3 Zodiac Signs Experience Luck In Their Love Lives Starting November 3

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November 3, 2023, brings a very definitive feeling of relief, especially when it concerns so many of our love lives. On this day, we have many positive transits, but the one that stands out the most and seems to be the one positioned for optimum results is Moon sextile Venus. This is the transit that will wake people up and have them on the move ... towards making better 'romantic' decisions.

What this basically means is that during Moon sextile Venus on November 3, three zodiac signs will feel a strong urge to accept what we have, recognize it as 'the best' and let that feeling of security permeate our very being. It's time to see that our lives are in good shape. We can no longer hunt for things to complain about because, for these three zodiac signs, this is the good stuff right here.

What really hits home today is the idea that we are wasting time by not seeing 'the forest for the trees.' What this means is that what we have right now is the best-case scenario and that we have to stop looking to the future for answers when it's all right here with us, right now. Love is here and now; it's not something that 'may' happen someday. Today is a lucky day for love if we are willing to open our hearts to our present situation.

Three zodiac signs are lucky in love on November 3, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

It's about time you feel the way you do on this day, November 3, 2023, and that's because you've given over so much of your time to see your life situation as something nearly impossible to work with. In other words, you've had a helluva year, and it's taken a toll in just about every area, including your love life. While you can fully recognize that your romantic relationship is actually doing fairly well, it will be during Moon sextile Venus that you finally come to terms with just how well it really is going.

For the first time in ... months, you feel as though you have hope in your heart. You are tired of hearing your voice, or rather, your inner voice, which continuously condemns you for every move you make. It's time to get rid of that noise, Aries, as it doesn't suit you or your romantic personality. By nature, you are a cheerful and optimistic person; you feel as though you have a burning need to return to that state of being.

November 3, 2023, opens its doors to you, and you seize the day, Aries. No longer will you nurse those feelings of doom and gloom. You can finally see the daylight pouring in, and so much of it is due to the fact that the romantic relationship you're in is actually the best thing in your life right now. So ... honor it. Accept it. Make the best of it as only you can. This is a great day for you, Aries; hopefully, you will see it that way, too.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Moon sextile Venus has you feeling amorous and romantic, and come to think of it, you haven't really been on your game at all ... until now. November 3, 2023, presents you with a feeling you haven't felt in a very long time, and that is one of passionate love for the person you are in a relationship with. You may end up surprising your partner, as they thought you were no longer interested, but here you are today ... ready, willing and able.

You never act on anything unless you're feeling it, as you have a hard time putting on an act, especially when it comes to love. Still, you're only human and human beings do have their ebb and flow. As the end of the year approaches, you can't help but feel grateful that you have someone to walk into the new year with, and this makes you feel proud, strong and happy to be alive.

For the first time in weeks, thanks to the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you will be feeling alive again. You recognize what you have as excellent, and you vow never to let go of that feeling again. You have seen the sadness in so many of the people around you, and you've seen how their romances have fallen apart, leaving them heartbroken. You don't want to be like them, and that causes you a need to pay attention to what you have. It's a good thing, Leo. You have a good thing.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

On November 3, 2023, during the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you are going to find that it's quite easy for you to speak up and share what's on your mind with the person you are in a romantic relationship. Now, while that may sound like 'a given,' it hasn't always been that way, and that is mainly because it hasn't been until now that you've fully trusted this person ... as you do now. Moon sextile Venus adds to that trust and helps you along the way.

Trust was always a biggie with you, and you are right to feel this way, but you have noticed that in the past, your lack of trust has held you back from experiencing what you believe you can definitely know today. During Moon sextile Venus, you figure that there's work YOU have to do, personally, and as of today, November 3, 2023, you are willing to do that work. If trust has always been your issue, then that's the number one item on the list.

What you will find interesting is that during Moon sextile Venus, your partner will see what you're doing, and that will open the world up for them. This is all they've wanted from you. Your trust, your patience ... and your ability to set aside all the doubts you keep around as if these things will protect you. Your partner is here to grow with you, not attack you. Trust in this. Feel the power that Moon sextile Venus has to offer and thrive in the love you really do have right before your eyes.

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