Which 3 Zodiac Signs Predicted To Have Challenging Horoscopes The First Week Of November

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While we know that having a rough weekly horoscope doesn't necessarily mean that every single day is going to drag us to the ground, we do have to consider the transits that are in the sky during the first week of November 2023, and what kind of negative pull they have on us.

We've just left October and are now on the runway towards the official 'end of the year.' November brings us both joy and regret and we can't help but feel the drag that comes with that weird sensation of time coming to a halt. What starts with a blast from Halloween, which gives us the feeling that we can be eternally youthful and playful, turns into the waiting game: when is this year going to end already?



November opens up with Venus opposite Neptune, the Sun opposite Jupiter and Mercury opposite Uranus. That's a whole lot of 'opposite' going on. Whenever we're faced with that many opposing transits, we, too, may find ourselves in opposition to many of the things or people in our immediate environment. Three zodiac signs will take a lot of things very personally this week. Don't be surprised if you find yourself deep in an argument that you feel compelled to win during the first week of November.

These zodiac signs may experience rough horoscopes this week:

1. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

What starts with you feeling childlike and a bit giddy on Halloween rapidly morphs into you feeling as though you're too old for all of this. Hey, this feeling happens to just about everyone and doesn't really mean all that much. You'll experience feelings of not belonging anywhere this week, Libra, which is not exactly a new experience for you, and ironically, you've never really wanted to fit in.

What gets you during at the start of November is that you actually 'want' to fit in this week. You'll see that, for some reason, all of that interplanetary opposition has everyone in your life wanting to walk away from you. It's not that you're some kind of pariah. It's just that they have other things to do and paying attention to you isn't part of their schedule. Should it be? Perhaps you misread the memo.

What you've found taking place the first week of November is this 'on again, off again' feeling, meaning that one day, you feel chipper and optimistic, and the next day, it's all doom and gloom for you. What makes this a rough week for you, Libra, is that you have expectations that cannot be fulfilled and that's mainly because you're waiting on other people to come through for you, and they are just not going to do that.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

What's going on right now is that life isn't moving along fast enough for you. You've been recently experiencing a burst of enthusiasm and positive energy. The problem this week is that you'll see that all of your powerful optimism is 'all dressed up with no place to go.' With Venus opposite Neptune, your amazing imagination will be halted in its tracks and you'll end up going nowhere, fast.

You see this week and this season, in general, as the best time of the year and you want to accomplish even more than you already have. Still, there's the 'winding down' feeling that is all pervasive and honestly, you can't stand it. You want fast, fast, fast and all that's coming your way is drag, drag, drag.

With the Sun opposite Jupiter, you'll feel as though your greatest aspirations are being put on hold. WOW, that's not what you wanted, and that's exactly what makes this whole week somewhat rough for you. There you are, full of vim, vigor and positive energy and it's like the whole week is all about winding down, taking it easy and chilling out. Not what you want.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

During the first week of November, your main challenge is going to come in the form of Mercury opposite Uranus, which is what's behind you and your romantic partner disagreeing with each other at such a furious pace. It's as if the two of you can't agree on anything, and while this is upsetting, to say the least, it also undermines your every move. While you know, you'll both get over it. You'll milk every disagreeable word for all it's worth, making your week somewhat dreadful.

Words are what take the week down, and that's the Mercury opposite Uranus effect right there. If the two of you could simply stand back and practice loving-kindness instead, you might be able to take a break from the negativity, but ... no. You'll keep it up because, for some reason, you find power in sparring with your partner. Perhaps you do this to show them that you are a formidable opponent.

In a way, this week holds much of that kind of thing in store for you. You don't want people to think you are weak, ever, and sometimes you overcompensate by 'acting' the role of the tough guy. You aren't dedicated to being this tough, but you'll do whatever it takes to protect yourself, even if you're not really being 'attacked.'

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