Relationships Improve For 4 Zodiac Signs Between August 28 - September 3

Relationships improve when you surrender to your heart this week.

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As the week of August 28 begins its changing tides, the leading energy will be the Blue Full Moon in the ethereal zodiac sign of Pisces. A Blue Moon represents the second Full Moon in the same month and will merge with the energies of the Aquarius Full Moon on August 1, 2023, to help you reflect on what you need to release and surrender more deeply into.  

This lunation occurs while six planets are retrograde, a rare occurrence that signifies your need to go within during this time as you care more deeply for your emotional self and your spiritual well-being as the Blue Moon in Pisces peaks, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn will be in retrograde, calling you not to act to move ahead but to focus on the past.  




The past goes into creating the future. While it never determines the future, until you have extracted the necessary lessons, forgiven and made peace with everything, it can rule your life in an unseen way. This is true especially in romantic relationships, where the past often surfaces in patterns, coping mechanisms or how your heart can't forget about a former lover.  


To move ahead in your romantic life, you must take time to process all that has happened. The Blue Moon in Pisces ushers you into an emotionally safe place within yourself where you can sit with your feelings, truth and desires for the future. You can connect dots that once seemed unreachable. By better understanding what has brought you to this moment, you can also take steps to truly blaze a different path and ensure you genuinely are doing things differently.  

As the week begins and the Pisces waters intensify, take this as a sign to go within. Focus on reflecting, releasing and cleansing your aura and self-care practices, which make you feel more balanced and calmer. There may be opportunities for emotional clearing conversations, healing and growth, but to do any of that, you first need to take care of yourself.  

Venus will be direct in Leo shortly after the Pisces lunation, ending its forty-day retrograde journey and allowing you to put unresolved issues unresolved since June to rest. Yet, to make the most of the clarity that is arriving, it's essential to allow yourself to sit in everything as is during the week of August 28 – September 3, 2023. Focus on yourself and your feelings as you embrace the divine magic that only occurs when you finally surrender to your heart.  

Relationships improve for four zodiac signs this week:

1. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 


A moment is arriving which will help you decide the next phase of your romantic life, but it's one that you must use your heart to make instead of your head. To say it's been a long journey is an understatement. You've spent more time working for what you want to create than feeling like you can enjoy it, but all that changes as the Blue Moon in Pisces activate your sector of romance and love.  

Saturn, the planet of boundaries and karmic lessons, entered Pisces earlier this year to help you settle some long-standing patterns in your life, so you could finally begin to see the truth. Depending on your choices, this will serve as a time of readjustment or reward, yet regardless, it will be one of growth and bringing to fruition what you've most desired.  

So much of what the universe has been trying to show you recently is that you must release any ideals of how life or love would specifically show up, so you can create space to enjoy what the divine has in store for you genuinely. One of your lessons in this life is that just because something isn't ideally how you imagined it would be, doesn't mean it's not everything you've ever wanted.  

As Saturn and the Pisces Full Moon join forces, alongside Mercury retrograde in your sign of Virgo, you will have a chance to revisit some past themes in your life — but now seeing them in a completely new way. Giving yourself the time and space to reflect on your romantic lessons and your expectations of your partner and life can help you fully understand why everything has happened the way it has. It's also about learning often. The more you can let go, the more you receive. Trust your heart, surrender to its trust and allow yourself to find gratitude for all you have because that energy will only attract more.  


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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Your annual Full Moon is always one to celebrate because it washes the world in the energy you live in daily. It helps others embrace the divine, magical and beauty within everything — especially love. Yet, this year feels different for you, as Saturn, in your sign of Pisces, brings dedication and commitment unlike anything you've seen before. This energy will help to propel you forward as you commit so deeply to your dreams you can't help but bring them to fruition.  

The Full Moon activates your sector of self, which can serve as a platform for you to review what beliefs or perspectives you've held which have complicated your romantic life or even served as a disadvantage. For you, the eternal romantic, it may be that you've had a challenging time seeing how passionate interludes can become something real, lasting and stable within your life.  


