October 22, 2023 Horoscopes Bring Challenges To 3 Zodiac Signs

Sometimes it's best to not participate.

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OK, we need to get our minds together for this one because today is basically overflowing with tricky transits that mean to do us harm. Well, OK, not 'harm' per se, but if we don't get on top of the situation, the situation will get on top of us and that's what happens when we have a lineup of transits that are all 'square.' 

We've got Moon square Mercury to mess with our communication skills, we've got Moon square Mars to make sure we take everything the wrong way and react violently to what we hear and we have Moon square Jupiter to make sure that all of it is over the top — expanded to the limit, and taken entirely out of context. That's what October 22, 2023, brings us, and for three zodiac signs here today, it spells trouble.




So, the lesson for the day is all going to revolve around not buying into the trouble. Get it? If we let ourselves get pulled into this tide pool, we will definitely find ourselves drowning in it. This is the kind of day where our egos are poked and prodded and it will be up to us to either say yes to it all or a firm 'no thank you.'


October 22, 2023 horoscopes are rough for three zodiac signs:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Not buying into trouble ... is that even something a Gemini can handle? You are one of those people who do not find it easy to 'shut up and sit in the corner.' On October 22, 2023, you will see an injustice that will make you want to not only speak up but get in the middle of it all so that you can prove your point. There's too much Mercury energy going on around you and it feels like you are being instigated.

What's going to make this day hard for you is the whole concept of staying out of it. Can you even do such a thing, especially when you find so much of what's going on to be offensive and against your nature? With Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, you're not going to be able to hold yourself back, but will you end up with the result you want? Not likely, which is why this day is all the more frustrating.

This is where the 'ego' part comes in. Are you stronger on your own, knowing what the truth is without having to voice it and prove to those who oppose you that you are right? Yes, you are stronger taking the path of silent knowledge ... but that's not the path you are going to take because your ego says, "Fight!' Let's just call October 22, 2023, a harsh day and hopefully one that doesn't create too many difficult repercussions for you.


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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You have always been somewhat of an activist when it comes to fighting for your rights and for those around you whom you believe need a friendly boost. During the transit of Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter on October 22, 2023, you are going to take this a little too far as you can't help but see everything as unfair and in need of your opinion and finesse. You might find yourself crafting insults to sling at people simply because you're good at it.

This is a harsh day for you, Capricorn, as you almost feel emotionally overwrought. It's hard to take all that Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter energy as it has you feeling as if you need to be the one to make everything alright for everyone around you. You are taking responsibility for things that aren't necessarily your responsibility and this has you doing overtime when it comes to thinking. You are way too conscious of everything today. 


On any other day, you could handle what's going on, but on this day, October 22, 2023, you take it all too personally and seriously. You are unable to let anything slide, and that's going to be your biggest problem today. You feel as though everyone's opinions oppose your own, and you don't want to just 'live and let live.' Today puts you on the defense, and you won't be able to rest or relax. Here's to tomorrow releasing you from the grip of the squared transits.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You are way too sensitive to deal with today's transits of the Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, and the whole ordeal really gets to you. You don't want to play the self-pity card as you don't like the attention you get when you feel sorry for yourself, but you also don't feel as though you can handle the tension and stress of what these transits bring you today, October 22, 2023. You'd like for everything to just 'get back in order,' and when it doesn't snap back, you get freaky.


What you'll find happening to you today is that you are way too vulnerable and in defense of yourself, you'll act out towards other people. Don't be surprised if you jump down the throat of someone who is clearly on your side. You do this because you feel safe enough with this person to assume they'll still 'love you' even if you snap ... and you're right. They will love you because they understand what you're going through, even though that doesn't make your behavior right.

The last thing you want to do is hurt someone's feelings today, Pisces, and that might be a thing you can't help but do. During Moon square Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, you might want to say the right thing, watch it come out wrong, and then just throw your hands up, knowing that you can't right that wrong. Once again, it's an 'ego' day, and yours will definitely be poked and prodded. Take a deep breath; this, too, shall pass.

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