Horoscopes For The Month Of September Bring Challenges & Change To 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

It's all about pacing and timing this month.

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We've got a lot of hyped-up energy going for us during September 2023, and so much of what happens to us will result from how we react to the circumstances we have to deal with. Whereas one person might let a rough issue slide off their back, another may take it too seriously and feel worse for their efforts.

September is a renewal month. Not everybody here is ready for that change. We may know we need it, even know that we created the conditions for the change ... but knowing it and being ready for it are two different things. September of 2023 doesn't bring with it hard times. Instead, it allows us to work things out to progress.


Three zodiac signs are not ready yet. Therefore, these three zodiac signs will feel confused or agitated, especially during certain astrological transits. While we have many positive transits going for us this month, we are still grappling with events like the New Moon in Virgo on the 15th, which may have us questioning things as basic as 'what is right and what is wrong?' Sun opposite Neptune can bring solid and meaningful dreams to certain zodiac signs ... how we interpret those dreams may cause us anguish or upset.


This is Libra season, and as we move into the season that promises balance and renewal, we may have to eliminate a few bad habits. As we all know, habits are forged in time. They don't just appear, so getting rid of them takes time and courage. This is also when the Autumn Equinox arrives, which ushers in the darker months ... this could hurt the psyches of these three zodiac signs. Overall, we will end up better off than we started, so something must be said here.

Horoscopes for three zodiac signs bring challenges and change this September 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Nothing is too terrible for you during September 2023, although you will undergo major changes. One of these changes may be about a move or a change of location. While travel is one of your favorite things, you aren't keen on picking up and moving yet again, as you feel you've only just started getting used to your most recent surroundings.

But, you are a supportive and loving partner, and it seems that the person you are romantically involved with may be getting a financially beneficial upgrade, contingent upon their moving. You'll do well if you can adapt to an arrangement like this. Truthfully, you can adapt to anything. You've done this before, and because everything always works out, you trust it will go smoothly again. OK, so you have to adapt; been there, done that. All is well.


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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Rough doesn't mean negative, Cancer, and in your case, during September of 2023, you will find that change is not only necessary but also what's giving you such a hard time. You know there's a light at the end of this tunnel and there's not a molecule in you that feels defeated ... but tired? Oh yes. You want to get on the energy train that September always promises, but your train happens to be making many, many stops, some of which are necessary and also up to you.

Someone else in your life controls the flow of your destiny, and if this is your romantic partner, you want to be supportive and go with it. You are compromising and it's good, but it's hard work and you have little grasp of the next move. You'd love more control over your fate, but September has you on a wild ride. You trust your partner and you trust life. You'll be OK.


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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Because this is the month when your Sun sign rules the sky, you feel optimistic about getting to business. While this month promises challenges for you, Libra, you may end up wishing things would go a little smoother than September of 2023 seems to deliver. The irony is that you are balanced and level-headed and see yourself that way. However, your patience will be tried and put to the test during this month.

All will go well in the long run, so there's nothing to worry about. What gets your goat during September of 2023 is that it's not happening fast enough. You see the outcome and wonder why it's not all panning out at the speed of light. Tap into that Libra light for balance. Don't push it or cause yourself undue struggle. Work with the opportunities and don't try to outrace the natural pace.


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