to you, Capricorn, as this planet rules so much of what you believe in and strive for. You are someone who fully invests yourself in ideas of order and organization, and you've never cared what others thought about that. You have always accomplished what you've needed to do, although you must admit, these last few months have been difficult due to Saturn's retrograde.


With its return to direct motion on November 4, 2023, you will feel as though a weight has been taken off your heart, and that frees you to be able to express yourself, once again ... romantically. You are no stranger to withholding emotions, and even though you know that that's not exactly the best move when it comes to keeping a romance alive, you've done what you needed in order to feel balanced and in control.

Today gives you the chance to experience a lighter attitude and one that has been very much needed. Your partner may have complained here and there about you being so uptight all the time. The thing is, you agree with them. That's why Saturn direct comes to you at the right time. It loosens your nerves and lets you come back down to Earth. Today enables you to experience the love you've built with your partner, as there is no longer a need to reject it.

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