Why 3 Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Thinking About An Ex On July 27, During Moon Trine Neptune

Are you thinking about me, too?

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Three zodiac signs can't stop thinking about an ex on July 27, 2023, during the Moon trine Neptune. Every now and then we feel as though we have superior powers, as in 'psychic' abilities that allow us insight that 'other people' don't have. It's a fine line between being able to nurture one's intuition and showing off, and we'll be walking that tightrope today, or at least three zodiac signs will be feeling a little more superior to others on this day, July 27, 2023, due to the transit of Moon trine Neptune.




OK, how does this play out? Well, for one thing, we think we can read people's minds. That's a Neptune thing. We think we know people better than they know themselves, and we tend to get very psychoanalytical during this transit. And one thing that might happen today is that while we're out there 'picking up on the vibes,' we might believe that we are picking up on none other than our ex's vibes. And lo and behold, we believe that they are thinking about us.


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Nice coincidence! We think about them, passionately and with yearning, and it just so happens that our Neptune-ish hype has us believing that they are thinking about us in the same way. For three zodiac signs, this will be the truth and nothing but the truth...in our minds. How could we spend so much time thinking about our ex's of all people, if they aren't out there sending us psychic signals, right?

While there is a sarcastic tone to this concept, we might have to bite the bullet and admit to ourselves that perhaps the only thing going on today is that we are the ones doing all the thinking. Our ex partners may not even know we exist anymore, and because that's hard to take, we may fantasize that the feeling is mutual. We shall see, zodiac signs. We shall see. Who's thinking about their ex today, during Moon trine Neptune?

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Three zodiac signs can't stop thinking about their ex on July 27:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You are of the mindset that if you are thinking about your ex, there's good reason for it. What you are unaware of is that on July 27, 2023 the transit of Moon trine Neptune is making you feel as though you are a little bit more intuitive than you actually are. You have your ex on your mind and you need to feel justified for thinking about them ... too much.

The idea of you thinking of them makes you feel weak and vulnerable, so instead, during Moon trine Neptune, you twist the situation to suit your desire for power, meaning, you think about your ex and you attribute it to their needing you ... somewhere 'out there.' You'd like to convince yourself that the only possibly way you'd come to thinking about them is if they are psychically pulling you from the ether. You don't like feeling vulnerable and that is what thinking about your ex makes you feel.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You are always in touch with your feelings, but every now and then you believe that if you feel it, then it has to be true. And this goes out to thinking about your ex; you have it in your mind that if you're thinking about them, then they are thinking about you, as if the two of you are psychic twins who share thoughts.

During Moon trine Neptune, the tendency to imagine what's on the minds of others is stronger than at other times, and on July 27, 2023, you will imagine that your ex is sitting at home regretting that they ever broke up with you. Your thoughts about your ex are all about 'their thoughts about you.' You can't know what they are thinking, but that doesn't matter to you, as you will have yourself convinced that you are picking up on their vibes. In the end, it's just you thinking about your ex, and not the other way around.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

The odd part about they way you are practically obsessed with your ex, today, July 27, 2023 is in the idea that this person isn't really your ex. You have had one person in mind for years now, and you never really had a relationship with them, except during Moon trine Neptune, you'll imagine that you had much more than you actually did. This person is definitely in your life, that's true, but your memory of them has made them into some kind of superstar of romance, when the truth is that you might not have even had an affair with them.

Moon trine Neptune has the kind of deceptive energy going on with it, and if you are someone who is prone towards obsession, as you are, Aquarius, then you might not be able to stop thinking about this imaginary lover of yours. Do they exist? Yes. Were they ever your real life romantic partner? Probably not.


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