These 3 Zodiac Signs Feel A Bit Challenged On September 17, 2023

Moon square Pluto transforms the day.

zodiac signs rough horoscopes september 17, 2023

If you tend to brood when you don't get your way, you can probably expect to be sulking about all day long on September 17, 2023, as this day brings out the self-indulgent baby in many of us. Hey, we have to have our 'days off,' right? And on this day, we're about to get a steaming hot platter of Moon square Pluto, and you know what that means? It means here comes the Toddler Parade, and three zodiac signs are the star attractions.


Let's just say that on September 17, 2023, there will be several of us here today who simply cannot deal. Yes, it's that general. We all know how that goes; one minute, everything is OK, and the next, you're tearing your hair out, wondering when the nightmare will end.

However, there is no real nightmare and nothing is really 'all that bad.' What we're doing during Moon square Pluto is that we're letting ourselves fall into the delusion that everything stinks. We wallow around in this self-imposed misery simply because we have very little else to do with our mental health. We humans are weirdos, aren't we?




So, for the three zodiac signs that simply can't handle a little Moon square Pluto action, we need to know that this will pass as quickly as it came. We can have our little fits and throw our little tantrums, but in all honesty, all of it is done selfishly to get attention. OK, we'll forgive ourselves this blunder, but we need to get a grip. While that's a tall request during Moon square Pluto, we need to deal with it ... and we will. Until then, these three zodiac signs will just have to get it out of their systems.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes feel a bit challenged on September 17, 2023

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Keeping in mind that Pluto energy is transformative energy, you might feel as though you are personally being pressured to transform on this day, and that's what you're not ready for. It's September 17, 2023, and you have put yourself to the test. You gave yourself a goal date to accomplish something, and today's the day. What do you have to show for yourself? Not a whole helluva lot, Virgo.


While nobody else expects anything from you on this day, you sure did, and the disappointment you will feel will be directed entirely at yourself. You will feel like you let yourself down, which might lead to major brooding sessions. You know you can't keep this up forever but you feel like you could.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Moon square Pluto is the energy you can work with. It's just that on this day, September 17, 2023, you just don't want to work with anyone or anything. You will probably wake up tired and feel uninspired throughout the day. At first, you'll attribute this to simply being weary and needing rest, but as the day progresses, you'll do what human beings do when they get overly tired: you'll start getting anxious.


Anxiety doesn't sit well with anyone, and it's one of those things that needs to be ridden out — there's no quick zap that gets you past it. So, you'll have a few repetitive thoughts and might sink into darkness briefly. What's obvious is that you need a good night's sleep, Scorpio. Make sure that happens tonight! Nobody likes a cranky Scorpio hovering around, being sad and gloomy. That's hardcore negativity!

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Now and then, your situation disturbs you and while you spend a lot of time trying to either adjust to it or accept it, there are those days — like today, September 17, 2023, when things just seem intolerable. You also have the transit of Moon square Pluto pushing you into an anxious state, and while you might spend the day trying to grasp at that last straw of hope, you may also feel hopeless.


Moon square Pluto is a transformative transit and you are ... a transformer of a person. Change is your nature and you've never had a problem with it. What gets you today is the LACK of change. Your situation seems dire and frustrating, and you feel that if you can't conjure up something that resembles hope and inspiration, you'll go stark raving bonkers. Hang in there. Grab your metaphorical bow and arrow and focus on better days ahead.

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