Weekly Love Horoscope For August 28 - September 3, 2023

Truth should never have to be sacrificed for love.

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Pause at this moment as you place your hand on your heart and let yourself know you are safe. You are both safe and loved as you allow yourself to embrace the cosmic waves of energy and surrender to the truth and the awareness that now you know it, you must do something about it.  

During the week of August 28 – September 3, 2023, you will be shown the truth as Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus, helping you to understand that without complete truth, the foundation of your relationship will constantly develop cracks. This encourages you to see what is real rather than trying to make it seem only better. But it’s also part of a bigger story, as the Blue Full Moon in Pisces peaks just before Venus is direct in Leo.  


You already know the truth in your heart, but sometimes, you’re not yet ready to accept it, and while August 2023 has carried this aspect of transparent revelations, this is the moment when you finally can’t ignore what is right in front of you any longer.  

Not every relationship will have challenging moments. However, growth is coming to each one. Whether it’s about ending a relationship because you’ve finally seen the truth or recommitting to your partner because you’re finally able to see a truth within yourself that will allow you to heal more deeply – it all leads to a space of intense transformation.  


But with six planets retrograde, it means any transformation process will be slow, as you are called to reflect on the past and what you need to learn or implement, which will allow you to not just recklessly move ahead but to do so with the embodiment of growth. The Pisces Full Moon will invite you into a quiet space as you are drawn inwardly to reflect and care for yourself in all the necessary ways.  

Don’t force anything this week; instead, hold space for new understandings or awareness to surface gently. Trust in your ability to handle anything that comes your way and honor the power the truth has within your life. It’s not just about being honest with yourself or your partner but creating the vibration that you are ready to see things as they are so you can finally make what you dream.  

Romantic dates during the week:

Monday, August 28, 2023 

To know your choices confidently, you must be genuine with yourself. Uranus, a planet of great awakenings, begins its retrograde journey today, ushering you into embracing the full scope of reality. While shocking to a degree, as Uranus is known for shock and awe moments, this is about having you understand what is truly going on so you make the best decisions you can.  


Uranus is the sixth planet to retrograde, and while it will only last for a week, sometimes that’s all you need to see what was previously hidden. In your romantic life, be aware of sudden new awareness about yourself or your partner. Because so many planets are retrograde now, you may have some downloads regarding your patterns as you commit to doing things differently. Uranus retrograde helps you see the truth, not to hinder you, but to help you realize only those relationships with a foundation of complete honesty will last forever.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 

The Blue Full Moon in Pisces illuminates your soul in six planets in retrograde, calling you within and embracing the quiet. Blue Moons occur when it’s the second Full Moon of the month. In August 2023, with the Aquarius Full Moon occurring on the first, this lunation is genuinely known as a rare event as it helps you focus on your emotional self before making big decisions.  

Pisces Full Moons are known for bringing in love and romance, and while that is true, for this lunation, it will be more about giving to yourself than necessarily sharing it with a partner. Because of so many retrograde planets occurring at this time, it will be challenging to show up for another when it feels like you must figure out so much within yourself.  


The Blue Moon will activate Saturn, both in Pisces, bringing to fruition any karmic lessons and helping you utilize Venus retrograde in Leo to finally, even if only in your heart, decide what direction you feel called to pursue. This is a quietly powerful moon, with not necessarily any drastic things happening in your life, but instead moving like an earthquake inside yourself, as a greater awareness is illuminated and the realization that caring for yourself is often the most revolutionary thing you can do. 

Sunday, September 3, 2023 

After forty days and nights, Venus, the goddess of love, is finally direct, allowing forward momentum and decision-making in your romantic life. Venus has been in Leo since June 5, 2023, and will remain there until October 8, shortly after it exits the post-retrograde phase. But even if there is some emotional debris still to sort through, today marks the moment when you finally can, as the universe is tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you it’s time to listen to your heart finally. 

Venus Retrograde only proves challenging for those relationships meant to either review their connection or part ways altogether. While any romantic issues are always tough to move through, the lesson here is if Venus takes something apart, don’t try to put it back together during its post-shadow phase. Allow yourself to sincerely accept the truth and focus on the future as you start to piece together the meaning of what has occurred during the past few months. 


