Why November 2023 Horoscopes Could Be Difficult This Month For 3 Zodiac Signs

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Three zodiac signs may experience a rough month in November. Considering that the month of November is ruled by Scorpio and topped off by Sagittarius, we automatically know that November 2023 will be intense. It's a month of tempers and opinions.

We are both power-hungry and immensely self-focused. We are not here to be stopped, nor are we open to the suggestions or impressions of others at this time. We may find that we are the last word in every conversation and that could be what puts a damper on things ... this month is going to be rough for some.

We're looking at how memory and the past are significant in dealing with Mercury. Opposite Uranus has us wanting to rebel against our past, while Mercury in Sagittarius pushes us into agreements that we make to please other people.

That instantly feels wrong, and this mix-up will be almost constant for three zodiac signs. We are intensely focused on what we want to see happen, yet we need help pinpointing exactly what that is. Opinions sway us during a time when all we trust is our own opinion.

We've got Scorpio energy running the show and that's where some of our false bravado comes in, only to have its butt kicked with the entrance of Sagittarius on the 22.

What the Sagittarius Sun does to upset the picture is that we start thinking we have escaped the worst of it because of that blinding naïveté that comes with this sign. We act out of ignorance and we make big mistakes.

November has all the potential in the world for greatness, but it's time to get the mistake-making out of the way first for three zodiac signs.

November 2023 may be a rough month for three zodiac signs:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Attitude is what your problem is during November of 2023. You have it in your mind that everything should be running smoothly by now, as it IS the end of the year. What makes 'attitude' the problem is that you're also working with a ton of Scorpio energy and it has you thinking you are an expert at this, that the other thing you are not as good at is as you pretend to be.

This could also have something to be related to. If you have told your partner that you'd come through with something they've requested of you and you have done so as of yet, then be prepared to read the riot act.

You are displeasing your romantic partner, bordering on 'not being funny.' You can't keep trying to convince them that you'll 'do it' when all you do is procrastinate and disappoint them. Listen to them. They need you to pay attention. This is the relationship we're talking about. Have some respect.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You don't feel as though you've achieved the level of greatness that you set out for at the beginning of the year. While that might be your private disappointment, you might take it to heart during November 2023. It's not that you haven't created the life you've wanted, but you don't feel satisfied, which bugs you.

You wanted more from your life and felt like you were set up. There's also the Novemberis idea that you feel disrespected, which bothers you greatly. This is a work-related thing, and you believe you are worth more monetarily than what they are paying you now. Since it's this year, you feel you're waiting for approval and not seeing through. This adds to your constant feeling of disappointment.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You had high hopes for November 2023 and while everything seems to be going as planned, you've developed this new and weird kind of impatience and it's seriously getting in the way. You feel stressed out so much of the time and have to talk yourself out of it continuously, and you must continuously slow down out of this new, crazed level of anxiety.

You will get what you want, Sagittarius, because you are driven and focused but it's not happening in November. You'll have to bite the bullet and accept that you're playing the long game. Nothing is happening now, and especially at the end of the year, only a little goes on in rapid progress. Own that patience and make it yours. Don't upset yourself by thinking things are magically going to change pace and bring you instant gratification.

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