This is a matter that Saturn has already been assisting you with, though as you've come to see, you don't need the angst of unfulfilled needs or drama to feel the sparks of passion or excitement in your romantic life. Real romance isn't just stolen moments from time under the stars but also those of tenderness and care as you share your day or fall into one another's arms, grateful for the presence of someone who genuinely cares about you.  

Step back from any decisions or choices you may need to make around this lunation and embrace your divine patience that everything is always working out for your highest good — even if you can't see it now. The more you can care for yourself, regulate your nervous system and learn to sit comfortably in peace, the more you can cultivate and receive the love you genuinely desire.  

With Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, activating your romantic sector, just as the Blue Moon and Saturn move through your sign of Pisces, expect themes of the past to resurface for healing, review directing you back toward an old love that may have been imperfectly perfect for you all along. Leave room for the unexpected, and allow yourself to honor your worth, as this will always dictate what you attract.  

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3. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Only you know what is right for you, but that also means detaching yourself from the opinions of others who may disagree. While you are known for focusing on the bigger picture and being a free spirit, the reality is that the words closest to you speak hold great weight over you and the life you choose to create. Of course, part of this is growing and healing to the degree that you allow yourself to follow your own heart, even if that means outgrowing those you had come to rely on.  

The Blue Moon in Pisces will activate Saturn, also in this sensitive water sign, as it shines a light on your karmic ties, which have only served to disrupt your soul's fate. Pisces rules your home, family and healing sector, offering you a powerful, even if slightly challenging, opportunity to reflect on how those you surround yourself with have played a part in your chosen life, including your romantic relationship. You are not responsible for what others think, yet you are when you betray yourself to continue to receive their validation or even presence in your life.  

You must choose whether you'll live the life others want from you or if, instead, the one that calls to your heart from a million miles away. As much as you will be contacted to step into action, at this moment, it would be best if you gave yourself peace before making any big decisions you will only come to regret. Take time to go into nature, to sit quietly under the Full Moon, to reflect on what has happened in the past that has led to this moment and then, more than anything else, shower yourself with love, acceptance and forgiveness. 


The Blue Moon in Pisces isn't just bringing you closer to your heart's desire, but it's also going to invite you into the realm of generational and ancestral healing, as you are called to be the one that decides what has been will no longer be. Your romantic fate will ask you to be the cycle breaker that changes everything for future generations, but first and only by loving yourself so deeply, you never accept less again.  

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4. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 


You must be clear about what you want to create to let this become the blueprint for your life, as it will help clarify romantic choices. The Blue Moon in Pisces activates your sector of joy, creativity and romantic commitment. This part of your life governs themes around marriage and the dedication to live a life that feels good for you. As much healing as you've gone through in recent years, you are now being asked to draw a line in the sand as you commit to never giving away your power again.  

Full Moons bring moments of fruition where you can see what has transpired since the New Moon. This case reflects the Pisces New Moon on February 20, 2023. Look back on your intention during that time and how the themes of joy and commitment have played a part in all that has occurred. While you may be finished with your past, it doesn't mean there still aren't jewels of knowledge to extract for greater healing.  

When reflecting on this process, themes of childhood or inner child healing may surface as the zodiac sign of Pisces activates this within your life. It will help show you that to receive the joyful life you seek, you first need to heal the part of yourself that may not feel worthy or how to receive it. While Saturn, lord of time and karma, isn't often seen as a lucky planet, in this case, it is because it will help you more deeply understand the lessons that you have had to move through to reach this place in your life.  

Romantically, you want to take your relationship to a new level or call in a new connection. However, to do that, you first need to make sure you're giving yourself what you need and allowing space for the realization of karmic lessons to bubble up from the depths of your subconscious. Allow yourself the space for self-care this week, submerge yourself in water and make sure you aren't being hard on yourself about your past but instead extending the same love and compassion you would toward someone you care about.  


Sitting with things is essential to moving past the excitement of chaos and peace to stability. While this is true of everyone, as a zodiac sign which craves intensity, this can sometimes mean you have gravitated toward those rollercoaster relationships in the past. All of this ends as you focus on healing, creating space for yourself and envisioning your dream life and relationship.  

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