The Weekly Love Horoscope Is Luckiest For 3 Zodiac Signs July 31 - August 6

Rise above the obstacles and claim your love.

weekly love horoscopes for july 31 - august

As we start the week with a Full Moon in Aquarius and a jump start of positive energy coming at us via the Moon trine Uranus, we can rest assured that some of us will enjoy a lovely week filled with love, confidence and hope. This week, July 31 - August 6, 2023, has its challenges. However, if we are smart and steady, we can overcome the obstacles that may cause us to find the week problematic. For lovers, it's a week that takes time to get to the good part, but for three zodiac signs, that time will not only be worth our wait, it will be valuable and full of lessons.


That we end the week with the Aries Moon, Sun trine Moon and Moon trine Venus should inform us that things aren't so bad after all. The beginning of the week may startle us or make us think this may be harder than we thought. It is Leo season, after all, and if we are in love, we want it all. We are inspired by the Leo season and the summer itself.



We want only the best and while we will be making our best efforts, we will still have to deal with the occasional bummer of an obstacle. Those 'flies in the ointment' are here due to the Saturn and Pluto transits that hover around us. Still, for the three zodiac signs that will see their way through, the attitude will be "What's a little hindrance?" No big deal for these three zodiac signs.


During the week of July 31 - August 6, 2023, we will see the temptation to let go of our love. We may feel those obstacles are out to get us, but the kicker is that they won't and can't. We are lucky in love this week because we know better: we see our love stories as successful and create our lives according to our beliefs. These are the three zodiac signs who will have a lucky week in love.

Luckiest love horoscopes for 3 zodiac signs this week:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

If you were ever going to break up with your partner, it would have happened already. so when this week comes in with all of its bells and whistles, you already know that there is nothing that can come between you and your love. The week of July 31 - August 6, 2023, promises a few tests, but you already know that you have stood the test of time and might even see how clever the universe is in presenting you with these tests.

Who could ever imagine that you could outsmart the universe? Then again, whatever you do or do not do is part of the plan. Funny how it works that way. You feel the power of Leo season backing your love up, and no matter what goes down, you and your mate will stand firm in the face of adversity. You've already won this battle. It's time to relax now.


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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

What this week doesn't have on you is the ability to thwart your one-pointed love for the person you call your soul mate. You don't even have to see this person. Just one word from them and your whole week is a better place. There is nothing that any transit can do about it. You may have your moments here and there, as there are a few impish transits simply to push your buttons, but that won't come close to diminishing your resolve.

You love your person and that's the end of that story. You don't care what other people think or care for their opinions or expectations either. You'll do your life your way, and the person you know as the love of your life is traveling along the same trajectory. You don't love them as a show for others or even register that others exist. This is your love story and nobody else's.


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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Leo season isn't always your favorite time of year, and during this first week, July 31 - August 6, 2023. you might feel as though you are under pressure. Saturn energy generally works in your favor and can also make you feel you're supposed to do something you don't necessarily want to do. Regarding your love life, you might even resent the idea of 'having to do' anything.


Still, this person deserves your full attention, and in the long run, you'll realize that your ego prevents you from experiencing their love in full. And so, like the smart and capable Capricorn that you are, you will let down your guard and go for it. What you get in exchange for trying so hard is a beautiful experience of love and kindness. It was worth it, after all. Enjoy your loving week.

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