3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On August 2, When The Moon Enters Pisces

We can trust that today is going to be a good one.

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On this second day of August, 2023, we will feel the Moon leave the zodiac signs of Aquarius and enter Pisces. What this transit creates in us is the feeling of a relaxed mind. Aquarius can bring on confusion, and so when the Aquarius Moon enters Pisces, we get to feel as though we now understand something that we didn't quite get before. Pisces is a sign of wisdom and learning, and in love, we know that we are constantly in a state of being schooled. Love is a course study, and during today's event — the Pisces Moon, we will feel as though something good is about to happen.




Whatever we've just stepped out of in terms of our own love lives, we know now that we can move towards something even better. While lessons will always be there for us, and some of those lessons may include hard times, we know that if we stay the course, we can end up with superb results. And for three zodiac signs, today is a very good and lucky day in love; we feel clearheaded and capable during the Pisces Moon, and we are grateful for the lessons we learned, as these were the steps that lead us to this day.


With the Pisces Moon helping us to make sense of what we have, we will be able to concentrate harder on what works, while actively getting rid of what doesn't work in the romance. We have to be able to admit what doesn't work, first, of course, and during this time on this day, August 2, 2023, three zodiac signs will be more than delighted to do just so.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on August 2, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Whenever there's a Pisces Moon in the sky, you tend to feel a little more relaxed about things like love, work and even your own health. Your state of worry is lessened and being that you are naturally somewhat of a worry-wart, today's transit comes as a welcome addition to your world. It will be on this day, August 2, 2023 that you feel at ease with your romantic partner, so much so, that the two of you might find yourselves laughing more than usual.

Perhaps the time for tension is over, and now that the Pisces Moon sort of 'breaks the ice,' you both may recognize that you really are in love with each other and that your union is something to be taken seriously. You are not the couple who breaks up, no matter what, and on this day, you'll feel very good about that kind of thinking.


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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Days like this give restore you faith in love, as the Pisces Moon gives you the peace of mind that you've been craving and it comes in the form of a day where both you and your partner have nothing for each other but love, sweet love. Imagine that. A drama free day where the two of you really aren't interested in doing much more than just existing in the knowledge that you're together. In other words, what makes this day feel so special is...nothing in particular. You are just 'there' and the moment is all that exists. That, in itself, is enough to make you feel like the entire universe is working to make your life a better place. It's nice to finally just get along with your partner without a single flare-up, and today, August 2, 2023 is that day, indeed. Enjoy.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

All is well in your world, Pisces as the Moon enters your zodiac sign and makes you feel powerful in your love, but peaceful in your life. You don't have any urges to rock the boat on this day, August 2, 2023, and you'll see that your romantic partner appreciates the 'down time' as they are pretty much used to your wild and crazy antics.

Those antics are not always as much fun as you'd like them to be, but have no fear, this is an 'antic-free' day and you'll also start to realize that you need more days like this one. What, no drama? Well, it seems you can survive a life without heavy upsets, and during the Pisces Moon, the day is yours to enjoy. Do yourself a favor, keep the good feeling going; there's nothing to stop you. Take today's inspiration as a sign of things to come. Success is in store for you and your partner, Pisces.


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