Venus in Leo inspires you to embrace your emotional truth with courage, to advocate for your needs, and to make the decisions you know in your soul are those you are meant to make, even if it means feeling like following your heart may also temporarily break it in the process.  

Weekly Love Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign For August 28 - September 3, 2023 


Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

Venus is directing this week, which removes any confusion from your sector of joy and commitment and allows you to regain the confidence necessary to make bold moves. Venus in Leo has been bringing you on a journey of self-discovery to help you understand what truly brings you joy while teaching you about what needs to be done to commit to it fully.  

You have undergone a momentous transformation within yourself as you have realized what once aligned with you no longer does. Even if this isn’t bringing you toward a significant transition or shift in your romantic life, it will allow you to create the space to choose your joy consciously. Honor your new perspective as you focus on embodying the worthiness for all you desire.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

Venus in Leo has activated your home, family, and healing sector, which means the past few months have been quite challenging for you as you’ve moved through all that has recently surfaced. As Venus is direct this week and Uranus begins retrograde in your sign of Taurus, there should be clarity and an idea of what you must do now for yourself and those closest to you.  

As you can more greatly see the truth this week, allow yourself the time and space to reach a place of acceptance within yourself first. You don’t necessarily need to move mountains this week, but you do need to commit to ensuring you will use all that surfaced during Venus retrograde instead of trying to pretend it didn’t happen. When you can remember you are safe to explore new ideas and changes in life, you also will ensure you’re making those that align with your fate.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

Communication is essential for you, even if you must remind yourself to speak about what is most vulnerable and not what comes easy. But it’s felt more challenging to find that balance recently as Venus retrograde in Leo has affected your communication sector, making it more challenging to express yourself and feel like you have only focused on the same themes within your romantic life.  

Growth is not a one-way direction, though. Instead, it’s like a spiral that you move through, continually having the ability to revisit past themes to gain a better understanding of them and to find greater clarity. As Venus is direct this week, try to reflect on what you’ve learned during this process, being more intentional with your words so that you can use them to heal what has hurt and continue building a stable connection within your relationship.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

Self-worth is always an important theme for you, as you sacrifice yourself for what you perceive to be for the good of those around you. But this current Venus retrograde has asked you to dive deep into your worthiness as you have been called to heal the parts of yourself that didn’t think you deserved all you desired.  

As Venus stations direct this week, expect powerful revelations to hit you which settle like stones of peace within your soul. This isn’t about having to declare to the world what you’re worth, but to silently and confidently know that with each move you make in life, you are doing so never again forgetting you have always been deserving – you just needed to remove yourself from those situations in life that made you feel you had to prove it.  


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Best Love Day: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 

The Blue Full Pisces Moon activates your zone of intimacy and transformation this week as you are called to reflect on what occurred around the New Moon in this same ethereal water sign. The Pisces New Moon occurred on February 20, 2023, reflecting that time, especially around themes of transformation, truth, rebirth, and intimacy. Now that the Full Moon is here, you can see better what this past lunar cycle has represented for you and what you may need to release so you can focus on what truly matters.  

Venus will also be stationed direct in your zodiac sign, which should help you feel more positive about yourself, a key ingredient for creating a successful relationship. Even in the best of relationships, challenging moments occur; tough growth phases happen for each person, but what matters most is being able to take what you’ve learned so you let it make you better, which, as you’ll find out, also improves your relationship.  


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Best Love Day: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 

No one does love like Pisces, and this week as the Blue Full Moon peaks in this sign, it activates your sector of romance and relationships, helping you to embrace more of what brings you joy. There has been a great deal of growth in your romantic relationship recently, but sometimes it can be challenging to fully receive it if it feels like it’s happened unexpectedly, too fast, or doesn’t quite look how you thought it would.  

Try to embrace the watery essence of Pisces this week in your relationship as you allow yourself to be more patient, to go with the flow, and to trust your partner and the growth of your relationship. Things seldom happen when you want them to or in the way you’d hoped, but it doesn’t mean it’s not part of the divine love you’ve been seeking. Let go a bit this week so you can be fully open to everything surrounding you.  


