How Relationships Improve For 4 Zodiac Signs The First Week Of November

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Four zodiac signs see their relationships improve the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, thanks to Saturn. Love isn't just the feeling felt between yourself and another, but the vehicle for deeper self-growth and awareness. Your romantic relationship has the unique ability to help reveal your wounds or the more prominent themes in play, which can prevent you from creating a union that is in true alignment with your heart. Yet, as you open to seeing things differently and embrace the lessons of your past, you can consciously make the decisions necessary to improve your relationship and life. 

Saturn represents divine timing, karma and personal boundaries. Saturn also rules your karmic lessons and relationships by helping expose your childhood wounds and generational trauma so that you can make decisions from the place of your healing adult self.



In Pisces, Saturn has been directing your focus to the greater meaning of life and your place within it, which will dramatically affect your romantic choices. When you can understand the lessons at play within your romantic cycles and what improvement means in your love life, then you can also make decisions more aligned with your healing.  

Since Saturn began its retrograde journey on June 17, 2023, it's been taking you on a path of self-discovery and discipline as you've sorted through past life karma and the decisions you've made in this life. Saturn retrograde in Pisces has been giving you a glimpse at the spiritual meaning of your romantic choices, all to have you heal past karmic transgressions and set a new tone for what you hope to receive.

As Saturn stations direct in this romantic and spiritual water sign, you will finally have a chance to see how the past few months' events are connected, allowing you to make the decisions necessary to heal any recent challenges and embrace the love that is divinely meant for you.  

How relationships improve for four zodiac signs the first week of November 2023: 

1. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

When you have lived your life with the expectation of never receiving what you dream of, you create an energy of lack. This inner belief about events never turning out how you hope, or even in them being too good to be true, creates an energetic wave that determines what you attract into your life. However, things have been turning around for you, but to truly embrace the love and goodness surrounding you, you also need to release the old stories that directed your path in the past. 

As Saturn stations direct in Pisces, ruler of your romantic relationships, you are being asked to reflect on your beliefs regarding love and whether you anticipate situations turning negatively to protect your heart.

As a healing earth sign, it can be much easier to keep loving in cycles as you overextend yourself or focus on how to fix a relationship or partner. Yet, when you open your heart to receive the love you've always desired, you can still carry these old beliefs as you struggle to feel safe in your vulnerability. These fears can manifest themselves in your life, which is the opposite of what you want, and that is what Saturn direct helps you heal.  

Bring your awareness to what you have been attracting into your life based on what you expect to happen, and allow yourself to transform this into positive affirmations, reminding you that you are safe to receive the love you have always desired. By changing how you think about love, you can also see how so much of what you're experiencing in your life is what you've always desired.

This will begin a new flow of gratitude in your life just as the testing of Saturn starts to relinquish its hold on you. Allow yourself to see your romantic connection is changing for the better as you release old coping mechanisms and let yourself become more vulnerable in your relationship. Showing your partner your heart can be the salve needed to heal challenges.  

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2. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

You've been moving toward a place of transformation in your romantic life, allowing yourself to receive what you've always desired. This process has changed other areas of your life, such as your career and home. However, when you grow and heal, it's not just one area of your life that is affected but multiple ones as you are encouraged to redesign your life to align with who you've become.  

Saturn stations direct in Pisces activate themes of continued transformation, intimacy and passion. This area of your life is also known for bringing in another significant life partner as you are learning from love. Since Saturn has been on its retrograde journey, you've been challenged to make new and different choices as you allow yourself to move in the direction of what you most desire. There likely have been opportunities to slide back or remain in places you've already outgrown, but as you have progressed, stayed true to yourself and embraced the new, you've embraced the transformation process.  

At this moment, the most important thing about your romantic relationship to remember is that what is healthy may at first feel foreign to you. If you've only been in nonreciprocal, more superficial connections or those with emotional detachment, you could become triggered by opening to healthier connections. Yet, there is a difference between triggering repeated wounds and triggers that will help you heal more deeply.

Try to adopt a bit of logic when it comes to love, especially in making note of the green flags of your relationship, because as you do, you will feel more secure in stepping out of your comfort zone, no matter how foreign it may feel. This is a significant wave of improvement for your romantic life, but to fully receive it, you must also be willing to give up the wounds of your past.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Happiness isn't something that just happens, nor is it simply the fleeting moments of only doing what you genuinely want. Instead, happiness is based on the soul joy that comes from living life on your terms and as authentically as possible. Please don't underestimate the importance of happiness in this new chapter of your life, as it will determine all you can create and call in. Happiness is love, just as love should be happiness; when you can embrace this truth, you become one step closer to living your dream life.

Saturn in Pisces is stirring up new beginnings within romantic commitments, creativity and even the pursuit of happiness within your life. During its retrograde phase since June, it's been helping you see where you've been giving your power away or making choices that contrast with what you want. It's a time to reveal what contributes to your happiness so you can dedicate yourself to building a life that will only continue attracting more.

Saturn is known for bringing significant lifetime commitments in this part of your life, as this area rules marriage and long-term love. Even if you don't have a partner at this time, by embracing the lessons of Saturn retrograde, you can now attract the love you desire as this planet stations direct.  

The blueprint to follow for your life and decisions is what feels like it will bring the greatest joy into your life. It doesn't matter what others think or long lists of responsibilities. For you, the task of Saturn stations direct in Pisces is to focus on building your happiness.

Instead of purely thinking about it in terms of a relationship, broaden your perspective and start making the choices to live your life in alignment with all you've been dreaming of. This will attract the love you're seeking, and when it does, you can feel confident that it will not only last for a lifetime but continue to support you in growing to become your best self.  

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4. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

It's said that home is where the heart is, but that also means you need to know where your heart is. You have been going on a journey to finding and establishing a deeper romantic connection within your life and creating a home that truly feels like one that resonates with your soul. On this path, you've been asked to reflect on the decisions that you've made, heal karmic alliances and truly be able to make the choices that resonate deeply with your truth. Yet, as you've progressed, you've also realized how you feel about yourself profoundly impacts your romantic relationship and choices.  

Saturn in Pisces has been calling you to focus on your inner child healing and reflect on the themes of the roots you've established within your life and your relationship. All the while, though, there has been a call also to discover the true meaning, or truth, of your past and the choices you're still making. This has been because while Saturn in Pisces brings healing, it also helps direct your desires toward establishing a more committed relationship and sharing a home with the one you love.

This has also involved the awareness that home goes beyond so much more than a place and is a feeling when living in alignment with who you authentically are. During this retrograde journey, Saturn brought karmic tests and lessons to see how much you've grown and if you can make decisions from a healing space. As it has, you've been encouraged to reflect on your inner truth and to open more deeply to seeing things in a new light.  

There is always more to learn when it comes to relationships, and because of that, it means there is also more to always remember about yourself. The most crucial lesson Saturn in Pisces wants to teach you as it stations direct is that you must ensure the choices you're making for your life come from healing. To do that, you must release the fear that wounds or childhood conditioning that have controlled your decisions. 

It's not enough to make a choice, but you must also understand its reasoning. You are being given a gift right now to heal hurts from the past so you can embrace a beautiful new future with the one you love. Remember that truth is the highest expression of love, not just in your relationship with your partner but also in your relationship with yourself.  

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