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Best Love Day: Monday, August 28, 2023 

Uranus, the great awakener, begins its retrograde journey in Taurus, activating your sector of transformation and intimacy. While many are just wrapping up phases of meaningful changes in their romantic lives due to Venus retrograde in Leo, you are just beginning. Even if the past few months have brought greater clarity or even some surprise revelations about your romantic life, the real work starts now; as you allow yourself to embody the truth, it no longer matters if it creates ripples of change in your relationship. 

This is one of your big lessons as you peel back the layers of self-awareness so you can finally understand that the best relationship won’t ever make you sacrifice your inner peace. Uranus in Taurus is kickstarting a transformation journey and how you see love as you start to honor and prioritize yourself more. Let yourself be pulled by what you feel drawn to; trusting this will always lead you to where you are meant to be.  


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Best Love Day: Monday, August 28, 2023 

It can be challenging at times to see the truth in your romantic relationship, not only because it brings up feelings or changes but also because, for you, it means you must make peace with what you thought was real versus what is. As much as you’ve been progressing through this lesson with Venus retrograde in Leo already, Uranus begins its retrograde, activating your romantic sector, ensuring tremendous changes are on the horizon.  

Let yourself be wrong, change your mind, or even your entire life. Nothing is worth staying where you are if it’s not somewhere that helps support you to be your best self or to live the life you’ve dreamed of. There is no one you owe anything to but yourself, and as you learn and grow, inevitably, that will make your life look different, but it also creates the space for you to attract the kind of love you've always deserved.  


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Best Love Day: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 

The Blue Full Pisces Moon lights up your sector of home, family, and healing as you are invited to step into the light of truth, unable to look away, and are faced with everything you’ve tried to avoid. Pisces rules all matters which are often closest to your heart, whether it’s those you live with, those you grew up with, or even the physical space you call home. No matter how much you need to feel free, you crave that loving, supportive home base.  

Reflect on February 20, 2023, when the New Moon in Pisces rose, and what was occurring in your home, family, or healing journey. Since that time, you’ve moved through monumental changes in your life, but now it’s time to reflect on whether they have been a part of your growth or instead continuing any wounding. You can always make a change for the better, but first, you must be willing to see the truth.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

Venus retrograde in Leo has ruled over your zone of intimacy and transformation, changing how you look at love and inviting you into the fires of change as you surrender more deeply to love. It helps you reflect on your past choices and even patterns in your romantic life while helping you understand how you can change anything at a given moment.  

For you, the most significant changes you can make are in how you communicate with your partner. Instead of trying only to remain logical, or carry the burdens on yourself, allow yourself to drop those walls and truly let your partner into your heart. Venus Direct will help you fully embrace the changes you desire, while the Blue Full Moon in Pisces reveals your heart more profoundly as it lights up your communication sector.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, September 3, 2023 

When it comes to love, you must let yourself receive what you most desire without inadvertently pushing it away. Things aren’t always as bad as you make them out to be, but what’s more important to your romantic process is why you allow yourself to think in those terms in the first place. Venus retrograde in Leo has been moving through your romantic sector since July 2023, helping you to understand that to have what you most desire, you first need to create the space to receive it.  

As Venus is direct in Leo, you will finally find a greater peace between advocating for your needs versus protecting yourself by pushing away the very thing you dream of. Be honest, especially as Uranus in Taurus highlights your home sector. Still, most of all, let yourself be more vulnerable in opening up to your partner, trusting that the only way to see if you’re aligned is by taking the chance to go all in.  


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Best Love Day: Monday, August 28, 2023 

Mercury is currently retrograde in your sector of romance and relationships, bringing up greater reflections and opportunities to heal what has previously occurred. However, as Uranus begins retrograde in Taurus, it activates your communication zone, helping you see and speak your truth. Uranus retrograde in Taurus will help you understand the meaning of recent months, as you can put the pieces together and realize the purpose all along has been to bring you to this moment. 

With Saturn in your sign alongside the rare Blue Full Moon in Pisces, you are focusing on your growth, boundaries, and even worthiness as you take this opportunity of the stars aligning to advocate for what you deserve and desire from love finally. You'll find that speaking it into existence ultimately allows it to flow to you.  


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